गुरुवार, 28 फ़रवरी 2019

Jaya Prada says, “Our society grooms girls, but fails to produce good husbands”

Jaya Prada’s television debut show Perfect Pati on &TV posed some hard-hitting questions to its viewers when it started. Can an ideal son also be an ideal husband? What happens when a newly married woman realises her husband is not the man she expected him to be? It interestingly answered these questions through its strong narrative over the months. Not just did it give a refreshing perspective to the quintessential saas-bahu equation, but also changed perceptions of how a woman should deal with a troubled marriage and partner. 

The show in a dramatic turn of events, will see Rajyashree Rathod played by Jaya Prada, killing her own son Pushkar (Ayush Anand) in a bid to do the right thing and serve justice to her daughter-in-law Vidhita (Sana Amin Sheikh).  Rajyashree had long known that her son and daughter-in-law had trouble in their marriage. But it has now come to light that her son under his psychotic behaviour had tried to kill Vidhita, the woman he claimed to love. The shocking climax where Rajyashree shoots her own son with a gun is sure to cause ripples, but also sends a strong message to the society at large and mothers in particular on the topic of raising their sons well. 

Talking about this unconventional concept and the bold move the writers have taken with the story, Jaya Prada said, “I am glad that I made my television debut with Perfect Pati, a show that portrayed a mother and her role as a mother-in-law in such strong positive light. It is imperative that mothers should understand their child’s behaviour and not blindly support the wrongdoings or faults in their sons. Indian society has spent centuries grooming girls to be future good wives (sanskari bahus), yet often failing to produce good husbands who deserve them. Girls while growing up are being conditioned to feel that they have to accept their husbands any way,  even at times cater to their extreme behaviour in their marriages. It is imperative for mothers to imbibe values in their sons right from their childhood to respect a woman and her choices. I am happy and proud that &TV has taken such a strong stance and given this message through my show.” 

Further adding on the highpoint, she said, “Rajyashree loved her son, but she refused to stand-up for his bizarre behaviour and injustice against Vidhita. This a huge turning point as she chooses right over wrong and takes a drastic step though viewers will see the reasoning behind this move.” 

This is surely one climax that will be worth watching!

To know more watch Perfect Pati every Mon-Friday at 9.00 pm only on &TV

Hiten Tejwani breaks the ‘good boy image’ with &TV’s Daayan

From beginning his career with a chocolate boy role to becoming a huge household name thereafter, seasoned television actor Hiten Tejwani is a name that grew to fame with his incredible work in the daily soaps. Much like his nature and personality, the actor’s sweet and adored roles have always managed to charm the audience and been at the receiving end of much deserved adulation. Attempting to break the ‘good boy’ bubble around him, the actor is all set to return to a Balaji Telefilms show after a long gap with a new surprise for the viewers. 

Returning to his second home with a new role, Hiten Tejwani will be seen essaying a long desired negative character in &TV’s show, Daayan. Following the track, Jhanvi Morya (Tinaa Dattaa) switched personalities with her popular look alike actress Kundani Roy to defeat all fatal attempts of the Daayan. Little did she know that this action would result in consequences that would set to bring an additional turmoil in her life. Leading to a spark of rigidity in Jhanvi’s married life will be Kundani Roy’s husband, Viraj (Hiten Tejwani) who in an attempt to reconnect with his wife claims Jhanvi to be his. While Akarsh (Mohit Malhotra) fights to keep his love, Jhanvi will be seen facing an all new battle between keeping her secrets and maintaining the sanity in her marriage. 

Speaking about his desire to play distinct roles on television, actor Hiten Tejwani said, “As an actor, I have always wished to add variety to my craft and essay different roles that would probably set me apart from my earlier ones. My journey over television has mostly been about playing the typical ‘good boy’ and positive roles so much so that I was typecast to it. There was a ‘good boy image’ formed around me which I was tired of and felt that it needed to break.  I felt I needed to be more vocal about the fact that I am open to playing a negative character, just so that I could innovate with myself and add variety to my work So when Viraj’s role from Daayan was offered to me, I had no two thoughts about taking it up.” 

