गुरुवार, 29 नवंबर 2012

Rajeev Shukla inaugurates Exquisite Art Exhibition by Namita Mehrotra

Artist Namita Mehrotra presented her art work at an exhibition held at Open Palm Court in India Habitat Center. The exhibition which will last till 3rd November was inaugurated by IPL Chairman Shri Rajeev Shukla.
“Hues of Peace” focused around Buddha and other Religious images along with glimpses of Mughal and Rajasthani miniatures, portraits and other genres. Namita focused on The Divine and Peace images with tranquility. The collection will gave the audience a lot of choice.
The exhibition saw the presence of well known personalities like Shri Rajeev Shukla, scholar and culture expert Arshiya Sethi, Art curator Sujata Soni Bali and Mr. and Mrs. Mehrotra.


Pritish Nandy Communications and Humane Society International, the global partner of The Humane Society of the United States, were hosts at the World Compassion Day on 28th November, a day of sharing the ideals of ahimsa and compassion towards all life, with His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, who shared his thoughts on this platform with a very select audience.
In a world torn apart by conflict and war, an initiative like World Compassion Day (WCD) comes as a breath of fresh air. WCD is an idea based on ahimsa and compassion. It was a day where global icons took the stage and shared their ideologies, values and principles on how to make the Gandhian ideals of ahimsa and compassion relevant to our times.
India is the perfect nation to drive this initiative, given the fact that it has been the crucible of four of the greatest religions of the world - Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism - all committed to the ideals of compassion and ahimsa. This year, WCD will have a special focus on animal welfare and the growing importance of vegetarianism for reasons of both healthcare and to discourage killing of other species.
Speaking about World Compassion Day, The Dalai Lama said, “Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human but also human to other forms of life.”
A supporter of HSI’s efforts to improve animal welfare worldwide, the Dalai Lama has joined HSI in calling for an end to the intensive factory farming practices, including the extreme confinement of egg-laying hens in battery cages. In prior years he called for this change and compassion toward farm animals when he said, “Turning these defenseless animals into egg-producing machines with no consideration for their welfare whatsoever is a degradation of our own humanity. Switching to cage-free eggs would reduce the suffering of these animals.”

Launch of Anurag Kashyap's next directoria​l Venture - 'UGLY'

After the stupendous success of Black Friday, Dev D, and Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2, maverick director Anurag Kashyap, along with producers DAR motion pictures and Phantom Films, announced his 11th directorial venture titled 'UGLY'.
The set up at the venue depicted the ugly part of a city , with stalls ranging from a kite seller, to a pani puri wala, to a goal wala. with the stage being the foot path. The entire feel of the place was of a typical 'galli'.
Date- 28-11-12
Venue- Canvas, Palladium, Phoenix mills, Mumbai.
Guests -Anurag Kashyap, Vivek Rangachari, Shahnaab Alam, Vikas Bahl, Madhu Mantena ,G.V. Prakash, Vikramaditya Motwane.


Multiple Grammy®-winner, entrepreneur and actress Beyoncé will be the focus of an intimate feature-length HBO documentary film debuting Feb. 16, 2013, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. Directed by the superstar, the film is a fusion of video that provides raw, unprecedented access to the private entertainment icon and high-voltage performances. “Everybody knows Beyoncé’s music, but few know Beyoncé the person,” said Lombardo. “Along with electrifying footage of Beyoncé onstage, this unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman.” “HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity,” said Beyoncé. “Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home."
The film is a multi-faceted portrait of the 16-time Grammy Award-winning singer, businesswoman, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother, showing off the extraordinary gifts that have made her a global phenomenon, and stripping away the veneer of stardom. It includes extensive first-person footage, some of it shot by Beyoncé on her laptop, in which she reflects on the realities of celebrity, the refuge she finds onstage and the transcendent joy of becoming a mother last year. The film sheds light on her childhood in Houston, with home movies revealing the close bond she built with her family and charts the challenges Beyoncé felt when she decided to manage her career and build her own company, Parkwood Entertainment. The film also captures the intense physical and emotional demands she goes through in the studio, preparing for live performances, running a business and her family life including her return to the spotlight after the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012. Beyoncé also serves as the film’s executive producer.
International broadcasting details and dates forthcoming.

बुधवार, 28 नवंबर 2012

Special Screening for Superstar Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha of Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi!

