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Actor Sunny Leone on Jackpot

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Sunny Leone comes in a brand new avataar with Sachiin Joshi in Kaizad Gustad's Jackpot. With Raginin MMS delaying the release, looks like Jackpot will be the first to hit the theatres after Jism2. Though the earlier film saw Sunny Leone's oomph factor, this one along with the oomph, also promises a lot of style and content from this actress alongside muscular Sachiin Joshi. Excerpts from an interview with Sunny Leone...
Q1. What does Bollywood mean to you?
Bolywood is an industry that has welcomed me with open arms. And I am glad to be part of Bollywood.
Q2. Why did you sign Jackpot?
The film has a very interesting story. Sachiin Joshi and I hang out in the same circles. And I am the brand ambassador of his energy drink brand XXX. Kaizad's naration was excellent and I liked the content and style appealed to me. And Naseer saab was in. And that was a great feeling. 
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Q3. Nasseruddin Shah is one of the greatest actor of India. What is your experience working with him?
He is amazing. he makes you feel so much at ease. I am blessed. 
Q4. Are you learning Hindi and Dance?
Yes. Even during the shoot of Jackpot, I was busy with Ragini MMS dance in the evening. There is so much to be done.
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Q5. Tell us about your role in Jackpot?
I play Maya in Jackpot. The role has varied shades. On one hand, I am the manager of Naseeruddin Shah's casino, and on the other hand, I am the love interest of Francis essayed by Sachiin. And all of us are cons out to out with one another. You don't know which side of the fence Maya is on, or whether she is fence herself. And in that lies the interest.

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