Adding further about his character, Hiten said, “While I have played a character earlier that was close to having grey shades, my current character is more negative in appearance and in personality. The efforts to pull this one is surely more and as challenging as it sounds, it is a completely new experience for me and one that I have been waiting for patiently. If viewers relate to Jhanvi and Akarsh’s life, they are surely going to love the new twist that my character is set to bring in. I am excited to play Viraj in Daayan and more enthusiastic to see how the viewers respond to this side of mine.” 

Will Jhanvi be able to fight another battle yet again to protect her love and her marriage or will she succumb to the pressures of her dark secrets and the evils of the Daayan? 

To know more, keep watching Daayan, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00pm only on &TV

मंगलवार, 26 फ़रवरी 2019

Luka Chuppi star cast visit Super Dancer Chapter 3

Super Dancer Chapter 3, the home –grown dance reality show of Sony Entertainment Television has left the viewers asking for more. The show is hugely popular amongst the dance lovers as well as our Bollywood celebrities. The lead pair of Luka Chuppi including Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon visited Super Dancer Chapter 3 recently for their movie promotion. Kartik and Kriti were spellbound  by the performances and could not believe that the contestants dance with great precision at such a young age. Kartik charmed the judges and audience with his pleasing personality, Kartik performed with Shilpa Shetty. Kriti danced with the contestants and was all praises for them.

Watch out for Kriti and Kartik having a fun time with the contestants of Super Dancer Chapter 3 and shaking a leg with the contestants.

Vidyut Jammwal uses his doodling skills to doodle his Junglee co-star Bhola

Vidyut Jammwal's love for animals is not a secret to anyone. The handsome hunk's upcoming movie is also based on the relationship between a man and elephants.

Vidyut has spent a lot of time behind camera understanding the elephants and their behaviour. He has spent an extensive amount of time with Bhola and has great fondness for him.

So much so that Vidyut decided to doodle his version of Bhola in his free time on set.

The actor has now shared the video of himself doodling asking kids to sketch their version of Bhola and get a chance to watch Junglee trailer with him.

Zee Studios to release legendary actor late Sridevi’s MOM in China

Zee Studios released critically-acclaimed film MOM, a film that gave every viewer goose bumps, on July 2017. MOM received an overwhelming response in India as well as overseas on its theatrical release. Having being released by Zee Studios International in 39 regions including Poland, Czech, Russia, UAE, UK, USA, and Singapore to name a few, the film is all set to take yet another flight and bring the celebrated actor’s memories alive with its release in China on March 22, 2019. 

“The legacy of an actor of her stature lives on in the work she has left behind for us. MOM is the perfect example of this. The film has received an overwhelming response from every region it has released in. We are proud to be taking this heart-touching film to yet another market, spreading her gift farther and wider”, says Vibha Chopra, Head - Zee Studios International (Film Marketing, Distribution and Acquisition) 

“MOM is a film that has connected with both, mothers and audiences, from every region. This is Sri’s last film and our aim is to tell this beautiful story and showcase her most remembered last film to as many people as possible. Zee Studios International has been a part of MOM’s success since day one and I am glad to see them take this film to heights even two years after its release” added Boney Kapoor. 

Directed by Ravi Udyawar, MOM is about how a girl’s life changes when she is brutally gang-raped by a group of spoiled rich students from her school and two of their house helps. Her stepmother seeks justice and takes the help of a detective to teach the perpetrators a lesson. 

The film has won two National Awards—one for Best Actress and the other for Best Background Score.

Sneha Wagh, gets a new friend on the set of Chandragupta Maurya


Chandragupta Maurya, the historical show on Sony Entertainment Television, brings forth some interesting dramatic content based on a true story of the life of the Mauryan King. The show that keeps its audience glued to the screens with new twists and turns on a daily basis hosts quite a few talented actors from the industry. Sneha Wagh who essays the character of Moora – Chandragupta’s mother, on the show, recently shared a really beautiful picture with a cute puppy named Rawn, that happens to be her friend’s pet. And the way she went crazy on seeing the puppy took everyone by surprise on seeing an all together new version of her.

 Sneha, who plays the role of Moora, Chandragupta’s mother and the former queen of Piplivan, seemed really happy with her new friend on the set. Dogs are a weakness of most of the girls, but it definitely means something if a dog can actually make you feel alive. She mentions, “I was very fond of pets during my childhood and finally got a dog to my place one day. After three days, my mom asked me to return him back. I was really reluctant and cried for an entire week to get that dog back. Unfortunately, my mom did not allow me to get a pet at home. I made up my mind to keep myself away from pets. But when I saw Rawn, everybody saw a different version of me. I couldn’t just control myself playing with that cute little pup and there I realised that it is very difficult to keep yourself away from the charm of pets. It seems as if I have got a new friend on the sets with whom can I just play around everywhere.”