The highly anticipated 3D celebration of cinema, life and a rarely seen stunning showcase of India and Indian talent, Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi opened to rave reviews not just by critics but audiences as well with the weekend collections reaffirming the massive appeal of Life Of Pi as it bagged an astounding RS 19.5 Crores (Gross)!!
The who’s who of Bollywood has been enamored by the film and we hear that Superstar Salman Khan and his family along with his 'Dabangg 2' co-star Sonakshi Sinha and Nitesh Rane watched Life Of Pi at a special screening organized by Fox Star Studios yesterday at a Mumbai suburban theatre!
The stars were completely mesmerized by the stunning film, an inside source tells us.
Life Of Pi has gathered the 4th biggest opening weekend of the year, and the 6thhighest of all time. Along with being the 2nd highest opening of all time for Fox Star Studios after ‘Avatar.’ The 3D adventure has also achieved the highest opening for a non-franchise film say the statistics.
Life Of Pi marks a significant addition to the stable of Box Office Biggies from Fox Star Studio’s whose 3D legacy includes Avatar, Titanic 3D, Rise of the Planet Of The Apes and their last record breaking animation Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift.
Oscar winning Ang Lee’s visual masterpiece achieved the laudatory figures despite the simultaneous release of the last installment of a popular vampire franchise and the two Bollywood Biggies released during Diwali continuing their positive pan India collections.
Life of Pi 3D is the visually stunning tale of a boy who is adrift at sea in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger after his family is drowned in a shipwreck. Not only is the film a global platform of Indian talent with its cast and crew (Debutante Suraj Sharma, Tabu and Irrfan Khan), but some of India’s most scenic spots were tapped for the film, a first of its kind for a Hollywood film. Amidst racks of fabulous saris and colorful fabrics, many of which were used for the vibrant market scenes filmed in Pondicherry, India, where Pi spent his early year, there is a rich multicultural depth to the movie. One can see the countryside of Southern India in the hillside town of Munnar along with the French elegance of Pondicherry on 3D!

Bollywood came for cake mixing event at Peninsula Grand,Andheri East

As we mark the 4th Anniversary of the horrifying Terror Attack that took place in Mumbai, Peninsula Grand Hotel along with its guests and staff hold a tribute to all those martyrs and victims who lost their lives today in this gruesome attack. Horrors of terrible visuals, pride in bravery of our men in uniform and deepest thoughts and prayers for lost lives will be remembered and a silent prayer shall be observed for the victims and their families.
Along with this Team Peninsula Grand will also hold a gala cake mixing ceremony in preparation for Christmas revelry.
“Christmas is no fun without the traditional Christmas cake and making this cake is not an easy task. Preparations begin months in advance. The first step towards making the cake is the mixing process, formally called the ‘Cake Mixing Ceremony’” said a jubilant Satish Shetty who was seen playing gracious host to the celebrities. The preparations went on in full swing with massive basins, huge trays filled with fruits – raisins, black currants, candied peels, cherries and tutti frutti weighing 25kgs and of course 18 bottles of ‘spirit of the season’– wine, rum and brandy etc to soak the fruit. The ceremony came to a close with hi-tea for the super energetic guest and staff.Dolly Bindra,Nikita Rawal,Chandi Perera from Srilanka,Aman Trikha singer from new films,Ekta,Aiysha Saagar singer perfromer from Australia,Yogesh Lakhani CMD Bright Outdoor media,Bob La Castra councillor of Gold coast came for the event.Aiysha Saagar and Aman Trikha sang one song from their latest list for media.

Venus Worldwide Entertainment launched the album of The King of Qawalli Altaf RajaFeaturing Karanvir Bohra and Avni Modi.

It was a musical evening as
Venus Worldwide Entertainment launched the album of The king of Qawalli Altaf Raja
Featuring Karanvir Bohra and Avni Modi.
The event witnessed the legend Altaf Raja, beautiful Avni Modi and Champak Jain of Venus Worldwide Entertainment launching the album “Askon Ki Baraat” with great affair.
They further gave interviews to the media regarding their new album and Altaf Raja was super excited about his 2 decades association with Venus Worldwide Entertainment and also his new romantic album “Ashkon Ki Baraat”
Altaf Raja said, “From Tum Toh Thehre Pardesi to Ashkon Ki Baraat main hindustaniyo ke liye gaane likhta hu…and my songs are for everyone. Every song of mine brings out love, compassion, affection. Ashkon Ki Baraat is my love for my fans.”
Champak Jain says, “I have always cherished Altaf’s associations with Venus Worldwide Entertainment and it has been always great for both... I wish like our first album… Ashkon Ki Baraat also make reviews.”

