Prem Singh Thakur, President of the Film & Studio Setting Allied Mazdoor Union (FSS&AMU) was assaulted in the compound of the FWICE office, allegedly by 50 goons including a woman  allegedly associated with MLA Ram Kadam, says a FWICE complaint. The representatives of 22 film bodies including Raja Firoz Khan – Senior Vice Chairman, Junior Artistes' Association; Zahid Shaikh – Joint Secretary, FWICE and President of Cine Dancers’ Assocation; Khalid Khan – General Secretary, Film Studio Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union; Mahesh Aane – General Secretary, Western India Cinematographers' Association: Prem  Singh Thakur – Chairman, Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union; Navin Shetty - Vigilance Chairman, FWICE; Chand Shaikh - Joint Secretary 1st, Allied Majdoor Union; and Wasim Qureshi - Committee Member, Cine Agents Combine. 
The assailants arrived at around 3.30 pm in around 15 vehicles and were apparently waiting for Prem Singh Thakur to emerge to intimidate and assault him. The incident was captured on CCTV cameras of the surrounding offices, says an FWICE spokesperson. “They also attacked, threatened and abused Subhash Terekar, a mazdoor who was filming the incident and snatched his phone.” 
FWICE says the incident is the latest in a series of violent intimidatory measures by Gangeshwarlal Shrivastav, a renegade, expelled by the FWICE for alleged corrupt practices and intimidating actions along with his cohorts. 
“Despite losing several legal proceedings in various courts the aforesaid people have unlawfully retained control of the FSS & AMU offices and bank accounts due to the alleged political patronage of Ram Kadam, whom they have since appointed "CHAIRMAN" of their faction. Since then they have, through sheer brute force, managed to intimidate workers, and retain possession of the office and bank accounts from which crores has been allegedly embezzled. 

“They have also attempted political interference to influence officials at the Trade Union office and the police force to harass the legal union of the workers led by President Prem Singh Thakur and Gen. Secretary Khalid Khan,” said the spokesperson.

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