Maggi- Party on the sets of Ladies Special

Ladies Special, the show with gobs of speciality in its three super caring, independent women - Bindu(Bijal), Prarthana(Chhavvi) and Meghna(Girija), whose lives revolve around their families and friends presents the most relatable show on Sony Entertainment Television.

The women on the sets have a very hectic schedule throughout and it is very less that the three leads shoot together. So, the women have made it a point to make the most of it when three of them shoot together. This time, they celebrated the togetherness with a maggi-party on the sets. Bijal Joshi who essays Bindu, is a big foodie and more than that loves to cook food. She is famous for making different types of Maggis and was forced to make Maggi for everyone on the set to celebrate womenhood and togetherness of three leads.

Bijal on this note says “When I was a kid, we had a small maggi shop near my house which had around 15 different types of maggi in its menu. My favorite out of them was Chilly garlic Maggi and Manchurian maggi. The owner was a sweet person and had real magic in his hands. I always wanted to learn to make all those kinds of maggis and thereby used to sit there for hours to observe and learn from him and used memorise the recipe and ingredients. When I told this to my co-actors, they all asked me to treat them with maggi and I happily obliged. It was pure bliss as there is nothing better than having a hot and sizzling plate of maggi while spending some gala time with your favourite people.”

The ladies that seem really serious on-screen are actually quite fun off-screen. Their camaraderie at the sets especially when they shoot together cannot be matched.

Real tears for reel villain


Star Bharat’s popular show, Musakaan, never fails to impress its viewers with different twists every week. Sudesh Berry, a popular face on the show has been one of the most talented actors in the industry and is gaining a lot of appreciation for his negative role in the show. Cast and crew on the set is always swearing by the many surprises of his acting skills.

Recently, the actor left the crew speechless in a shoot sequence, where Sirji thought he lost his son, Raunak forever and had cried his heart out but without the help of glycerin.

Speaking on the same Sudesh reveals, “It was the most emotionally challenging scene I have ever been in. When I'm acting, I live and breathe that character to the fullest. Acting becomes easy when you connect to the character. Also, I am very close to my son in real life. Thinking about it made me more emotional that I didn’t need any glycerin and tears just poured out.” Sources from the set also revealed that he immediately called up his son as soon as he finished shooting. 

We are really looking forward to see him more on the show.

Akhilendra Mishra’s head injury on Pyaar ke Papad

With more and more actors choosing to perform their own stunts, the senior artistes are equally keen on going the new Do-It-Yourself way. Playing a khadoos sasur, Akhilendra Mishra who plays Trilokinath in Pyaar Ke Papad, the actor had a last minute outdoor shoot and had to perform an intense scene at a local temple. While shooting the scene, Akhilendra accidently hit his head over a temple bell and had a head injury.

The actor, known for his professionalism, still continued with the shoot as he wanted to finish the sequence. However, after a while, Akhilendra Mishra was in immense pain and his forehead was swollen. The makers immediately stalled the shoot and secured him with ice packs and ointments for quick recovery.  It was a panicky situation for the entire cast and crew.

Sources reveal that, the later sequence was entirely based on Omkar and Trilokinath’s scenes. However, since the actor had to leave for the day until good health the shoot was stalled for a day until Akhilendra resumed the next evening.

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan all set to raid your Television screens

From the oil slicked hair that perfectly twirls on his forehead, to his goofy paan-stained grin that highlights his atypical moustache – the funny potbellied, corrupt Daroga Happu Singh has made viewers laugh like none other over the years. But is the sher of Modern Colony a bheegi billi at home? Answering this very question and introducing a new chapter in comedy, &TV presents Happu ki Ultan Paltan, set to premiere on 4th March 2019 every Monday to Friday at 10:00 pm.