वजन घटाना है तो हॉरर फ़िल्में देखें

ब्रिटेन की वेस्ट मिनिस्टर यूनिवर्सिटी के एक नए अध्ययन यह पता चला है कि हॉरर फ़िल्में देखने से इंसान का वजन काफी कम हो सकता है।यानि अब जिम जाकर घंटों पसीना बहाने की जद्दोजहद करने की जरूरत नही अपनी कैलोरी बर्न करने के लिए। बस आपको देखनी है एक हॉरर फिल्म और आप रह सकते हैं स्लिम. करीब 90 मिनट की अवधि वाली फिल्म देखने से आपको आधा घंटा वॉक का लाभ मिल सकता है यानि आपकी 113 कैलोरी बर्न हो सकती हैं।
अभी हमारे भारत में त्योहारों का मौसम चल रहा है अभी दीवाली आई थी और अभी अगले महीने दिसम्बर में क्रिसमस आने वाला है लोग केक खायेगें और अपना वजन बढ़ायेगें लेकिन जल्दी ही उनके लिए एक ऐसी फिल्म आ रही हैं जिसे देख कर उनका मनोरंजन तो होगा ही साथ में उनकी कैलोरी भी बर्न होगी।
28 दिसम्बर को “2 नाइट्स इन सोल वैली" रिलीज़ होने वाली है जो की एक हॉरर फिल्म है यह हॉरर फिल्म कोई परम्परागत हॉरर फिल्म नही है जिसमें आपको बहुत सारे भूत, खून खराबा या भूतहा महल या कटे फटे चेहरे दिखाई नही देगें। लेखक व निर्देशक हरीश शर्मा की इस फिल्म को देखते समय दर्शक अपनी कुर्सी से जरा भी नही हिलेगें क्योंकि उन्होंने उतराखंड स्थित पिथौरागढ़ की एक सच्ची घटना को भी अपनी इस फिल्म में दिखाया है जो बहुत ही सस्पेंस व रोमांच भरी है. उनका कहना है कि, “मैंने सच्ची व अलौकिक घटना पर एक डरावनी फिल्म बनाने का फैसला किया. मेरी इस फिल्म की सबसे खासियत यह है कि इस फ़िल्म में आपको बदसूरत और भद्दे शक्ल वाले भूत, खून, लड़ाई झगडा कुछ भी देखने को नही मिलेगा लेकिन ऐसा कुछ जरुर देखने को मिलेगा जिसे देखकर आप सभी सिहर उठेगें व अपनी अपनी कुसियों पर बैठे रहने को मजबूर होंगें."
फिल्म "2 नाइट्स इन सोल वैली" को निर्मित किया है चंडीगढ़ के प्रोडक्शन हाउस पिंटा एंड दहल प्रोडक्शन ने . फिल्म के लेखक व निर्देशक हैं हरीश शर्मा, फिल्म की पटकथा लिखी है मीनाक्षी शर्मा और सुमन प्रसाद ने . फिल्म में अभिनय किया है धारावाहिक 'ऑफिस ऑफिस' व फिल्म 'कृश' फेम हेमंत पांडे, ब्रिटिश गायिका और संगीतकार मिली मूनस्टोन, सुमित शर्मा, मॉडल आक्षी खारी, मीनाक्षी आर्य, सुमित शर्मा, चंडीगढ़ के गौरव शाहयशन जिंदल ने . गीत और संगीत तैयार किया है वर्षा ने।
तो आप सब तैयार हो जाए 28 दिसम्बर को यह फिल्म देख कर अपना मनोरंजन करने के साथ - साथ अपनी कैलोरी बर्न के लिए। अभी तक दर्शक गुमनाम,बीस साल बाद रात, वीराना, राज़, द शाइनिंग, एलियन , सॉ और जॉज आदि फ़िल्में देखकर अपनी कैलोरी घटा चुके हैं।

मंगलवार, 27 नवंबर 2012

bindass ropes in Gaurav Chopraa to host Big Switch Season 4

Big Switch, a popular reality show on bindass, is expected to return with its next season early 2013 and rumor is that Gaurav Chopraa, a popular face on television, has been confirmed as the host of Big Switch season 4.
Having starred in a range of fiction and reality shows on Indian television, and being a part of the Hollywood blockbuster Blood diamond, Gaurav is all set to host the all new season of this reality show. The last season of this popular show had seen ace director Rohit Shetty mentoring some rich brats.
While, he has anchored a ‘crime-based’ show in the past; Gaurav Chopraa will be hosting a reality show for the very first time. This, most talked-about, youth reality show is slated to go on air on bindass in January 2013; the concept of which is unknown but is expected to be tougher than its previous season three seasons.

