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बॉलीवुड में एक और देओल की एंट्री

खानों से भरे इस बॉलीवुड में देओल परिवार हमेशा से ही अपनी दबंगई और ठसक के लिए जाना जाता रहा है .धर्मेन्द्र .सनी,बॉबी और अभय देओल का जादू दशकों से दर्शकों के सर चढ़ कर बोलता रहा है.अब देओल्स की इसी कड़ी में एक और नाम जुड़ने जा रहा है और वो है अर्श देओल का, जो निर्माता प्रेमचंद्र झा की फिल्म बिन फेरे फ्री में तेरे  से बॉलीवुड में अपना आगाज़ करने जा रहे हैं.हरियाणा के करनाल से जुड़े और दोस्तों में दिलदार के नाम से मशहूर अर्श बाकी देओल्स की तरह किसी फ़िल्मी बैकग्राउंड से नहीं हैं बल्कि वो पंजाब के एक किसान परिवार से ताल्लुक रखते हैं.बचपन से की उन्हें धरम पाजी की फ़िल्में देखने का शौक था और यही शौक आगे चला कर उनके लिए प्रेरणा बन गया.धरम पाजी की तरह अर्श भी एक एक्शन हीरो बनना चाहते थे.इसके लिए उन्होने पहले मार्शल आर्ट सीखा और वहां  से ब्लैक बेल्ट बन कर निकले .फिर अक्षय कुमार के गुरु रह चुके गणेश जी से एक्टिंग का ककहरा सीखा.एक स्टेज शो के दौरान निर्माता प्रेमचंद्र झा की नज़र जब  मजबूत कसरती बदन वाले दिलदार पर पडी तो उन्होने उसे अपनी फिल्म के हीरो के तौर पर ब्रेक देने का फैसला किया.इस फिल्म में अर्श ने काफी जोरदार एक्शन सीन्स किया हैं.निर्देशक मनोज शर्मा के मुताबिक़ अर्श एक नेचुरल एक्टर हैं .इस फिल्म में उन्होने गोविन्द नामदेव .यशपाल शर्मा .मुकेश तिवारी,और हिमानी शिवपुरी जैसे मंझे कलाकारों के साथ काम किया है .लेकिन इन सीनियर्स के सामने भी अर्श कहीं से नौसिखिये नज़र नहीं आते.अर्श की तमन्ना अपने आदर्श धरम  पाजी की तरह ही एक एक्शन हीरो के तौर पर पहचाने जाने की है.उम्मीद है की उनकी ये तमन्ना बिन फेरे फ्री में तेरे की रिलीज के बाद पूरी हो जायेगी.

Youngest Pianist AbhayGoyle Pays Special Tribute to Kishore Kumar on his 83rd Birthday

The synonym for versatility, Kishore Kumar was truly alegend. His songs till date are treasured and enjoyed by all and sundry. Abhay Goyle, The youngest Piano Player ofIndia is paying a special tribute to Kishore Da on his 83rdBirthday falling on August 4. The virtuoso pianist Abhay has come up with analbum of Kishore kumar’s songs titled ‘MagicalJourney; Hits of Kishore Kumar’.
Interestingly, Abhay started to learn Piano on Kishore Da’s illustrioussongs under the tutelage of his grandfather Arun Goyle. “I love to play Kishore Kumar’sSongs taught to me by my grandfather and mentor Jaideep Lakhtakia. ‘Pal Pal DilKe Paas’ and ‘Chookar Mere Dil Ko’ are my all time favorite. This album is a tributefrom my side on his 83rd birthday and I hope that you all we appreciate andenjoy his songs presented by me in a special way” Shares Abhay Goyle.
The album which depicts the magical journey of Kishore Da hasall his well known songs in instrumental form. This mark of respect by Abhay Goyleis truly special and beyond doubt he is a true fan of the legend

