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New Year Quotes from Zee TV Actors

Megha Ray who plays the role of Rani in Apna Time BhiAayega shared,“2020 has honestly been a year of mixed feelings for me. While the whole pandemic affected a lot of people, it was also the year when my first show went off air. Looking at the struggles of many other I kept myself together believing that my struggles are not that big, and I would make it through. And I did! Despite it all, this year also got me a role in a beautiful show like Apna Time BhiAayega. Rani is a very different character and she brings out the little innocent yet strong-willed child within me. While I had my fair share of struggles, this is the best thing that has happened this year and I am eagerly looking forward to 2021. While I don’t really make any resolutions, I do wish to continue working hard and entertaining my audiences. I hope it’s a better year for everyone and we can finally be free of COVID

Pratham Kunwar who plays the role of Money Birla in GuddanTumse Na Ho Payega shared, “I believe the biggest lesson that 2021 has given us is that we need very little to be happy in life. We made the most out of this year and happened to find our joys in the simplest things despite not being able to go out or party like usual. In spite of the entire lockdown and with several people losing jobs, I happened to get 2 new shows, GuddanTumse Na Ho Payega being one of them. That’s the best thing and the first day of my shoot was the best memory I have of 2020. With the onset of the new year, I would really like to focus a lot on my health and gun for those six pack abs that I have always aspired for. Here’s hoping that everyone has a safe, sound and a great new year.”

Adhvik Mahajan who will play the role of Joginder in Teri Meri IkJindri shared, “While this year may have been a pretty rough one for a lot of people, it was quite a productive year for me. I happened to get my first ever short film rolling and it got a great response from the audience, friends and family. I happened to get some time in hand to devote to my health and fitness which I have been wanting to do for a while now. I also bagged my role in the show Teri Meri IkJindri this year and in 2021 I just hope the audience showers all their blessings and love towards the show. I would be ending this year and making a fresh start to 2021 at Tirupati Balaji and with God’s blessings I pray that the new year brings an abundance of opportunities and happiness for each and every person who has dealt with a rough phase.

Kanika Mann who plays the role of Guddan in GuddanTumse Na Ho Payega shared, “I have always believed in beginning the New Year with a fresh mind and a lot of optimism. There is no better way to begin the year with a little detour from my routine life, I will be travelling for 2 days to visit my extended family in my hometown Panipat. While my mother and my brother reside with me in Mumbai, I haven’t had a chance to meet my dad since the lockdown reopened or connect with my cousins and other relatives. Every occasion and festival celebrated with them has till date been a memorable one and nothing excites me more than to start a new chapter amidst the presence of my family. I am very excited for this trip and I really look forward to having the happiness and fun as I did during the lockdown.”

Chetan Hansraj who plays the  titular role in Brahmarakshas 2 shared, “Well, 2020 has been a tough year for a lot of us, but it has honestly taught me to not complain and be grateful for what we have. Something within me keep telling me that all these struggles are what actually make a man. I chose to brush past all these negative feelings and used my time to learn a few things in life. I learnt three to four computer languages, C++, Java script, Python and also utilized my time doing a course in Data Science. I ensured to stay positive even when I was dealing with a financially difficult time and didn’t have a job almost till September. I believe its was my positivity that really got me a great role in Brahmarakshas2 thereafter.  If there is one thing that I have learnt is that the power to control your feelings and thoughts is within oneself. I look forward to 2021.

MugdhaChapekar who plays the role of Prachi in Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya mentioned, "New Year to me is more about spending time with the family, eating good food and watching some amazing movies! This year has been quite a ride for everyone, and I hope the new year brings in joy and health and happiness in everyone’s lives. Wishing everyone a very Happy new Year!"

Pooja Banerjee who plays the role of Rhea in Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya said, “I have extremely fond memories of New Year. I have always visited the Church on New Year’s Eve and I used to be a part of the church choir for the tradition of singing carols and I thoroughly enjoyed it. New Year has been a festival very close to my heart. This year, along with celebrating the festival with my Kumkum Bhagya co-stars, I plan to decorate my house to keep the spirit of the festivities alive. While I do not have travel plans this year, I do plan to host a small humble dinner party for my close friends. I hope the festivities bring light and happiness to everyone’s lives. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year."


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‘The last day of the shoot had a lovely Christmas vibe’ :Tahir Raj Bhasin

Acclaimed actor Tahir Raj Bhasin has wrapped the first schedule of his next, Looop Lapeta, in which he will be seen opposite Taapsee Pannu. Their pairing definitely promises a really fresh chemistry on screen. Tahir has just wrapped the first schedule of the film and reveals how the set had a festive spirit on the last day.

