Saturday, June 2, 2018

MTV’s Date to Remember sees new love stories shaping up

MTV’s popular show ‘Date to Remember’ is the witness to new love stories and pairs being made between the contestants. The last episode was high on aggression and intensity. Whereas this week’s episode showcases the contestants forming new pairs and getting closer. 

The major attraction of the episode was Savina Savi. Rubdeet Singh, Amaan Khan and Bharat Jain were fighting over Savina Savi. Manu Punjabi’s favorite contestant Amaan Khan went on a date with Savina Savi. According to contestant Neel Mishra, Savina’s alleged feelings towards Amaan Khan was the primary reason of friction between Rubdeet and herself. 

The current episode also marks the first couple of the show i.e. Bhuvan Vikram Singh and Swati Verma. The fun task this week was named as ‘ANDE KA FANDA’. This task involved throwing raw eggs and lead to a lot of hilarious moments in the show. The highest grossers of the task were Aqib Shabir, Pratibha Phogat & Afreen Rahat. The lowest were Rahul Yadav, Ipshita Bhattacharya & Anshul Sharma. Whereas the second lowest were Kapil Matlani, Anny Ranabhat, Lovely Peswani & Upasana Gill. The winners of the task will be announced in the next episode. 

Producer of the show Santosh Gupta, Managing Director, Pinnacle Entertainment said “Date to Remember as a show will see some relationships being formed and tested on various fronts. While the tasks have a fun ele-ment to them, they basically are tests of a relationship.” Co-producer Sarabjeet Anand of said; “The show is a test of love, and true love has to face obstacles. The obstacles coming in the form of past lovers is what the show is about.” Captain of the show Manu Punjabi said, “Time only would be able to tell how the new relationships shape up.”

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