Saie Tamhankar goes bold playing Bipasha’s role in Marathi remake of NO ENTRY

The Marathi remake of the film NO ENTRY PUDHE DHOKA AAHEY which is releasing soon, definitely packs a punch, much like the Hindi blockbuster did. The bombshell female cast all play the roles of the sexy bollywood actresses from the Hindi version to the tee. Among which is the sexy Saie Tamhankar who effortlessly steps into the shoes of Bipasha Basu and does justice to the character originally played by her. Saie’s role is probably the boldest of roles in the movie, but our Marathi bombshell sells the role with ease, especially when she is seen strutting around in a 2 piece pink bikini. Our gorgeous Saie looks pretty hot coming out of the water in the famous beach scene which captured audience attention in the Hindi version.
This sort of bold character portrayal is something new to be seen in Marathi cinema. Although in recent times, we see that Marathi Cinema is changing with times. It has gotten fresher and different with regards to the storylines and concepts. With this film, Marathi cinema has finally taken the plunge and is venturing into bolder and adventurous roles.
 Saie’s role in NO ENTRY PUDHE DHOKA AAHEY is the boldest role she has done. Apart from this, Saie has also acted in other bollywood movies such as Ghajini, black and white, etc. and Marathi movies like Sanai Chaughade. She also played the role of Ashwini on the hit Marathi serial, Abubandh, which aired on Zee.
When asked about her role in the movie, Saie coyly replies,” It was a great opportunity to play this role which was set to such high standards by Bipasha. It was challenging, but I hope I did the role justice.” Director Ankush Chaudhari had nothing but praises for his cast members. He said,’ It was such a good experience playing Salamanji’s part and also directing this movie. The entire cast was so wonderful and supportive. It felt like we were one big family.”
NO ENTRY PUDHE DHOKA AAHEY is a family entertainer which is the remake of Boney Kapoor’s block buster hit NO ENTRY directed by Anees Bazmee, attempts to lure Marathi film audience back to the cinemas by giving them paisa vasool entertainment. The film was a super hit in Tamil, Telegu & Malyalam languages as well. This extravagant big budgeted film shot at exotic and rich locations in Goa and Mumbai is directed byANKUSH CHAUDHARI and produced by PREMNATH RAJAGOPALAN & NIKHIL SAINI under their banner UNDERGROUND FILMS PVT. LTD.
 Ask Saie about her bold avatar and she says, ‘i think it’s a privilege to try and fit the role essayed by Bipasha Basu. It’s a character that has the audience gasping for more and if I could match upto to even a certain level, I feel I would have achieved my goal. ” And what is difficult for her,” she is quick to retort, “I am an actor first and if my script demands I have no qualms.”

Kangana turns director

Kangana Ranaut has opted for the unconventional yetagain. However, this time it isn't for a role. The actress has crossed over to'the other side' of the camera and has turned director. And no, she hasn't retired from her acting career just yet.
Sources reveal that the actress' directorial debut is a shortfilm, written in collaboration with an Australian writer. The as-yet-untitledshort (in post-production) has been shot in LosAngeleswith an all-American cast and crew and deals with a complex subjectinvolving a dog and a four-year-old boy.
Kangana said that the decision to direct was well thought outand came to light "after meetingHollywood biggies during one of my recent trips to Los Angeles. And things justfell into place."
Kangana wanted to be well prepared and held plenty ofworkshops and also delved a bit into child psychology to help connect with thecharacter of the kid in the film. She reveals, "It took six months ofthorough groundwork. I was advised not to work with kids and animals, but myscript demanded it. Kaden (the boy) is very little. We had to place hiddencameras, play games, and pretend to be aliens and trees in order to get him inthe frame (laughs)! But it was fun, he is adorable. The dog was well-trainedand not difficult to work with".
The actress further added, "We intend to send the filmfor international festivals, but as of now, I am concentrating on finishing theediting and visual effects. That's the only thing on my mind before I leave for Paris for my next acting schedule." When asked, what she loved more —acting or directing — she replies, "This is like asking me to choosebetween apples and oranges... I love them both in a unique way.... But workingwith an international cast and crew was an amazing experience."
Kangana expressed gratitude to her director friends back homewho gave her much-needed support and constantly stayed in touch, encouragingher even as she went about making the short at the beginning of this month.
Currently working on six films with prestigious banners andhaving tight schedules and back-to-back shifts, Kangana concluded, "Well,this has been an experience that I will always cherish."