“The last day of the shoot had a lovely Christmas vibe. We really have the best producers (Atul Kasbekar and Tanuj Garg) who are also big foodies and it’s a feast every day. They make it really special for all of us on the sets every single day and they brought on the big festive vibe by getting us Christmas cake!” informs Tahir.

Tahir says the team was delighted that they could wrap a schedule smoothly because of the stringent shooting procedures in place to shoot during this pandemic.

Tahir says, “It was amazing to all huddle, cut the cake and wrap the first schedule. We are shooting in the middle of the pandemic and I think we all felt extremely fortunate that we had a great shooting schedule. It was amazing to wish each other happy holidays and I’m looking forward to meeting them soon in the new year. The energy on the set is amazing and we are making a super fun film which will entertain people thoroughly.”


Singer Ankit Tiwari is back with a new music video featuring Mahesh Keshwala aka Thugesh and actor Anaya Shah. Titled "Main Nahi Jaunga", the song is composed and penned by Ankit Tiwari and directed by ace director Sidhaant Sachdev. The song is a melodious heartbreak number revolving around a cheating affair.

With his cute, boy next door looks and an unassuming swag, content creator Mahesh Keshwala has millions of followers on YouTube and now he is all set to foray in the acting world through this music video. The song also features the famous Anaya Shah who was last seen in the Punjabi album Fikraan.

“Main nahi jaunga” is a heartbreak song which portrays a story of two lovers of whom one finds out that he's being cheated by his partner. The video song features Mahesh and Anaya giving a splendid performance.

Shot in Mumbai’s iconic location of Gorai, the song is a soul-stirring number with melodious music composition encapsulating sadness and romance.  “Main Nahi Jaunga is a beautiful heartbreak track, beautifully written and composed by Aniket. Singing was more fun as we tried to give it a fresh touch, keeping in mind the musical taste of today's youth. I am sure it'll be loved by the listener." said Ankit, popular for romantic songs such as "Sunn raha hai" and "Galliyan".

Moreover, this will be Mahesh’s first ever music video and commenting on his experience he said, “As this was my first music video, initially I was a bit nervous but as things started weaving in I got comfortable. I had a fantastic experience being on the set. I am really glad to be a part of Ankit Tiwari's song. Hope the audiences really enjoy the vibe of the song and loves it as much as I do.”

Main Nahi Jaunga is being released by Voilà! Digi will be available on their YouTube Channel and other streaming platforms.

The Kashmir Files shooting had to stop, due to actor Mithun Chakraborty health

Sometimes during the shoot, there are some unfortunate incidents that happen. Actor Mithun Chakraborty's condition deteriorated due to the stomach infection, for which the director Vivek Agnihotri had to halt the shooting.

Director Vivek Agnihotri stated "We were shooting for a big action sequence. Everything was centered around Mithun Chakraborty's character but suddenly he suffered from a bout of infection and it was very bad. No normal person can stand or still in that condition but he went out for sometime and came back and finished the entire shoot. In no time, it was so bad I couldn’t imagine anybody shooting in such a condition. But, he went ahead and gave the shot. That is the reason why he has been a superstar. He told me in the last so many years he hasn't fallen sick. He was constantly asking me, “your shooting is not getting halted right?”. I am really, really surprised because I haven't seen anyone in the new generation working so dedicatedly.”

Further, he added “Mithun Da is the most focused hardworking and professional actor and that's why he is a superstar. Not only that when we came back for the shoot in the morning, he charged everybody with his energy and made sure that everyone is working at a fast speed. Because of that, we could cover the backlog which we had. Actors like Mithun Chakraborty are assets to any unit, any crew and any film.”

Following the critical acclaim of Agnihotri's Tashkent Files in April 2019, the filmmaker believes The Kashmir Files is a small step towards letting the world, especially his countrymen, know about the plight of Kashmiri Hindus. Featuring Anupam Kher in a pivotal role, The Kashmir Files is slated to release in 2021.