श्रीराम ने भी बलमा को याद किया

नहीं - नहीं हम यहाँ भगवान श्रीराम की बात नहीं कर रहे हैं बल्कि हम तो इंडियन आयडल फेम गायक यह श्रीराम चन्द्र की बात कर रहे हैं जिन्होंने अपनी मधुर आवाज में 'बलमा' गीत गाया है। खिलाड़ी कुमार यानि अक्षय कुमार की आगामी फिल्म 'खिलाड़ी 786' का यह आइटम गीत 'बलमा' आज कल टॉप रेटिंग में चल रहा है . सभी इस गीत को तो पसंद कर ही रहे हैं और साथ में गायक श्रीराम की आवाज़ को भी।
अपने प्रशंसकों की प्रतिक्रिया से अभिभूत हुए इंडियन आइडल विजेता श्री राम कहते हैं, "इस गीत के रिलीज होने के एक घंटे के अंदर ही दुनिया भर से मेरे अपने दोस्तों, रिश्तेदारों और प्रशंसकों के कॉल आने शुरू हो गए थे . मैं बहुत ही आभारी हूँ कि संगीतकार हिमेश रेशमिया ने मुझे यह मौका दिया . "
गायक श्रीराम जिन्होंने हिंदी फिल्मों में अपने पार्श्व गायन की शुरुआत फिल्म 'मेरे ब्रदर की दुल्हन' के गीत " कैसा है इस्क" से की थी। 'बलमा' गीत के बारे में बात करते हुए वो कहते हैं, " एक शो के दौरान हिमेश जी से मुलाकात हुई थी मेरी आवाज सुनने के बाद उन्होंने मुझे बधाई दी और और कहा कि तुम मेरी फिल्म में गीत गाओगे इस तरह मुझे बलमा गीत गाने का मौका मिला।
बलमा गीत तो मेरे लिए जैकपॉट की तरह है क्योंकि इसमें हिमेश , श्रेया और अक्षय कुमार तीनो ही हैं मेरे लिए बहुत ही यादगार अनुभव रहे हैं इस गीत के साथ।"
श्रीराम है फिल्मों में गीत तो गा ही रहे हैं इसके साथ - साथ अभिनय भी कर रहे हैं दक्षिण की फिल्मों में। उनकी दूसरी तेलुगु फिल्म की शूटिंग जल्दी ही शुरू होने वाली है|


The national award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar has been invited by The Cairo International Film Festival to join their International Jury. They will be launching their 35th edition of the film festival starting 27th November to 6th December, 2012. “I am delighted to be a part of the International Jury for the 35th edition of Cairo International Film Festival. I love the theme that they have ‘Positive thinking revolution and freedom’. This is an honour, which I humbly accept,” says Bhandarkar.
This is not the first time Bhandarkar is going to be a part of the film festival. In 2010, a retrospect of Bhandarkar’s five films had taken place. They had screen Chandni Bar, Page 3, Corporate, Traffic Signal and Fashion at the 33rd Cairo International Film Festival. Other esteemed Jury members for the International Film Competition are actor/producer Khaled Abol Naga (Egypt), director Babak Payami (Canada), actress Menna Chalabi (Egypt), actor Fabio Testi (Italy), actress Magdalena Boczarska (Poland), producer Malek El Akkad (USA) and Director of New York Film Festival Richard Pena (USA). The President of the Jury for the International Film Competition is Marco Múller, who is the past has been the director of international film festivals like Rome, Rotterdam, Venice and Locarno.
Bhandarkar has been a known name in the international festival and will be judging the international line-up of films from different parts of the world alongside other jury members.

सोमवार, 26 नवंबर 2012

After superhit debut in Maine Pyaar Kiya, Dabangg 2 to be Salman’s Second Christmas Release!!

Salman Khan to dominate Christmas for the 2nd time in career history
All you crazy Salman Khan Fans out there, we have some interesting and spectacular news for all of you!! Get set as history will repeat itself for Salman Khan this Christmas!!

Well, what we hear is that Dabangg 2 from the Dabangg franchise which is all set for its release this 21stDecember will be the second Christmas film for Salman Bhai!! The 1st being his super hit film Maine Pyar Kiya which was released on 29thDecember in 1989.