Interview Sumeet Mittal : producer-d​irector of Shashi Sumeet Mittal Production​s

Sumeet Mittal heads ‘ShashiSumeet Productions Pvt Ltd’. It is one of the leading new age ProductionHouses based in Mumbai. Headed by husband wife duo Sumeet Mittal and Shashi Mittal,currently it has four top running shows like Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus, Punar Vivah on Zee TV, Kairi– Rishta Khatta Meetha on Colours and MainLaxshmi Tere Angaan Ki on Life OK on air. In Conversation with SumeetMittal….
 Q: In the year 2012 you have launched four shows and all the showson various channels have achieved top positions. What is your magic recipe ofsuccess?
Sumeet Mittal: (laughs) Good entertaining story, good productionvalues and maintaining them is what works. Just never take the viewer forgranted. They are intelligent and have a penchant for new age stories.Maintaining the tradition and sensibilities of small towns Indian families, onecan dare to think modern, come up with some steps that challenge the rustedsocial norms. Whether it is Diya Aur Baati Hum or Punar Vivah or Kairi, we havetried to go a little beyond the pre-fixed social norms and succeeded. Even MainLakshmi Tere Angan Ki is not mundane social drama.
Q: Do you have any other new show planned within this year? Westill have five months to go.
Sumeet Mittal : Yes, we are making another show for SonyEntertainment. It’s under production.
Q: What has brought you into television production? Please tell usabout your journey so far?
Sumeet Mittal : Since beginning I and Shashi were involved in scriptwriting. We did a couple of shows and also wrote story for the film EkVivaah Aisa Bhi. So this mediumhas been our profession from the start.
Q: How come you moved into direction?
Sumeet Mittal: I also wanted to get into direction, so I worked aschief Assistant director for that film. I really wanted to learn all that goeson in making of a film. As a writer I could only create a visual in my mind buthow to execute it, can only happen when I actually go on the floor and do it. VivekBahl was in Star and he is really a good friend who has always helped me. I sharedwith him about my interest in direction. He was the one who motivated me andasked me get into it. Again it was Vivek’s idea to get us into productionsaying that it is not difficult. Another person who is a catalyst in making usproducers is Sameer Rao from Star.  
Q: How was the experience with first serial as producer, directorand writer?
Sumeet Mittal: Sajan Ghar jaana hai was our firstshow and the setup was very costly. But I was very particular with my productionvalues and there was no compromise in any of my work. We still carry the sameethics of no compromise of the quality of the show. Shashi Sumeet productionPvt Ltd was thus born.  
Q: Both of you areCreative persons. Are there any creative differences and fights?
Sumeet Mittal: On principle creative people should not think alike.Both should have different thoughts to present maximum options. Shashi and Iare like two different poles and our wits are completely different. That is thereason we got into varieties of ideas. Many times we quarrel, argue anddisagree with each other but at the end of the day we come up with fantasticproduct which my viewers appreciate.  
Q: Is there some special reason that your stories are mostly dedicatedto family subjects?
Sumeet Mittal: We frankly believe that family oriented storieswork the best with Indian audience. In fact all television teams give moreimportance to family drama because Indians are rooted into it. To give agreater dimension, love stories are woven into the concept. I am lookingforward to making a serial around teenagers besides some other differentconcepts.  
Q: Isn’t television all about success? Since you are alreadysuccessful in a particular genre why take chances with new one?
Sumeet Mittal: This is what real challenge is. You should alwaystry your hands at something new to keep the creativity charged. I really amkeen to do a Comedy show. Success will come once you come with a novel andinnovative concept and we are known for it. In Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki the main lead was shown as greedy, a firston television. Our experiment worked.  
Q: With so many serialson floor, how do you do Time Management?
Sumeet Mittal: Time management is not a choice, it is a necessity.Both of us have really distributed our responsibilities. These days Shashi hastaken over all the writing part in her hand and I handle all production hasslesincluding Baniagiri (laughs), execution and direction as well.Touch wood, I am very proud of my production team, without them we can’t work. 
Q: What’s next in thepipeline?
Sumeet Mittal: I am planning to get into movies as well, butslowly and steadily. Let’s see what happens. Will surely do a good homeworkbefore getting into it. 
Q: How do you shortlistyour artist for your serials?
Sumeet Mittal: Audition is really very important but I personallybelieve you can create actor out of anybody. So that’s why I keep observingpeople and many times I have even asked people on roads to come and giveauditions. When the rawness is there you can mold them accordingly. Heroine of SajanGhar jaana hai was an air hostess and I just asked her when I was in herflight.