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Chetan Hansraj and Rupa Divetia reunite on the sets of Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas 2 after 16 years

Zee TV has been captivating its audience with interesting and out-of-the box stories that capture the pulse of the Indian middleclass. Amongst the various intriguing stories introduced by the channel, Zee TV introduced the second season of its immensely successful weekend thriller, Brahmarakshas. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show features television actress Nikki Sharma essaying the lead character of Kalindi opposite popular actor Pearl V. Puri playing the role of Anga 

Having made quite an intriguing start, the show recently unveiled the true identity and the human form that the Brahmarakshas assumes. Essayed by popular television actor Chetan Hansraj, the Brahmarkashas has been seen planning and plotting evil against Kalindi with the help of Gehna (Rupa Divetia) who is seen indulging in various Tantra-Mantras to keep the powers of the Brahmarakshas alive. As close as the characters seem on-screen, Rupa and Chetan share a much deeper and fonder bond off-screen. The duo go back a long way when they used to shoot together in 2004 for another show and have now reunited on the sets of Brahmarakshas 2 after almost 16 years. While shooting for scenes together, Rupa and Chetan have quite a gala time recollecting some nostalgic and fond memories from several years ago. 

Chetan Hansraj shared, “I worked with Rupa ji in my very first show. We are actually reuniting on the set of Brahmarkashas 2 after that and it is an absolutely great feeling. I would say it’s more of a coming of age feeling. I have done several shows with Balaji now, that I often see so many people, from the actors to even the spot dadas and cameramen who were a part of my earlier shows. It’s almost like a blast from the past! It is such an honour to be working with Rupa ji again”

Adding further Rupa Divetia shared, “It is always an exciting experience working with Chetan, more so now because we are getting a chance to work after so many years together. Chetan started his career as a kid with me and that time he was a very young boy back and now he has become a really matured actor. it was absolute delight to reconnect with him on the sets of Brahmarakshas 2. 

While Rupa and Chetan spend some time reviving some of the golden memories together, the duo as a part of their characters are set to plan something really evil in Kalindi and Angad’s life.

Stay tuned to Brahmarakshas 2 every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm,only on Zee TV

BREEZER Vivid Shuffle Ropes in the Best of the Community to Judge the League in its Season 4


Kings United, Shah Rule, Seedhe Maut, MC Altaf among others will judge the entries across categories of dance, music and art


National, 17th December, 2020: India’s biggest hip-hop league BREEZER Vivid Shuffle has roped in some of the hip-hop community’s best and most beloved artists to judge the ongoing fourth season. This year, the festival has transformed into the biggest hip-hop league, going beyond just dance categories to rap and graffiti and bringing more avenues for the upcoming artists to Live Life In Colour. In this new format, different judges from across the hip-hop community will be screening the entries in all three stages of the competition.


For the shortlisting, rapper ShahRule will be judging the rap entries. While, winners of World Hip-hop dance championship and NBC’s World of Dance, Kings United, will be judging the hip-hop showcase shortlist. Breaking shortlist will be judged by Bboy Lil Rohn. And India’s first female graffiti artist, Dizy One will be judging the graffiti shortlist and qualifiers.


Seedhe Maut will be judging the rap qualifiers, while Bboy Wasim and BBoy GodHand will be judging breaking shortlist and qualifiers. The popping shortlists and/or qualifiers will be decided by some of the veterans of the dance form like Funkey, Heeman and Bolt.

The rap finale selections will be done by popular rappers MC Altaf and Dee MC.


BREEZER Vivid Shuffle kickstarted the virtual season four with brand ambassadors Kriti Sanon and Vijay Deverakonda as well as the league ambassadors, Shantanu Maheshwari, Kr$na, JordIndian and Piyush & Shazia in November. It also hosted the first phase of School of Shuffle workshops last month. These workshops give enthusiasts a chance to learn and up their hip-hop game from some of the most celebrated artists of the community. The second phase will be taking place from 17th – 21st December and registrations are now open for the same.


Participants can register on PayTM Insider to compete this season by 21st December and get a chance to learn and compete against some of the most talented upcoming hip-hop artists.

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After the success of Durgamati, director G.Ashok discusses his future plans in Bollywood says there’s a long way to go

Director G. Ashok’s who is widely known for his work in South Cinema Industry is currently hailing the success of his Bollywood debut Durgamati. His recently launched film, Durgamati has been winning hearts across the globe. In a candid conversation, director expressed his thoughts on the success of the film while sharing his future plans in Bollywood.

On his successful directorial debut in Bollywood, Durgamati – The Myth director G. Ashok shares, "I am thrilled with the spectacular response from the audience for Durgamati – The Myth from across the world. After being in South Cinema for more than a decade now, debuting in Bollywood with Durgamati – The Myth was a game changing experience for me. Since I was stepping into a whole new world of cinema, I didn't want to leave any stone unturned to deliver a movie that is loved by movie lovers across India as well as internationally. What stood out about this conspiracy thriller is its intriguing plot and unexpected suspense. I am glad that people have appreciated Bhumi's performance in the role, but a lot of credit also goes to Arshad, Mahie, Karan, Jisshu and the entire cast as well who have played a crucial role towards making Durgamati – The Myth a success. Today I am truly overwhelmed to witness the kind of love that the film has been receiving worldwide."

