Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Paint Prank on Yogita in ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’

It’s usually a general perception that actors shooting on sets are very busy with their schedule and don’t get time for leisure and rest. But on the sets of Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’, actors try to keep the environment friendly and happy. Rithwik Noon aka Karan Kundra who is miffed with Palak Sharma aka Yogita Bihani is behind her happiness in the show. Also Karan loves teasing Yogita on sets and always keeps playing a prank with her in between the shoot.

In is an upcoming sequence, Palak must rush for a presentation but with Rithwik’s conspiracy, a construction guy spills paint over Palak. During the scene, Yogita was excited and ready to shoot and it was completed in one shot. But, Karan being the prankster told her that the pain indeed was real and it would take time to get it off. Yogita was visible shocked and terrorized. She ran to remove the paint but then her makeup artist disclosed the truth that it was not paint but colored water. This then came as a relief to Yogita. After which, everyone including Yogita started laughing on the prank.

When contacted Yogita says, “I literally went into shock when Karan told that it was real paint. I rushed to remove that from my hair and face, after which I got to know that it was just the colored water. Watching it from outside was fun but it was really scaring at that time for me. “

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