Global entertainm​ent venture Percept Live all set to unleash mega-enter​tainment

Get ready to enter the laughing zone as “Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal” definitely guarantees laugh out loud moments for the audience. While the movie under the banner of Percept Pictures Company, is scheduled for release on 28th September’12, we also have Emraan Hashmi starrer “RUSH” by Percept Pictures Company all set for a bang on 26th October’12. We will see Emraan play a morally correct investigative journalist with a top news channel ,who plunges into a vortex of violence in a deadly game of cat and mouse engineered by those he has so plainly trusted.
Speaking about the Producers, Percept Pictures Company is a division of Percept Limited, a conglomerate which operates in the Entertainment, Media & Communications domain and has recently announced the launch of global entertainment venture Percept Live which will include all the IPs created and owned by the Percept Group, including IPs in the Live Entertainment, Sports, Celebrity Management, Digital and Media space.
Currently owned by Percept Limited are mega-events of the likes of Sunburn, Fight Nights, Bollywood Live, Lost Music Festival, Fan Football Championship, Champions of the World & Windsong Music Festival.
Sunburn is Asia’s biggest and most desired electronic dance music festival, has completed 5 years and in its 6th year the brand is going truly global with Sunburn already finalized for SL, Singapore, Jakarta & Dubai besides a big domestic calendar, whereas Bollywood Live is the first ever multi-city Bollywood Dance Music Festival. Fight Nights is India’s first ever indoor boxing bouts between leading Indian and International boxers & Lost is a music festival extravaganza featuring International and domestic talent across various live music genres such as Pop, Rock, Dubstep, House, Reggae, Metal and R&B & supposedly going to be  India’s largest Live Music Festival.

Yaami Gautham impresses on the sets ofGauravam

Post the success of the contemporary Vicky Donor,actress Yaami Gautham has beenriding a high wave recently having shot for a bilingual film,Gauravam, downSouth despite not being too well-versed with the language.
Whilethe makers thought it best to shift dates so as to provide Yaami with more timeto gauge the language ,being the thorough professional that she is ,the actressdecided to take it up as a challenge and learn both Tamil and Telugu simultaneouslyas she shot for the film.
Revealsa source “ The fact that Gauravam is bilingual didn’t hinder Yaami’s performanceone bit. Despite not being fluent in any of the South languages ,Yaami decidednot to waste time in going through a proper coaching and instead would sit withthe script and with the team and work on her lines till she got them right. Bythe end of it she was able to deliver the dialogues like a pro and hadimpressed everyone on the sets”
SaysYaami Gautham “Being a North Indian it was quite a challenge to learn Tamil andTelugu but I was really determined to get the basics right. Also I’m gratefulthat the team has been very supportive”

Bipasha goes Bold for Raaz 3

Leave it to Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu to dare to go where very few have –While her recent risqué Raaz 3 poster seems to have raised several eyebrows, the actress who shot for the bold campaign minus a body double unapologetically decided to go all out for the poster that has caught everyone’s attention. 
Insiders reveal that despite having a bold subject, the producers had their reservations about approaching Bipasha for the shoot given its controversial nature and has considered using a body double and later morphing the actress’ face onto the model’s body .However, Bipasha insisted on shooting for it herself ,impressing the entire unit with her professionalism. 
Confirms Bipasha Basu “When I learnt about the concept, I decided to do it. I had no qualms. It’s my movie and I should be shooting for the poster. I understand that it was required to show the film’s theme in the right light. I have always been comfortable in my skin and never been conscious of my body. It was the right decision.”
Additionally audiences won’t have to wait too long as the promo of Vikram Bhatt’s 3D horror film ,presented by Fox Star Studios and produced by Vishesh Films , starring Bipasha Basu,Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta is scheduled to air alongside Jism 2 on August 3rd.