Talking about the movie's world premiere on Amazon Prime Video, G. Ashok added, "Through Amazon Prime Video the movie has reached cinema lovers across 200 countries and territories, and as a filmmaker, the feeling can't get any better than this. This is a new era in Indian entertainment; customers viewing habits and preferences are constantly evolving. I am elated be a part of this renaissance and to bring to the audience the latest entertainment and present it across geographies. More than anything."

"With this promising start, I am excited and looking forward to my journey in Bollywood and working with supremely talented stars and filmmakers. I am glad to have started my Bollywood journey with a film presented by Akshay Kumar while also getting an opportunity to work with a enormously talented cast and crew. This is just the start, there’s a long way to go!" adds G. Ashok.

Indian Singer-Songwriter & Music Composer Atif Afzal has been awarded NYU Scholarship


Music Composer Atif Afzal was awarded a scholarship by the esteemed New York University (NYU) this month. This was a gesture by the University for his spectacular work done on their thesis film, The Alternative and other impressive body of work Atif exhibits in his decade long career.


The Alternative is a story of  Valentina Moreno, a single mother who works as a housekeeper for a wealthy Manhattan family, takes decisive action when something from her past threatens to ruin her personal and professional relationships. Following the theme of the film, Atif kept the music treatment very rustic and used a mix of South American music along with an orchestral score. The main theme is played on just a Ukulele while he also recorded live saxophones, violin and string sections for this. NYU provided Atif with their studio facility to record the music on Tape, just like how it was done 50 years back to get a warm retro feel to the sound. It totally elevated the entire sonic of the music for the film.


This scholarship came as a surprise to Atif as well. He exclaims, "Studying music and composing for a thesis film at NYU is an experience of a lifetime. While recording, the university furnished us with the best facility which would otherwise cost thousands of dollars. They made sure we have access to not only the best facility and sound engineers, but also the best session musicians. I am really excited to begin my music schooling." 


Atif always wanted to pursue his study in music but due to work commitments, he was unable to give time but with this scholarship, he has decided to balance both.


2020 has been a great year for Atif Afzal as all his major work has been released which includes 'NCIS : Los Angeles', 'The Twilight Zone - Season 2', BBC UK Project, Marvel approaching him for a film, his recent tracks getting released by BMG Music Label and now NYU Scholarship.

KBC 12 Students Special Week : Priya Kour from Srinagar


                This week on KBC 15 year old Priya Kour from Srinagar                               who aspires to become an IAS officer says                         one has to be a good person in oneself and be the change in the society

Sony Entertainment Television’s most popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati, Season12 is hosting the Students Special Week starting 14th Dec and 8 brilliant young minds from across the country will compete to be on the hot seat in front of the icon Mr. Bachchan to play further. Facilitated by Vedantu, a live online learning platform, these young minds will get an opportunity to utilize their power of knowledge.

Priya Kour was born and brought up in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. She is 15 years old, a strong and studious girl who looks up to Mother Teresa and wishes to follow her path. Priya is the epitome of how one imagines the future to be. At such a young age, she is strong willed and determined to be the change she wishes to see in the society and that inspiring coming from a 15 year old!

If she wins a huge amount, she wants to help her family fulfill their needs. Besides, she pursues to help the needy and wishes to donate to organizations that help the poor and specially-abled.

Tune in to Kaun Banega Crorepati -Students Special Week starting 14th Dec at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

Varun Dhawan got rejected by Natasha thrice

Did you know Varun met Natasha in the 6th grade?  Yes! They were very close friends all the way till the 12th grade. In conversation with the queen of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Varun Dhawan shares his history with his beautiful fiancé Natasha. Varun takes a trip down memory lane and says that when they were in school, he was in the red house and she was in the yellow. He remembers seeing her walking on the basketball court during their lunch break and recalls the moment saying “I felt like I fell in love with her that day”. Varun admits that Natasha rejected him three-four times, but he never gave up hope. 

Catch all this and more! Fans can tune into the fourth episode of Dabur Amla Aloe Vera What Women Want Season 3, exclusively on Filmy Mirchi!

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Directors of Amazon Prime Video's Unpaused reveal their excitement about being back on sets

Amazon Prime Original anthology film Unpaused is a combination of
5 stories set at the time of lockdown narrating tales of new beginnings. Audiences are already going gaga over the trailer of the film, and while people wait in anticipation of watching the film, the directors of the anthology have revealed that when they decided to do the film, the idea of getting back to the sets excited them the most.