Maine Pyar Kiya gave Salman not only a dream debut but also his first blockbuster and after that there was no looking back for him. The film with its dialogues and music had achieved a cult status amongst the youth. With this debut Christmas release Salman Khan became a superstar overnight and now after over two decades of reigning over this industry one can only imagine what a ‘Salman Khan Christmas release’ would be like!
Known to rule over our minds and the Box Office during Eid every year, it seems the megastar has made up his mind to take the industry by storm on every festival! With his outstanding stint in the song Po Po from Son Of Sardaar, Salman has been part of major festivals this year including Diwali as well!
And going by the history of his festival releases it seems Dabangg 2 is gearing up to break all records and set new benchmarks! In fact trade sources are anticipating a box office blitzkrieg this Xmas with Dabangg 2 en route to be Salman’s Biggest hit ever!!
The trailer of Dabangg 2, which broke out recently, has been receiving rave reviews creating a viral frenzy and it only assures that the sequel will be carrying on the legacy on a never seen before scale!!
Well, all we can say with this is that it is surely going to be a Dhamakedar Christmas for everyone this year!!!
An Arbaaz Khan Production’s film, Dabangg 2 stars Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Prakash Raj, Vinod Khannaand Arbaaz Khan.
We’re sure you’ll catch it this December 21st at a theatre near you! Watch this space for more news.

Raju Manwani's daughter Disha's Grand wedding

Raju Manwani and Nimmi Manwani's daughter 's wedding was a lavish affair
The bride Disha and the groom Gaurav suited each other like a perfect couple
Madhur bhandarkar was the first to walk in ,followed by Rajesh Puri ,satish kaushik,raja Bundela ,Pradeep goradia,It was lavish 3 day affair wedding with massive gathering of Over 2000 people ..
Raju Manwani being a perfect host had a humongous meal spread and ensured a memorable wedding
All his lions members also came for the blessings .

रविवार, 25 नवंबर 2012

Aiysha Saagar launched her album Breathless Kisses with live performance at The Hilton Hotel ,Andheri East

Aiysha Saagar who is brand ambassador of Australian Gold coast launched her album Breathless Kisses and punjabi album Mundya te wich with live performance at The Hilton hotel at Andheri East.Bob La Castra who is is councillor of Gold coast and Chairman of Community and cultural development came specially from Australia to release the album.Karan Singh,Music director Santok Singh,DJ Amar,Riyaz Gangji,Reshma Gangji,Roshan Kumar of SRK Music,Bobby Khan,Guru Sharma,Hotelier Satish Shetty,Rahat Kazmi,Zeba Sajid,Furqan Merchant,Tez Sterio Nation,Gurmeet and Debina Chaudhry wer some of the guest who came to wish Aiysha Saagar all the best for her albums.Apoorva and Shilpa Agnihotri were the last to come for the party.The albums are released from Aiysha Music and marketed and distributed by SRK Music.

शनिवार, 24 नवंबर 2012

फिल्म निर्देशक हरीश शर्मा को एन एफ डी सी फिल्म बाज़ार ने अपनी ही फ़िल्में देखने की इज़ाज़त नही दी