Kangna-Deepika comparisonshound newcomer Bidita Bag!

Having modeled for many successful brands and campaigns, spunk-chickBidita Bag, who is all set to make her Bollywood debut this week with the comedyFrom Sydney With Love, is in a quandary. 
The reason: This Bong beauty is continuously being comparedto more established heroines namely Kangna Ranaut and Deepika Padukone. Infact, she has been getting a lot of film offers that have gone to Kangnaearlier. 
“It’s amusing how some filmmakers have been thinking of meas some kind of replacement to Kangna Ranaut,” she happily giggles. “I’ve beenoffered at least half-a-dozen movies by makers who say I fit the bill for a‘Kangana-type-of-role’ – whatever that means!” 
As if this isn’t enough, some makers tell Bidita, she looks andeven sounds like Deepika Padukone; so much so that if she would dub for Deepika,no one might come to know – another comparison that the debutante has to livewith, at least for now. 
And while the girl takes these links with a pinch of salt, Biditadoes assert that she wishes to “carve a completely original identity” forherself, even if she agrees to a Deepika or Kangna-kind-of-role. Lol. Lookingat her performance in the promos of From Sydney With Love, we do believe thatthe actress is versatile. 
For the record, her movie’s release will clash with noneother than Jism 2; the debut vehicle of international porn sensation SunnyLeone. But Bidita smiles and shrugs it off. “I don’t fear Sunny Leone. Apartfrom my looks and acting capabilities, I have inner beauty,” she remarks withconfidence. 
When compared to the mass appeal Sunny’s cleavage carries,Bidita reacts, “A little bit of concealing is any day more erotic than showingeverything, isn’t it?”

Sambhavna Seth upstages Rakhi Sawant in Tollywood!

In Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant and Sambhavna Seth are bothfirebrands in their own way. But when it comes to the Bengali film industryTollywood, the spice queens are engaged in a new war or sorts. 
Some time ago, Rakhi went to town over performing an itemnumber in an upcoming Bengali film. But as per the latest reports, now spunkySambhavna has gone ahead and done a catchy Bong song in a Tollywood flickcalled Gundairaj. 
What's more! The makers of Sam's movie are planning to beatRakhi's number by releasing their film before the other. Moreover, the girlshave a history of fighting with each other. 
It can be recalled how Rakhi had lambasted Sambhavna duringBigg Boss and even ousted her from the dance show Zara Nachke Dikha; withrumours that she had asked its makers to drop Sam if they wanted Rakhi on theshow. 
Sambhavna was indeed dropped. Nevertheless, she moved on toparticipate in its competing show Dancing Queen and even won it. 
All this makes us wonder, if the makers of Jhalak Dikhhla Jamissed out on this whole Rakhi-Sambhavna war. After all, the babes could havemade perfect competition and brought greater dramatic value to their show thisyear.

Gokuldham society’s female memberto celebrate Rakhi in a very unique style

Whenever Taarak mehta show does something it always does it in avery different way. We know that all sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers wrist,but Taarak Mehta’s Gokuldham ladies are going to tie Rakhi to Mumbai LocalTrains, Fire brigade, Traffic police men, basically to all public services andtransport. After all they are the one who gives us security in real way. And Rakhi is a symbol of promisethat a brother will always take care of his sister, a promise of her security.
“Really! I love this concept because no one has ever thoughtabout this before, as they all are very important for us, actually they always helpsus in our real life, like local train helps all mumbaikars to reach on theirdestination on time, police men helps clearing the traffic jam on road, and evenfire brigade helps everyone the one in trouble. I hope they always help us theway they have for so many years.” Says Disha Vakhani