With his ‘niyocchavar kar do’ gimmicks set aside, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan will delve into the other life of Happu at home, beyond the purview of his cop duties. His comedy misadventures and ‘gharelu’ funny tragedies will now come into play as the show narrates the escapades of Daroga Happu Singh, his ‘dabang dulhan’ Rajesh, an obstinate mother Katori Amma and his nine notorious kids. He will be caught in the ultimate tug-of-war between his mother, wife and troublesome paltan – his children. Produced by Edit II Productions, the show brings together an ensemble cast of talented artists like Yogesh Tripathi, veteran actress Himani Shivpuri, popular television actor Sharad Vyas, theatre actress Kamna Pathak amongst others 

Get ready to be entertained with a generous dose of laughter and love with Happu Singh and his Ultan Paltan starting 4th March at 10.00 pm every Monday to Friday on &TV.

सोमवार, 25 फ़रवरी 2019

Eros International Joins hands with Leading Korean production Companies Say On Media and B&C Group LLC

Eros International Media Limited, a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, announced today that it has signed a significant deal with renowned Korean production company Say On Media and B&C Group LLC to co-produce the classic ancient story based on ‘Heo Hwang-Ok, Embrace of Gaya’ as a film and series. It is an adventure and love story of an Indian Princess travelling across the sea around 30 AD to an ancient kingdom in South Korea. 

Say On Media is a leading Korean production company specializing in global co-production. It’s been front runner in Korean web-drama market when web-drama industry was fledgling in Korea. The production company have successfully co-produced seven TV series with China and are known for producing “Doctor Stranger” a popular TV series in Korea. B&C Group LLC (Bold & Courageous) is a fully integrated Seoul and LA-based talent management, Film/TV production and finance company. 

The co-production is scheduled to go on floor soon and will be bilingual. With proposed A-list actors from India and Korea. It will be collaborative with shoot venues and crews from both the countries. Original story will have blend of Indian and Korean cultures and conceptualized by talented Indian and Korean writers. 

The human drama is based on an interesting premise of adventure and love story of an Indian princess travelling to Gimhae of South Gyeongsang province in Korea. Once there, she falls in love with the founder of Gaya kingdom, King Kim Soo-Ro, and becomes the queen. The legendary story of Princess Heo also known as Indian Princess Ratna of Ayuta kingdom and fleeing alliance of the conquering Prince Arun of Yeuzhi, a true tale of Love, political intrigue and trade rivalry form the crux of this epic saga. 

Commenting on the Indo-Korean strategic alliance, Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer, Eros Group said, “Eros International greatly values this exciting partnership with Say On Media and B&C Group LLC. We are honored to associate with a powerhouse entity to build bridge between both regions. With our similar cultures, we want to tell stories with a mainstream appeal that transcend language and geographical boundaries. We consider this only the beginning of a new era and cannot wait for our fans to see the result of this successful partnership as it opens new doors and provides endless opportunities for everyone involved with filmmaking.” 

Lim Sung-Gyeoun, the CEO of Say On Media, added “We are very delighted to associate with leading studio like Eros International, our ideology resonates of backing content driven cinema. The production of the movie based on Heo Hwang-Ok would shed new light on Indian influence in Korean culture and activity. Also, it would have a huge impact both in India and pan-Indian markets.”

शुक्रवार, 22 फ़रवरी 2019

Jeetendra wishes to see his grandsons perform on Super Dancer


Super Dancer Chapter 3 is winning hearts of the viewers and garnering good ratings as well. The talented contestants of Super Dancer have mesmerized everyone with their dance skills. Even television czarina, Ekta Kapoor’s family is a big fan of the dance reality show especially her father and nephew. The legendary Jeetendra Kapoor and Jaya Prada who have not just worked together but are remembered for their iconic dance numbers will be seen as special guests on Super Dancer this weekend. 

It was revealed that Jaya ji and Jeetu ji like the show and they watch it whenever time permits. They were enthralled by the performances and surprised to see how the kids seamlessly added their unique styles in the actors popular songs.  Jeetu ji, popularly known as the Jumping Jack, was not only charmed by the talent but also their cuteness. Jeetu ji revealed that his grandson Laksshya is energetic and enthusiastic like the Super Dancer contestants and they watch the show together at times. He feels it’s a good platform to showcase talent and wished to see both his grandsons perform on Super Dancer when grow up. 