Fans can witness these stories of hopes and new beginnings starting December 18 only on Amazon Prime Video.


Raj from the famous duo of Raj and DK who directed the film ‘Glitch’ said, “It was time when the world was at a stand-still and we were sitting at home thinking what can be done as film-makers when outlets were completely shut. We wanted to be on the sets, making films and that was the time when Aparna Purohit (Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video) called us for the short film. Reshu Nath came with a sweet little script and things just fell in place, and we were back on the sets shooting for ‘Glitch’. DK added saying, “Initially when the lockdown started, we felt lucky as story writers to have got the time to sit and develop stories but after a few months, I was missing the shoots, being on sets, actually doing something other than just writing and then, we got Aparna’s call. Then we didn’t have any story, but just the idea of doing it and shooting it felt great.”


‘Mumbai Diaries’ director Nikkhil Advani on being the part of the anthology with his film ‘Apartment’ (based on the theme of hope) said, “My Unpaused moment of hope was the hope of being back on the sets. All directors, film-makers, storytellers come alive on the set, so the main idea is to be there. I didn’t even think twice before saying yes to it. I think everybody involved with the film had a mutual feeling, they were hoping to be on the set and there is always light on the end of the tunnel, there is always hope, and that’s what our story also showcases.”


Well-known actress and director Tannishtha Chatterjee who directed “Rat-a-Tat”, the saga of happiness said, “My idea of happiness is similar to my colleagues like we were all sitting at home thinking about what and how to do next, I got this call if I would like to explore a story like this based at the time of lockdown, to be shot with a limited crew. It excited me. Like every other artist, I was also dying to go back to the sets.”


‘Chaand Mubarak’ Director Nitya Mehra said, “It all started when Pranati (Pranati Nagarseth, Producer: Chaand Mubarak) called me and told me about this short film. My kid was just 6 months old and we were quarantined in another city, not even in Mumbai. But we got on the call with Aparna and it was all so bizarre. She asked me if I would like to do a shot. I said yes, I would like to do anything right now to go back to the sets. Then Aparna said that what if we have a 10 people crew and in my mind I just wondered 10 people would just includes DOP, me and a few more and its over, who would act? So, that was very exciting, to do something we had never done. But like the story of our film is all about trust, that time also I wondered that though I had agreed but in these conditions with people in my family, my kid,  how do I go back to the sets and trust again and that time I thought of making a film that teaches to trust again.”

Unpaused brings together 5 of the most prolific directors in Hindi cinema - Nikkhil Advani, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Raj & DK, Nitya Mehra, and Avinash Arun to create Amazon Prime Video’s original Hindi anthology film. The 5 stories in the anthology are tied together to highlight new beginnings in these challenging times. Along with a brilliant combination of directors, ‘Unpaused’ also explores a talented mix of actors Ratna Pathak Shah, Richa Chaddha, Sumeet Vyas, Saiyami Kher, Rinku Rajguru, Gulshan Devaiah, Ishwak Singh, Lillete Dubey, Abhishek Banerjee, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Shardul Bharadwaj. While the films highlight various themes, the stories are based in the era of Covid and audiences are sure to relate. ‘Glitch’ showcases the fear of human contact during these times, ‘Apartment’ highlights the depressing feeling of being left alone, ‘Rat-a-Tat’ shows how comforting bonds irrespective of age differences can help you survive hard-hitting stretches, ‘Vishaanu’ is the story of a migrant family struggling for their abode and ‘Chaand Mubarak’ highlights how slowly peeling of differences can help individuals survive together regardless of their social strata.

Railway Raju On December 18

Railway Raju, a love story amidst an action film based on the wrestling gangs of Banaras and directed by Dinkar Rao, is slated for release on December 18, 2020 in theatres in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and New Delhi braving the Covid onslaught.


It creates a beautiful beginning for films to return to theatres like the good old days before Covid struck. “For me, it’s a pleasant surprise that the film is releasing and it’s a UP based film. It’s a film which has interesting elements. When I showed it at the Cannes film market many buyers from South East Asia and North America liked the concept of wrestling gangs in north India.” says director Dinkar Rao whose short film Asthi starring Antara Rao was premiered at Cannes, which he plans to complete it as a feature film with a known Bollywood actress.

Railway Raju has Sunny Shaw & Telugu actress Lavanya Rao in the lead roles and a host of good theatre actors from Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Mumbai, USA and Germany.

The film has managed an all India release after having been released in Mumbai earlier through Vkaao, an arm of PVR and Book My Show. “I am very grateful to my filmmaker and media friend - S Ramachandran for being the guiding force during the making, censor and release of the film” says Dinkar Rao.