Indian Idol Gala 5 Synopsis

The fifth gala round saw the legendary Padma Vibhushan Pandit Jasraj join the Top 6 contestants for an Indian classical fusion themed episode. All the judges and contestants touched his feet and took his blessings. He performed a song which had everyone mesmerized. Panditji was seen complementing Ashaji’s necklace. He also offered the judges supari that he always carries and eats.
Vipul Mehta sang Joog Raag and he sang the song “Dil se re”. He was heavily applauded and the audience roared ‘once more’ for his performance. Sunidhi said she was Mantra Mugdh by Vipul’s performance. Also it was Vipul’s Birthday so the Indian Idol crew surprised him by inviting his Grandfather and father to the studio and a cake cutting ceremony was conducted. Vipul thanked the crew for the birthday wishes and he exclaimed that it was the best birthday ever as he met his family and sang in front on Panditji. Vipul’s Grandfather sang a folk song for everyone and presented his grandson with a big birthday card.
Poorvi Koutish performed Raag Dhanashree and sang “Hai Raama Yeh Kya Hua”. Panditji appreciated her singing but suggested that she should practice more of Indian Classical music. AV- of Poorvi’s surprise when her mother visited her. Since Poorvi’s mother has been Proovi’s inspiration, she was asked to sing a song. She sang “Jaaye aap chale jaaye”.
Next on stage was Ritika Raj who performed Raag Ahir Bhairav and sang the song “Albela Sajan Aayo re”. Panditji was amazed at her performance and said that she sang with full feelings and expressions. Ritika was missing her brother since it was the Raksha Bandhan week and was discussing with Mini how she has sent across Rakhi for his brother. She was surprised, when her brother walked onto the stage. They did the entire rakhi ceremony and sang rakhi special song “Bhaiya Mere”. Ritikas brother got her a Ganesh idol as a gift for good omen.
Last but not the least, was Devendra Pal Singh. He performed Raag Yaaman and sang the song “Jaab Deep Jale Aana”. Panditji was ecstatic with Devendra’s performance and gave him a standing ovation along with the audience and all the judges. Hussain and Anu both lifted Devendra for his superb performance. Anu said that the reason Indian Idol is a hit is because it has talent like Devendra in it. He exclaimed that Devendra is an outstanding find of this year’s Indian Idol. Anu, Mini and Hussain along with Devendra did the bhangra.

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Poonam Dhillon, Rati Agnihotri, Kirti Azad at the Launch of 'Investors Clinic' in East Delhi

New Delhi: The People of East Delhi have a newreason to rejoice. Investors Clinic: India’s leading Real Estate consulting companywas launched in east Delhi situated Vikas Marg this sunday. The Inauguralceremony was attended by many well known celebrities. Honey Katyal, One of Yuvraj Singh’s close Friend who is the owner of Investors Clinic was also present at the launch Party. Rati Agnihotri, PoonamDhillon, Upasna Singh and Puneet Isaarwere among the few special guests at the launch. The chief Guestof Honour was former cricketer and now Member of Parliament Kirti Azad. Interestingly, YuvrajSingh is the brand ambassador of Investors Clinic all across the world.

Grandsons ofBollywood’s two renowned Legends will be pitted against each other at the BoxOffice This Friday

Fridays have always been the D-day forBollywood. This Friday something very interesting is going to happen at the boxoffice. Interestingly the grandsons of Bollywood’s two biggest legends will be footingagainst each other for their films.
AdityaSamanta;Grandson of eminent director Shaktisamanta is making his bollywood debut with the film ‘Ye Jo mohabbat Hai’ releasing on August 3. On the other hand Prateek Chakravorty; Grandson of legendoryfilmmaker Pramod Chakravorty is allset for his directorial debut ‘FromSydney with Love’ releasing on the same day.
Interestingly, Aditya Samanta is the leadactor of the film ‘Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai’ and Prateek Chakravorty has written, directedand also acted in his film ‘From Sydney with Love’. From Sydney With Love marks the re launch of PramodFilms, which had earlier produced hits like Jugnu, Tumse Achha Kaun Hai and LoveIn Tokyo.
It will be really interesting to watch howfar these young lads will take their grandfather’s legacy. This Friday is warat the box office.

Announcement from D23 for Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios' theatrical titles

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2022) — The Walt Disney Studios continued to fuel the fire ignited at yesterday’s showcase with a jam-packed pr...