जैसा कि हम सभी जानते हैं गोवा में अन्तराष्ट्रीय फिल्म फेस्टिवल चल रहा है और गोवा के मैरियट होटल में फिल्म बाजार भी चल रहा है जिसमें अनेकों फ़िल्में दिखाई जा रही हैं लेकिन यही फिल्म बाज़ार एक फिल्म निर्देशक के साथ कैसा व्यहार करता है जिसकी तीन फ़िल्में इस फिल्म बाज़ार में दिखाई जा रही हैं.
आइये जानते हैं मीडिया सलाहकार से फिल्म निदेशक बने हरीश शर्मा से। उन्होंने बताया कि, " मैं कोलकाता से सीधे गोवा आया फिल्म बाज़ार में क्योंकि मेरी इसमें तीन फ़िल्में दिखाई जा रही हैं लघु फिल्मों की श्रेणी में "आखिरी मुनादी" वृतचित्र श्रेणी में 'सोल्ज़र बीकम्स ए सोल्जर" और फीचर फिल्म की श्रेणी में "2 नाइट्स इन सोल वैली" जो की 28 दिसम्बर को रिलीज़ होने वाली है।
जैसे ही मैं एन ऍफ़ डी सी जहाँ मेरी फिल्मों की स्क्रीनिंग हो रही थी पंहुचा प्रतिकिया जानने के लिए. एक लड़की मुझे वहां मिली मैंने उसे बताया की मेरी तीन फ़िल्में यहाँ दिखाई जा रही हैं उस लड़की ने मुझसे कहा कि क्या आप हरीश शर्मा हैं? यह सुनकर मैं बहुत खुश हुआ की क्या बात है इसे मेरा नाम भी याद है मैंने उससे कहा कि बस मैं एक बार अन्दर जाकर देखना चाहता हूँ कि मेरी फ़िल्में आप कैसे दिखा रहे हैं तो उसने कहा कि अन्दर जाने के लिए आपको पंजीकरण करना पड़ेगा. मैंने कहा ठीक हैं जब मैं पंजीकरण करने के लिए गया तो मुझे वहां तीन सज्जन मुझे मिले उन्होंने मुझे एक फॉर्म भरने और फीस 10 हजार रुपये भरने के लिए कहा यह सुनकर मैं चौंक गया क्योंकि 24 नवंबर आखिरी दिन हैं फिल्म बाज़ार की और सिर्फ एक दिन के लिए इतनी बड़ी रकम भरना कोई बुद्धिमानी की बात नही थी मेरे हिसाब से। मेरे बार बार अनुरोध करने के बावजूद भी उन्होंने मुझे अन्दर जाने नही दिया।
क्या करता ऐसे में मैं? मैंने एन ऍफ़ डी सी का उनके इस व्यवहार के लिए धन्यवाद किया और वहां से चलता बना।


Re: - 149/INDIL/RV/2012

To, November 22, 2012
The Nation News Paper
Mr. Majid Nizami
(Managing Director)
(Nawaiwaqt Group of Newspaper)
Having address at NIPCO House,
4 Shaarey Fatima Jinnah
Lahore, Pakistan
Also at
Phase-V, Defence Housing Society
Karachi, Pakistan
Also at
Nawaiwaqt House, Zero Point
Islamabad, Pakistan
Also at
Nawaiwaqt House, Abdali Road,
Multan, Pakistan
Dear Sir/s,
We are concerned for our client MR. VEERAJ KUMAR VERMA @RAJAN VERMA, having address at 301, 3rd Floor, Building No. 4-A, New Mhada Colony, Lokhandwala, Andheri (West), Mumbai, India- 400 053, upon whose instruction and behalf, we have to serve following notice upon you;
That our client is a law abiding and peace loving citizen of India and is an actor by profession having acted in various feature films which has been proved blockbuster on the box office and some films are going to be released very soon and considering the same, our client is having a very good reputation within the society as well as within the entertainment industry at large, whereas, you no. 1 is a leading newspaper of Pakistan having a very good reputation within the international media and thus in routine course, whatever the news is being published by you, the same is being treated as a most trusted and truthful news not only within Pakistan but also at international level and thus, it is your bounden and mandatory duty to check the authenticity of any news before you publish the same in your news paper. Our client further states that you no. 2 is the Managing Director of you no. 1 and is actively involved into the day to day affaires of you no. 1 and thus, are very much liable and responsible for the acts and deeds done by you no. 2 for and on behalf of you no.1.
That our client in routine course of the business, had produced and acted into a film i.e. Hindi Feature Film titled Ashok Chakra, which was intended to give a tribute to the martyr and victim of the inopportune tragedy of the attack done by the terrorists on 26/11/2008 at our financial capital Mumbai. Our client states that the said film was completed well within time and was released worldwide and was very much appreciated by the people at large. Our client further states that in the said film, our client had played the lead role of Kasab, the only surviving terrorist, who after trail before the Honble Court at Mumbai, was sentenced to death.
You are also aware that the said terrorist Kasab, pursuant to the judgment and order of the Honble Court and pursuant to rejection of his mercy plea by the Honble President of India, the said Terrorist was hanged till death on 21/11/2012 at Yarwada Jail, Maharashtra, India and the said news came to be reflected everywhere in India as well as at International level via print and electronic media. That our client was very much shocked and surprised to go through a news on internet published by you no. 1 through you no. 2 in your news paper in its 21/11/2012 edition wherein the news regarding the judicial hanging of the said terrorist was published however, it was more surprising that instead of Photograph of Kasab, the still photograph of our client (procured from the said film wherein our client is carrying a weapon into his hands) is being published in the said column in your newspaper. Our client states that by the said act, you have made an attempt to pretend as if our client is the real Kasab and terrorist who have killed various innocent people on the said fateful day and also, you have made an illegal and unjustified attempt to declare our client as one of the dreaded International Terrorist.
That due to your aforesaid acts and deeds and willful default, the reputation and dignity of our client has been badly hampered within the society as well as at the international level at large. At the same time, it has also caused security concerned of our client and his family members at any time and place as, after the said news being published, a prudent man will carry an impression that our client is a real culprit of the said attack on Mumbai and mass killing of the innocent people of our country and foreigners.
Further, due to your aforesaid illegal and unjustified acts and deeds and due to publication of the photograph of our client in your news paper which is being published and distributed worldwide, our client shall face various problems in immigration, Visa, security check etc., while his visits to abroad and it is quite natural that he could be refused to provide Visas for the Country like America and in that case, our client shall not only face a tremendous mental and physical torture but also, shall face a huge and irreparable monitory losses as, in routine course of his profession, our client is required to visit outside India most frequently for the purpose of shooting of his films.
That it is quite regretful and surprising that the photograph of Kasab is easily available and specially for the media like you and the photograph of our client cannot be procured that much easily however despite the said fact, the photograph of our client has been affixed instead of Kasab which clearly indicates towards your selfish motive and design best known to you and the said fact itself indicates that the reputation of our client has been intentionally hampered by you at International level.
In the circumstances, our client have instructed us to address you the present notice which we hereby do and call upon you to compensate our client to the tune of Rs. 10,00,00,000/- (INR Ten Crores Only) for the mental and physical trauma and financial losses faced by our client and at the same time, you are also called upon to tender your unconditional written apology in your newspaper in prominent place within one week from the date of receipt of the present notice failing which, our client shall have left with no other option but to initiate necessary Civil and Criminal proceedings against you as per provisions of the Law of the land and in such event, you shall alone be responsible for the entire risk as to cost and consequences thereof, which you may please take note well in advance.
Thanking You
Your’s truly
Neeraj D. Gupta

