Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hollywood stunt choreographer Dan Bradley approached for Emraan Hashmi's Captain Nawab

After a successful fourteen-year-old career in Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi has decided to dive into production with his next, Captain Nawab directed by Tony D'Souza. 
It’s learnt that a few months from now, the climax of the war drama will be shot in the snow-clad parts of our country, for which the makers have approached renowned Hollywood stunt choreographer Dan Bradley better known for films like Independence Day, Spider Man 2, Spider Man 3, The Bourne Supremacy, Superman Returns, Indiana Jones, Quantum of Solace and Mission: Impossible -Ghost Protocol among other blockbusters. 
Says director Tony D'Souza, “We're hopeful that Dan will give his nod to the project. He is very keen. He has an impressive repertoire. Ours is an action film which is anti-war. It's strange that we engage in wars to achieve peace. The film's climax will be shot in a snow clad location and since Dan has done war films before, his experience will come in handy while shooting the sequences.” 

Also, talking about the rise in the budget that roping in an international talent costs, the director adds, “Actually, most foreign technicians are eager to work here because of our content. Yes, roping in Dan will make our project costly, but the film needs him. We don't want to compromise on filming a crucial episode in our history just to save some money. We hope to start shooting by the end of September.”


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