Expressing his wish, Jeetendra said, “It’s my wish to see Lakshsya and the younger one Ravie to perform on Super Dancer. Ravie is still too small but once he turns 5-6 years old I want both my grandsons to come here and dance. My only wish is to stay alive to watch that day.”

Cleanliness drive on the sets of Mere Sai

Mere Sai which airs on Sony Entertainment Television is known for taking up real life issues and showing ways to solve them and soon it will be seen spreading a message of clean and green environment. 

As per the current track, the cast of Mere Sai will be seen undertaking a cleanliness drive in the surrounding area prior to a British officer’s visit. Both Abeer Soofi who essays the role of Sai Baba and Toral Rasputra who plays the role of Baiza Ba are cleanliness freaks in real-life. So much that they ensure that the set and its surroundings are clean and there is greenery everywhere. The entire cast and crew also ensure that it’s a clean working space. 

Abeer Soofi said, “While on the show, cleanliness drive will be undertaken on arrival of a British officer, but what I believe is that, guests shouldn’t be the reason for one to clean up their houses, it should be a habit. I strongly believe in a clean and green environment and I feel that it is my responsibility to keep it clean. If everyone does their bit, we can make our country a cleaner place to live.” 

Toral Rasputra said “I am a cleanliness freak in real life. I don’t litter, nor can I see anyone litter. I am glad to be working on Mere Sai, because the sets are very tidy. A clean environment can energize you to work better. I have always promoted this and I am happy that we undertook cleanliness drive, this will help us reach to the masses and pursue them to do the same.”

Bagpat Ka Dulha Muhurat with Teaser poster launch

These days, stories of rural surroundings are being liked very much in Hindi films. Based on the western Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, films like Zero, Badhai Ho, Stree, Mulk, Sultan and Dangal are appreciated by the audience. Once again, based on the story of Bagpat, Western UP, Bagpat Ka Dulha’s muhurat had been performed in Mumbai. The film is a comedy genre.

Under the banner of the Fame Factory, Bagpat ka dulha is a comedy film in which the audience will see romance and drama together with Western Uttar Pradesh's language and local art. The film's muhurat  and teaser poster was launched in Mumbai .On this occasion, the main cast of the film, Jae Sing, Amita Nangia, Puneet Vashistha, Producer Raksha Baria, director Karan Kashyap, co-producer Sandhya Hans, writer Suhas Singh, cameraman Sajid Shaikh, musician Vishnu Vikram were present. 

Bagpat ka dulha is a comedy film. This is the debut film for actor Jae Sing  Amita Nangia,  Lalit Parimoo, Raza Murad, Puneet Vasudha will also be seen in the main cast. The story of Bagpat ka dulha is very entertaining and it is going to give a lot of attention to comedy events. In the film the marriage of Shiv Shukla and Anjali is decided but the most important thing is that no one wants them to get married, even Shiv and Anjali do not even want to get married. This romantic comedy has a lot of confusion. Will they two get married even without their consent. This will be quite interesting to watch after all the confusion and comedy what happened to Shiv and Anjali’s marriage. The first schedule of the movie will be shot in April in many cities of Uttar Pradesh, which will also include beautiful places of Prayagraj along with Bagpat. The second schedule will be completed in Mumbai along with the natural beauty of Shillong (Meghalaya).

On this occasion, the director Karan Kashyap quoted, “I was in search of comedy script and Bagpat ka dulha has all the flavor of humor. The film has ordinary Hindi language along with the local language of Bagpat and Haryana. The touch of local language of Bagpat is the main attraction of the film.”

On the teaser launch of the film, the producer Raksha Baria quoted, “I am very much into film seminar, film festival and making. When Karan came up with the story of the film, I liked the story as it has essence of humor and the selection of Jae sing as Dulha is very much appropriate that I decided to produce the film. I believe Bagpat ka dulha will be successful in giving the enough dose of humor to the audience.

London Indian Film Festival Beckons 'Code Blue'

After receiving a standing ovation at Berlinale, where Code Blue, a film on triple talaaq was recently had its World Premiere to global audiences, filmmaker Aleena Khan’s Code Blue has been invited by London Indian Film Festival, Europe’s largest Indian and South Asian film festival with a reach of 160 million last year.