The Attacks of 26/11 first look launch pics and RGV note

RGV screens the first look of The Attacks of 26/11
Ram Gopal Varma held a simple screening of his latest film, The Attacks of 26/11 for the media and the families of the victims, the survivors and their families and the cops of the incident that shook the nation. The feel of the 15-minute first look was very heavy with the audience getting overwhelmed. While few opined that it took them back to the days they were trying to erase, a pint-sized wonderkid Devika responsible for nailing Kasab was vocal when she felt "that such films are the need of the hour. Kasab's hanging should be made public so that people actually believe he has been hanged. I want it to be a lesson to all terrorists."
Mrs. Salaskar agreed with Devika when she expressed her happiness on The Attacks of 26/11 being made. Ram Gopal Varma was clear in his thought. "I had never intended to make a film at that point when I went there. What could I have possibly seen at that place what the media had not already been showing ever since. I never ever intended to make a film on those attacks when I went to The Taj. Why now? Now after all these years, after the whole truth has been uncovered by the investigators and by the virtue of an extensive knowledge I have gathered from various sources about the actual truths behind those attacks from both authorized and eye witness accounts, I developed a desire to film the actual story of those attacks the attacks began."
A touching screening indeed.
In the context of me launching the first look of my film 'The attacks of 26/11' at Nehru auditorium, the 23rd at 6 pm in spite of it not being relevant to the film by itself, I just wanted to clarify my position on the controversy surrounding
the highly criticized visit of mine to the Taj after the attacks of
26/11... the allegation of my seeming insensitivity
towards the incident came out of a speculation that the late
Vilasraoji facilitated my visit to the Taj, for me to have access
to unseen views, in view of me casting Riteish in a film that I was
planning to do on those attacks. That speculation was completely
baseless because of the following reasons:
1. What could I have possibly seen at that place what the media
had not already been showing ever since the attacks began?
2. If I am accused of wanting to cast Riteish,then my question is
"Would I have cast him as a terrorist or a cop or what ? And this too,
at a time
when no one including the police knew what or who was behind
the attacks".
3. I was a member of a group of nearly 30 people that were only
allowed into restricted areas…
Why else would the investigative agencies allow any of us to
walk into areas where the crime scenes are being investigated?
       The truth of why I went to the Taj at that time was nothing
but my curiosity to witness a scene of an unprecedented happening and
since I just happened to be with close friend Riteish I took the
opportunity …Riteish himself did not know that anybody would read
meanings into this act and his father Vilasraoji did not even know
that I was in the group.
Having said this, I also agree that it is highly understandable that
during those emotional and traumatic moments it is very
natural that various concerned would feel a strong sense of
indignation on such seemingly callous and selfish
behaviour… but like I said and maintained ever since that time, I
never ever intended to make a film on those attacks when I went to the


Now after all these years, after the whole truth has been uncovered by
the investigators and by the virtue of an extensive knowledge I have
gathered from various sources about the actual truths behind those
attacks from both authorized and eye witness accounts, I developed a
desire to film the acutal story of those attacks

Subhash Ghai’s quest to find his 'Kaanchi' takes him to Chandigarh!

