Parsi New Year is the day of celebration, where Parsis start their New Year and welcome goodness, light, love, peace and positive vibes into their lives and homes. This day commences after 10 auspicious days of prayers wherein they pray for the departed souls. Pateti is the last day of the year according to the Parsi Calendar, the day before Parsi New Year. On Pateti, Parsis pray for forgiveness of their bad deeds, and is a day of repentance for the past sins committed. “Every year I genuinely look forward to this day, as its a day one gets to see the Parsi culture at its best. It feels amazing when everyone meets and greets each other, and I can’t wait to be pampered with the goodies. I wish one and all a very Happy Parsi New Year or as we say “Saal Mubarakh” / “Navu Waras Mubarkah”…. Spread love and light always!” says Shreyas Pardiwalla. So today, we will get to see sweet Parsi Men & Women in their traditional “Dagli” for men and traditional Parsi style saree for women, decorating th…

Sheeba, Ronit and others celebrate Janmashtami at Iskon temple

Although actors are busy shooting all year round, there are days which makes them put their work aside. One such day for actor Sheeba is Janmashtami. She, accompanied by her friends, actor Ronit Roy and his wife Neelam and actor Angad Hasija, visited Iskon temple to commemorate the auspicious day. “I go every year to Iskon temple on Janmashtami. It’s a divine experience. I fast the entire day and celebrate the janam of lord Krishna at midnight. I celebrate at the Iskon temple with the Abhishek and bhog, once he is said to reach Vrindavan,” says Sheeba. Sheeba, as well as the others, dressed up for the occasion. Not only was their experience surreal and divine, the actors even clicked a few selfies at the temple to celebrate the moment.
On the work front, Sheeba will be seen in a stellar role in Haasil soon which also features Zayed Khan.

Punjabi puttar and veteran actor Dharmendra to play a god father in ‘Jora 10 Numbaria’

The story of Malwa region, Jora 10 Numbaria is Amardeep Gill’s first feature film.The movie will showcase the inner friction amongst the political parties, police and the underworld. The central character hogging the limelight will be Jora, played by Deep Sidhu. Jora 10 Numbaria will prove to be a freshly plucked experience for the Punjabi film viewers. As all the details and uniqueness of the movie is revealed by the cast of the movie Mukul Dev, Deep and actress Kul Sidhu. Along with director Amardeep while interacting with media in Press Conference held in a café at Cannaught Place, Delhi. A handful of big names from Bollywood will also be seen making their presence felt in this film. One of them is the special character in the movie of legendry actor, Dharmendra who will be seen playing the role of a godfather. Whereas, for the same the lead actor Deep shared his views and stated, “Dharam Ji holds a very strong character in the movie, as my character of Jora is kind of rebel who have …

Viiking Ventures forays into the Match Indian Poker League with the Goa Kings Franchise

The Poker scene in India continues to grow as the International Federation of Poker (IFP) recently signed a ground-breaking agreement with Viaan Industries Ltd. to launch the Match Indian Poker League (Match IPL). Match Poker, created by the IFP is a form of team poker played on a tablet where team members sit on different tables.  The players on each table are then dealt with the same hands as the other tables. Games are won by numbers of team points accrued. The Match IPL, featuring teams owned by India’s leading figures in business and entertainment was launched in full galore by Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty and IFP’s President Patrick Nally. The first eight teams will represent the cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkatta and Mumbai. The tournament would be played over a weekend in October to determine the most skilful Match Poker team that would go on to represent India in the Match Poker’s Nations Cup in London. The league would see the winning team pi…


FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) is organising  an interactive session titled “Power of creativity –from ad-shads to film –shilms with  eminent Bollywood  film maker and Advertising Guru Ravi Balakrishnan popularly known as R.Balki and Film maker and director Gauri Shinde on August 24 in New Delhi . “As a part of its activities, FICCI ladies organisation (FLO)  brings together achievers from various arenas for interactive sessions on breaking through challenges and innovating change to achieve success. Gauri Shinde and  R Balki are not only inspirational leaders and role models for the entertainment industry but also for youth in general” said Ms Vasvi Bharat Ram ,President , FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) . “FLO is the most apt platform to connect, learn and grow. We recognize the success stories of true achievers and provide a platform for the members to be inspired by them. It will be  highly fascinating to hear from both the stalwarts about their journey, to learn about their challe…

छोटे परदे पर बड़े बड़े 'अवतार'

छोटा पर्दा धर्ममय हो गया है।  टेलीविज़न चैनलों पर अवतार सीरियलों की भरमार है।  परंपरागत, पारिवारिक सोपओपेरा का जैसे दर्शक सिमट गया है।  हर चैनल किसी न किसी पौराणिक चरित्र पर शोज का ऐलान करता नज़र आता है।  एक सीरियल ख़त्म होता नहीं कि उसकी जगह लेने दूसरा धार्मिक-पौराणिक सीरियल तैयार रहता  है।  अब सोनी को ही लीजिये।  इस चैनल पर प्रसारित हो रहा संकटमोचन महाबली  हनुमान जैसे ही ख़त्म होगा, उसकी जगह विघ्नहर्ता गणेश ले लेगा।  हनुमानजी का महिमामंडन करने वाला सोनी एंटरटेनमेंट गणेश जी के जयजयकारे लगाने लगा।  मौका भी तो अच्छा है गणेश चतुर्थी (२५ अगस्त) का।  परदे पर देवा ओ देवा होना ही है।  हिन्दू टीवी सीरियलों के चैनल धार्मिक सीरियल टेलीकास्ट करने के मामले में कोई भी चैनल खुद के सेक्युलर होने का दावा नहीं कर सकता।  तीन साल पहले अल जज़ीरा की वेब साइट पर प्रकाशित एक लेख हिन्दू माइथोलॉजी रूल इंडियन टेलीविज़न पूरी कहानी बयां करने वाला है।  आज तीन साल बाद भी माहौल नहीं बदला है।  हर प्रमुख टीवी चैनल हिन्दू धार्मिक सीरियल ले कर आ रहा है।  बिग मैजिक पर कृष्ण लीला दर्शाने वाला सीरियल बाल कृष्ण टेलीकास्ट हो रहा …

‘Umeed’ Trailer Launch Gets A Positive Response From Media

The trailer of Rajat S Mukherjee’s upcoming medical thriller ‘Umeed’, which revolves around unethical drug trials, was released today evening at Juhu and the event got a warm and positive response from the media that had gathered there.  The cast of the film comprising Anjali Patil, Pallavi Das, Harsh Chhaya, Yatin Karyekar, Milind Gunaji, Mohan Kapur, Dalip Tahil had come for the event accompanied by Rajat and also interacted with the media.  While talking about the film, Dalip Tahil, who plays a lawyer in the film, said, “This film has an important story to tell and I believe that this film can bring about a change. For those who do not know about this, unethical clinical trials used to take place in Africa too but after a film named ‘The Constant Gardener’ (based on a novel by John Le' Carre) was released, such trials stopped there. We hope Umeed too makes such an impact here in India.” On his part, Yatin said, “One thing I should say about Rajat is that he has taken a big ‘panga’…