शनिवार, 12 दिसंबर 2020


After impressing the audiences with the intriguing trailer of the upcoming Amazon Original Anthology film Unpaused, Amazon Prime Video today unveiled a mesmerizing and soothing music video from the film titled ‘Nayi Dhoop’. Created by Tanishk Bagchi, the melodious song instils positivity while hinting at new beginnings, just like the theme of the film. ‘Nayi Dhoop’ is a seamless combination of a comforting tune and stimulating lyrics and takes its inspiration from the theme of the film, which is all about new beginnings.

‘Unpaused’ is an anthology of 5 films, bringing together 5 of the most prolific directors in Hindi cinema. Directors of popular Amazon original ‘The Family Man’ Raj and DK have directed the short film ‘Glitch’ based on the theme of ‘love’ and ‘Mumbai Diaries’ director Nikkhil Advani directed ‘Apartment’ based on a story of hope. Tannishtha Chatterjee’s ‘Rat-a-Tat’ is a saga of happiness, Aviansh Arun’s ‘Vishaanu’ tells a tale of dreams and ‘Made in Heaven’ director Nitya Mehra’s ‘Chaand Mubarak’ celebrates friendship. The 5 stories are kneaded together to highlight new beginnings in these challenging times. Along with a brilliant combination of directors, ‘Unpaused’ also explores a talented mix of actors Ratna Pathak Shah, Richa Chaddha, Sumeet Vyas, Saiyami Kher, Rinku Rajguru, Gulshan Devaiah, Ishwak Singh, Lillete Dubey, Abhishek Banerjee, Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Shardul Bharadwaj.

Surprises await as Anupria Goenka reprises her role in Criminal Justice Season: Behind Closed Doors

Anupria Goenka's career at this point is a breeding ground of super gripping projects and one of these is soon to hit the digital scene. Ending the year on a thrilling note, Goenka is going to be seen reprising her role as Nikhat Hussain (a lawyer) in Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors and its trailer dropped recently.


One of India's most loved crime-thrillers is returning with Anupria's character evolving into an advocate, who's sure of her footing. The versatile actor remarks that she feels amazing about her role making it to Season 2 and that it gave her the opportunity to revisit a character she cherishes. Told from a woman's perspective, the upcoming season chronicles a murder allegation against an eminent lawyer's wife. An open-and-shut case on its surface, there's more to crime than meets eye and the defence (mounted by advocates Madhav Mishra and Nikhat Hussain played by Pankaj Tripathi and Anupria Goenka) is tasked with proving the innocence of an indefensible suspect.


Anupria says, "I remember after the success of Criminal Justice, people hounded me with the question - 'When is Season 2 coming?' So here we are, waiting to present to you a side of the world of law and crime you've never experienced before. In the first season, I was an assistant to the lawyer and in this season, I have sort of found my feet in the profession. Getting back to being Nikhat felt like coming home. Everything that I had done to prep for the role just came back to me. I'm stoked about its streaming."


Based on Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat, adapted for India by Shridhar Raghavan, the Season 1 revolved around a man’s one-night stand turning into a nightmare when he woke up the next day covered in blood. He doesn’t remember anything from the previous night and all evidence is against him. After the show gained popularity, it was announced that the series has been renewed for the second season in February 2020 and its trailer dropped recently.

Aakanksha Singh joins team MayDay

Ajay Devgn's Mayday has been creating massive buzz for it's interesting starcast which includes Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, and Angira Dhar. The talented actress, Aakanksha Singh has now joined the much talked about team of Mayday.


Aakanksha Singh will be seen essaying the role of Ajay Devgn's wife in the film and the actress has joined the team yesterday for the shoot.


Talking about being part of the film Aakanksha Singh shares, "It’s like a dream come true to be a part of such a big and much-awaited film. I am so excited to share the screen with Ajay sir and Amitabh sir and icing on the cake is Ajay sir is directing the film. It’s actually happening! It’s an important role and I am lucky that the first muhurat shot of the film had me in it.".


The film shoot commenced yesterday and Ajay Devgn took to social media to share this special announcement. The actor shared, "Happy to officially begin MayDay🙏 in a start-to-finish shooting schedule. Seek blessings from the Almighty and my parents. Nothing is complete without the support of all my fans, family and well-wishers. Releases on 29th April 2022."


The film is being produced by Ajay Devgn Ffilms and directed by Ajay Devgn. It is set to release on 29th April 2022.