Being a medical professional and a debutante filmmaker, Aleena Khan is elated that her film on such a sensitive Triple Talaaq, an inhuman practice of three words where a Muslim man can utter three words in an instance, ruins the lives of innocent girls. Says Aleena Khan, “religious clergymen, some not even educated, exploit loopholes.” The maker has also written to the PM of India, urging him to ban all sorts of Talaaq because “I’ve seen women suffer and it is always sad and a shattering sight to watch.”

World media also acknowledges the maker’s vision and goal. According to moviereviewz.co.uk, “Aleena has a clear vision for her movie which is to clearly top the practice and not create unfair bias when a Muslim couple divorce or separate.” Adds bizasialive.com, “the title Code blue signifies the storytelling of bringing her (the protagonist) back to life after the words of Triple Talaaq leave her soul shattered.”

Khan aims to take Code Blue, the world over and make a difference in the lives of millions of innocent women. “My protagonist is the face of millions of faceless Muslim women who have no say in their own divorce. When marriage is with Qubool in Islam, Talaq should also be with equal consent,” says Khan who believes that if you want to see change, then be the change.

Starring Rishi Bhutani, Sushmita Mukherji, Aleena Khan and Alok Nath, Code Blue, in association with Rahat Kazmi Films, is all set for a worldwide release soon.

बुधवार, 20 फ़रवरी 2019


Actors  playing rapid fire is nothing new but this time it was live on stage just after a fashion show where the Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel was the showstopper for Designer Anshu Jain.

Hosted by celebrity chat show host Karan Singh Chhabra , the game brought the stage alive as he asked non stop questions to the beautiful actress.

Ameesha, being a sport answered all of them with grace and also shared how she reacts when "a hero  or a director flirts with her"  AND "When she comes out of a bad film's screening".

Adventure junkie Vidyut Jammwal performs his own daredevilry stunts on the bike

We all know that Vidyut Jammwal is a super fit actor who already showcased his action abilities to the world. Not just that, the actor loves riding his bike around as well. While shooting for his upcoming film Junglee, when the actor learned that there is a action sequence on a bike, he was quite gung-ho about it and insisted that he do it himself.

Though the director Chuck Russell and the team were a bit hesitant about the same, Vidyut insisted that only after training and rehearsing the scene under supervision, he would perform the stunts. The team made sure that he was performing the stunt under supervision and only after doing a couple of rehearsals, the actor delivered his shot in one take.

Sharing his experience on performing the stunt he says, “When Chuck narrated the sequence to me which required these bike stunts, I was ecstatic because it was another skill to be acquired! I knew I would do it myself. We went through proper training before the shoot of the sequence with the team of Hollywood bike director."

Valentine's Day Special by Tips Music

Plug in your headphones and take a trip down the love road with Tips Music new song ‘Ghulam Tera’ released on 14th February, 2019

Tips Music have yet another single from the very talented Gav Mastie, called ‘Ghulam Tera’ directed by Parmod Sharma Rana, music composed by Gurmeet Singh and written by Preet Tarpai.

Tips Music has crossed many landmarks catering to the needs of audience dwelling in all kind of melodies for more than 40 years now. With current trend drifting towards Punjabi music and Tips being the company ahead of its time have launched its young talentGav Mastie, who is already popular in Punjabi Music Circuit.

Throughout these years, there have been many moments like these where Tips presented a platform for fresh artists and brought them to mainstream.

Kumar Taurani said "Tips Music as a company has always encouraged quality work & will continue to do so. We have spread our  wings across Film production along with Music Production with the same vision of setting the new trends for the market"

Divine Festival Bonanza lucky customers awarded by Bangash Brothers

Divine Solitaires; a premium solitaire jewellery brand from India marked the grand closure of Divine Festival Bonanza, organized in association with the Senco Gold and Diamonds in the months of October and November. The lucky winner of the Divine Festive Bonanza Mr Subrata Saha was handed over the keys of a brand new SUV Car by the Sarod duo- Amaan Ali & Ayaan Ali Bangash, in the presence of Sharon Isbin, a multiple Grammy award winning guitarist- who was seen wearing a stunning Divine Solitaire neckpiece.

The brand conceptualized by the visionary entrepreneur Mr Jignesh Mehta was created as he felt the need for an India brand to spearhead the organized diamond market. Started in the year 2006, Divine Solitaires is India’s first and only solitaire brand which offers its consumers world’s finest and brilliantly crafted quality solitaire diamonds that has been through ethical sourcing, quality certification, investment value and transparency in pricing.