गुरुवार, 10 दिसंबर 2020

Actor Karan Pahwa has put on 15 kgs weight for a self-experiment.

Actor Karan Pahwa who was last seen in star plus show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as Anmol. Anmol (Karan) had a very cute and chocolatey look and before that we had seen him in Balika Vadhu in Bald look as Kundan (for this character also he clean shaved his hair).


Everyone has utilities this lockdown time in maintaining their healthy life style and workout, on the other hand Karan has done something different; he has given this 6 month for transforming and also putting on 15 kg for this experimental look.


 Karan says “In the TV industry I am always known for my variation most of the casting directors and producer known me so I want to show them I am so much capable for such character too. Honestly As all the salons were shut I slowly noticed that my beard and moustache have grown which was giving me a Punjabi look and Islamic boy. I decided to take things forward, I started working on my weight I have put on 15 kgs. Not everyone was happy about my weight as my parents and friends told me that it might create problems for me in the future to get projects. I also stopped posting on social media so that my look doesn’t reveal.


People have really appreciated my efforts. This journey was not easy as growing the right amount of beard and moustache and gaining weight for this look. Choosing the right location and costume for the shoot was also a big task. The most important things are that I have taken all this effort for self-experiment there was no role offered to me. Certainly, if in future, I am offered such role, I will make sure I do complete justice to the character.




As we know that versatility is a part of actor’s life. Karan after the photoshoot have again started working on his body and cutting down weight to come back to his original look now. This was kind of experiment that he has done with his looks. If he will be offered such role, he will nail it.


On this he further adds ‘I have started working out to come back to my previous looks. As being healthy is very important for everyone in today’s life style, especially us (smile).

Sons of the Soil: Deepak Hooda's challenge to the flying beast Gaurav Taneja


Amazon Prime Video's original sports docu-series Sons of the Soil: Jaipur Pink Panthers is now streaming on the service. The docu-series that captures the team's journey in the Pro Kabaddi League last season has been amassing a lot of love from the fans and critics alike.

After inspirational personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, cricketers Smriti Mandhana and Manish Pandey, Badminton champ- Saina Nehwal gleefully announced their love for the docu-series on their social platforms, Indian YouTuber and content creator Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast met Jaipur Pink Panthers skipper for an exciting activity.

The dashing Gaurav is better known to his 1.6 Million Insta fans as 'Flying Beast' for his love for fitness. However, in this video he will be seen performing a challenge put to him by Deepak Niwas Hooda.

In a recently released video, the two are seen comparing their modes of work-out, where Deepak revealed that their schedule required them to be fast and energetic and quick on their toes while for Gaurav, it was the act of performing the moves slowly to gain maximum muscles.

Gaurav was also seen trying out his hand in Kabaddi, playing along with Deepak's boys.

Also, don't miss Sons of the Soil: Jaipur Pink Panthers streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Kareena reveals THIS about the name of her second child

In conversation with Neha Dhupia on her talk show What Women Want, exclusively on Filmy Mirchi, Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals that after the whole controversy behind Taimur’s name, she has left the decision of naming her baby, for the last minute and spring a surprise.


Catch all this and more! Fans can tune into the third episode of Dabur Amla Aloe Vera What Women Want Season 3, exclusively on Filmy Mirchi!

सोमवार, 7 दिसंबर 2020

Official Trailer AK vs AK

Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya has a message for all those in a one-sided love relationship

“If you love something, let it go. If it returns, it's yours, if it doesn't, then it was never meant to be.” The upcoming episode of Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya brings this thought to life.  Featuring Devyanshi Kaushik as Pakhi and Rishi Grover as Jal, the story revolves around the two of them.

The episode starts with Jal and Pakhi running from their homes at 3 in the morning in Agra. While it looks like Jal and Pakhi are escaping together, but Jal is just helping his childhood best friend Pakhi meet her lover Vikram who lives in Delhi. When a year passes, RJ Jal has become a host who is popularly known as Love Guru. He is dating his office love Shikha, but they somehow are not happy together. The story  takes a drastic turn when a girl calls Jal and abuses him for giving her wrong advice and immediately hangs up. As Jal takes a moment to realize what just happened, he recognizes the voice and tries to connect with Pakhi. He calls Vikram, to find out that Pakhi and he had broken up. Worried about Pakhi’s whereabouts, he scans through her social media account but is left in vain. However, he is pleasantly surprised when he finds Pakhi at his door step. With nowhere to go, she asks Jal if she can temporarily stay in his house. As Pakhi starts spending time with Jal, she finds her paintings in Jal’s house, and old love letters which he had written for her but gave it to Vikram so that he can impress her. Filled with mixed emotions, Pakhi decides to confront the Love Guru as a caller.