Divine Solitaires has several path-breaking industry firsts to their credit like a Nationwide Standard & Transparent Price List and a Solitaire Price Index to ensure optimum transparency for the end consumer. Apart from the guaranteed buyback, the brand also insures your solitaire. In case the consumer loses or damages their solitaire, Divine Solitaires has an insurance scheme to make sure they don’t suffer any financial loss.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Jignesh Mehta, MD, Divine Solitaires said, “Festivals are incomplete without gifts and we had launched a unique initiative this festive season to gift our customers in association with Senco Gold & Diamonds. We had taken enough care to ensure that the offer had something for everyone. I really want to thank the people of the city of joy and Senco Gold & Diamonds for the overwhelming response from our customers” The gifts for the festival bonanza included motorbikes, LED televisions, etc. apart from the grand prize of an SUV Car.

Brothers Ayaan and Amaan Ali Bangash who will be performing on in the city of Kolkata, alongside Grammy Award winner Sharon Isbin, Tabla maestro – Vijay Ghate and Mridangam genius- Sridhar Parthasarathy on their Peace Tribe tour, which is a collaboration of Indian classical and western classical music brought by legends in their own fields of sarod and guitar. Acclaimed for her extraordinary lyricism, technique and versatility, multiple Grammy Award winner Sharon Isbin has been hailed as “the pre-eminent guitarist of our time.” Multiple award winner Sharon has performed at more than 200 solo shows. The Bangash brothers looked dapper and delighted as they handed over the prizes to the winners. “As a company, it was always our earnest endeavor to bring constancy, stability and transparency to our pricing and products. At Divine Solitaires, we aim to fulfill all the above-mentioned criteria while providing the best quality of diamonds crafted by our gifted artisans. Classical music is an intimate art form, and meant for the discerning audiences just like every piece of Divine Solitaires is meant for the discerning customers,” said an elated Mr Mehta as he concluded.

The Trailer launch of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Milan Talkies was a Desi Romantic event

The trailer of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s much-awaited film Milan Talkies is out now. The trailer launch event happened at Gaiety Galaxy theatre. It was attended by the star cast including Ali Fazal, Shraddha Srinath, Ashutosh Rana, and Sikander Kher along with the director Tigmanshu Dhulia.

The launch had a Desi Romantic set up with Cycle Rickshaw, Dhol and typical desi style props. Ali entered the venue on a bike whereas Shraddha arrived in a decorated cycle rickshaw.

Milan Talkies directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Produced by Mr PS Chhatwal, Filmy Keeda Productions stars Ali Fazal and Shraddha Srinath in the lead roles.

Milan Talkies is a Love Story set in Uttar Pradesh around 2010-2013 when single screen theatres were still prominent in smaller Indian towns and film print was still in circulation.

Actor Ali Fazal says, “Milan Talkies is a very special film for me. It was a great experience working on this film with Tigmanshu Sir and the entire team. The reaction for the trailer is overwhelming and I can’t wait to show the film to the audience. I strongly believe that there is something very earnest and honest about the film. Eventually, it's the audiences who decide good and bad. Milan Talkies is a story about stories and told from the grassroots of a common projectionist in a single screen theatre.”

Director Tigmanshu Dhulia shares, “The trailer reaction is overwhelming and I am glad that the audiences liked it. The entire journey of Milan Talkies has been a rollercoaster ride and it is a very emotional moment for the entire cast and crew of the film. I am sure that the audiences will like the film.”      

Producer P S Chhatwal shares, “Tigmanshu Dhulia and the entire team of Milan Talkies have done a brilliant job. I am happy with the response the trailer is getting. I am really looking forward to the release.”

The romantic love saga - Milan Talkies’ story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Kamal Pandey. The film also stars Ashutosh Rana, Sanjay Mishra, Reecha Sinha, and Sikander Kher. Produced by Filmy Keeda Productions in association with Om Prakash Bhatt (Purple Bull Entertainment), the film is set to release on 15th March 2019

Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha or Taapsee Pannu, who can be Captain Marvel in India

Captain Marvel, which is MCU’s first stand-alone female franchise movie, is one of the most awaited films of the year. It is just a few weeks away from its release and the film has generated quite the buzz among Marvel fans. This will be Marvel's first film for 2019 followed by Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far from home in the latter half of 2019. Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers will be played by Academy Award winner Brie Larson. The film will also see actor Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. Avengers Endgame theories have time and again pointed out that Captain Marvel will become the next crucial character in the franchise.

Acknowledged as Marvel's mightiest Super Hero, Captain Marvel is touted to begin 2019 with a bang and is undoubtedly one of the most awaited films of this year. Brie Larson, who has won an Oscar, followed the epic strength training routine in preparation for the role. She even did actual flight training which is was quite intense and despite falling sick, Brie continued to train! As Captain Marvel: THE MOST POWERFUL SUPERHERO, the Oscar winning actress herself pushed an almost 2500 KG Jeep to get into insane shape for the role!

Well our Indian actresses are very powerful and are respected throughout the country.. they share a huge fan following and most of them are as fit as the heroes, some of them even fitter and kick ass!

As we are yet to see to a female superhero film in India, so we came up with a list of top powerful and iconic Indian actresses who we think can do justice to a desi Captain Marvel, if it was to be made in India! 

Taapsee Pannu

Known for her strong headed roles in Pink, Naam Shabana and Mulk, Taapsee Pannu would be the one of the best options to cast as Captain Marvel. Taapsee's ferocious attitude and well toned body structure makes her the perfect fir to be a superhero.

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha has aced the roles in movies like Dabbang and Akira where she showed off some really cool tricks while she fought the corrupt police officers. She has also been seen in Force 2. Sonakshi would fit into the role of Brie Larson and kick some more butt!

Deepika Padukone

After seeing her action packed sequences in XXX: Return of Xander cage, Deepika is definitely a strong candidate in the running of playing the role of desi Carol Danvers. She made a Hollywood debut with that film and who knows maybe that might be a plus point for her.

Radhika Apte
Radhika Apte has been a sensation in 2018 where she was literally everywhere. She was appreciated for all her work and has really fine acting skills in the Hindi industry as well as down South. Having a huge fan following just like Brie makes Radhika a great contender for the role of Captain Marvel.

Alia Bhatt

After playing the role of a spy in Raazi, Alia would make for an unconventional superhero in the industry. She has also aced each and every roled that she has played making her once of the most versatile actors the industry has and this guarantees her as one of the top contenders for a female superhero film.

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet is a notable south actress who is known for her vast range of movie in the Tamil and Telugu industry and has done some movies in the Hindi and Kannada film industry as well. Famous as a versatile actress, Rakul Preet would fit in perfectly in the race to Brie Larson.

Anushka Shetty

Anushka Shetty aka Sweety Shetty is famous for her role in the Baahubali series and has done a number of movies in the Telugu film industry. After her fierce role of portraying Yuvarani Devasena, there is a high possibility of Anushka being a part of the Marvel cinematic Universe as Brie Larson.

Ekta Kapoor Talks About Complex Relationships

TV czarina Ekta Kapoor, who recently became a mother to a baby boy spoke about complex relationships to Anupama Chopra, a prominent Indian author and journalist. Anupama spent a day with Ekta at her bungalow and office, where they chatted about her daily routine, how she manages her professional and personal life and the changes that she has brought about after becoming a mother. She also discovered what Ekta’s superpower is!

They were also accompanied by the veteran actor Ronit Roy and the effervescent Mona Singh who is creating quite a stir with ALTBalaji's current successful running series Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 2. While the first season caught the pulse of its viewers, the second season gives a riveting take on love and life beyond. Ekta was seen speaking about how millions of women have resonated with the characters and have downloaded the app to watch the series. Talking about the inspiration of developing this drama, Ekta shared that loving an emancipated woman is easy but marrying one is entirely different and this what the show captures. This season will be about how the heart has got what it wanted but will it really be happy?  The series intricately weaves the complexities of mature relationships. 

Talking about her experience, Anupama Chopra took to her social media where she posted a picture writing “@ektaravikapoorcurrently has 8 soaps on television, 4 films in production, 30 shows on the @altbalajiApp & 170 shows in development!! She’s also a mom. I spent the day trying to discover what her superpower is! And we also got her actors from #kehnekohumsafarhain to join us - @monajsingh & @ronitboseroy! I had a great time. #comingsoon #entertainment #digital”

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