To know what ultimately happens, catch the next episode of Paree Sanitary Pads presents Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 11 co-powered by Yamaha Fascino 125 FI, Vicks Cough drop and grooming partner Philips One Blade, Saturday, 7 PM only on Zing

Raftaar, Amaal Mallik and Darshan Raval unveil Mirchi’s new brand identity with their song ‘Har entertainment mein Mirchi’

India’s top rapper Raftaar, soulful music composer Amaal Mallik, and YouTube sensation Darshan Raval, in collaboration with Mirchi, have just dropped a music video for their new song ‘Har entertainment mein Mirchi’. At the back of Mirchi’s new brand identity launch, the music video captures the magnitude of content that the brand has to offer across platforms. Both the track and the music video radiate the style and energy of the three extremely talented artists coming together.

Talking about this new song and video, Raftaar says, “Mirchi is not just about radio any more. They are expanding into new ventures that support new talent and new collaborations like this one. This song is a perfect fusion of all our styles, going from mellow to slow, to rap and then almost classical old-school Bollywood. It’s a fusion of everything, really – from where Mirchi started to where it is now.”

Looking forward to the launch, Amaal Mallik says, “This is a special one since the three of us are all such distinctly different artists in terms of our Music, so I’m super excited for the audience response. It’s an exciting moment for Mirchi’s new journey and I’m glad we could be a part of it.”

Adding to this, Darshan Raval says, “Big ups to Mirchi for getting Raftaar, Amaal and myself together for this one! It was such an amazing experience working with each other and I’m really looking forward to the launch of our song!”

Commenting on the launch, Prashant Panday, MD & CEO, ENIL says, “After making our mark in the FM industry, Mirchi is now revamping itself into an all-encompassing music and entertainment company. As an immensely diverse platform with a plethora of content and offerings, we knew we had to collaborate with artists just as diverse. Raftaar, Amaal and Darshan are extraordinary artists and we’re extremely proud to signal the start of our new journey in association with them.”

‘Har entertainment mein Mirchi’ is a visual representation of the sheer extent of variety in content and entertainment across platforms. The video is cinematically shot to create excitement around the experience of unlimited entertainment, through the vibrancy and energy of the performances and the treatment. The music video highlights Mirchi’s platforms and shows the ease of access one has to the best of entertainment.

After dominating the radio industry for almost two decades, Mirchi has announced its new identity to establish it as India’s no.1 city-centric music and entertainment company. The change in the branding strongly reflects Mirchi’s hyperlocal, multi-format and multi-platform content as well as solutions capabilities that cut across Digital, Live and FM.

New York based Indian Singer-Songwriter Atif Afzal single titled 'Chalti Hai Zindagi'


Singer-songwriter Atif Afzal introduces us to a mellow Hindi track called 'Chalti Hai Zindagi'. This is the first time ever that a song has been Thought, Written, Composed, Produced, Sung and Released in just a week's time.


On a recent cold night in New York while walking in between an unnatural snowfall a few days back, Atif was struck with this beautiful tune he rushed home and wrote and developed it ahead, which turned out to be 'Chalti Hai Zindagi'. This song has the capacity to grow on you as you keep listening to it. This is the beginning of a series of other releases lined up for Atif in 2021.


The song talks about the journey of life and reflects his own naive experiences as a young musician with dreams. The highlight of the song is 'life is in love with me' and it comes from a thought that if you love your life, life would love you back the same way.


Atif Afzal Says, "Every song I compose and sing reflects me. I am never performing the song, I am the song! This song is as simple as it can get, and the reason why I kept it simple is because life should be dealt with the same way. Although I am in the showbiz, I keep my life and lifestyle quite simple. That helps me write songs that are true to myself and the world can relate to"


In today's day and age with the ease of Digital Distribution and Social Media platforms it has become easier for Artist's to put out their work in real time. A good artist can make the best out of it, to reach its audience.


The Song 'Chalti Hai Zindagi' is available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, itunes, Amazon Music, Napster, Pandora and other music distribution platforms.


Atif Afzal's work in India and Abroad includes 'Monsoon Shootout' starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shreyas Talpade starrer 'Baji', Chandan Roy Sanyal starrer 'Prague', CBS Networks 'NCIS : Los Angeles' & 'The Twilight Zone - Season 2' and a BBC Uk Documentary project.

Announcement from D23 for Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios' theatrical titles

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2022) — The Walt Disney Studios continued to fuel the fire ignited at yesterday’s showcase with a jam-packed pr...