Preparations for Subhash Ghai's magnum opus – KAANCHI is in full swing, while stars like Mithun Chakraborty and Rishi Kapoor have been signed for major parts in the film, the hunt for its leading lady is still on. With that respect, Subhash Ghai will be visiting Chandigarh on November 30th, Friday, and not only address the media to reveal his big plans for his next directorial venture, but shall also begin his hunt for a new heroine to play the title role of KAANCHI.
The auditions for the title role of Kaanchi, a young
pahadi girl will be held in Chandigarh at hotel Taj on 1stand 2nd December. Everyone aspiring to be a part of this big project will have to register for the auditions by 30 November 2012 at admukta@gmail.com or call Mr. Juneja on 09888999082.
The opportunity is thrown open for girls, who have never appeared in films before, are between the age group of 18 -22 with fair complexion, slightly stout and have medium height. Other requisites are good eye color, aggressiveness, clear diction, and basic acting and dancing skills.
Known to have launched and groomed 11 stars in Bollywood, including Madhuri, Manisha, Mahima , Katrina , Kareena , Meenakshi Sheshadri and so on, one wonders who will be Subhash Ghai’s next find.
A teaser of KAANCHI released by Mukta arts is available on Youtube and muktaarts.com.

शुक्रवार, 23 नवंबर 2012

Vikram Bhatt’s ASA Productions joins hands with Bhushan Kumar's T-Series for a 5 film deal

Fresh of the success of Raaz 3 and 1920 Evil Returns, director/producer Vikram Bhatt, known to be the Face of Indian Horror, along with ASA Productions recently got into a partnership with T-Series to produce 5 films that promise to push the barriers in the sci-fi ,thriller and horror genre.
While the two powerhouses come together to produce 5 films,2 of them will be directed by Vikram Bhatt himself –an action film set in the science-fiction genre and another down the line,Bhatt’s most ambitious yet, a first-of-its kind where 3D technology will be the least of its novelty for which actress Bipasha Basu has been roped in,details of which are tightly being kept under wraps.
For now the first to go on floors this January,a supernatural thriller , starring Kunal Khemu .Followed by Hate Story 2 a tale of revenge and betrayal directed by Vishal Pandya.Talking about the merger says Bhushan Kumar ,”We are happy to associate with Vikram Bhatt and ASA Productions ,they have an impressive track-record with their films –Not to mention, Vikram is the ultimate in the horror and sci-fi genre …We look forward to doing some great work together”.
Adds producer/director Vikram Bhatt, ASA Productions “"Bhushan Kumar and TSeries understand the value of a new idea and are willing to cross frontiers to make the films of the future. It's rare to find partners who share your belief and vision. We at ASA our lucky to have come together with like minded people."
T-Series Ropes In Mithoon For 3-Film Deal
It's usual for one to see solo artists running after Music labels and coaxing them to release their tracks. However, one usually doesn't see a Music giant chasing a composer to rope him in. The latter seems to have happened with music composer Mithoon. It is learnt that the Music baron Bhushan Kumar has roped Mithoon for a three film deal!
Althought the details of the films are being tightly guarded, one does learn that this may be Mithoon's first to sign up such a deal. Apparently, the composer doesn't play more than a song or two during music sittings. However, when he sat down to discuss the tunes with Bhushan Kumar he ended up sharing 7 songs in one go and the Bhushan loved them all!
Confirming the reports, Bhushan Kumar jubilantly said, " Yes its true that ive signed Mithoon for three of my films.I was thrilled to hear the songs he played me and I didn't want to miss even one of them.I can assure you that each one of them will be immortal."
One can only wait to hear the lovely melodies of Mithoon now.

गुरुवार, 22 नवंबर 2012

Wishing Indian Idol Star Harish Moyal & his better half Meenu many more melodius years ahead…

Singing in his finest tunes & winning hearts of many people through the show Indian Idol Harish Moyal managed to fine tune his married life & celebrated his 10th marriage anniversary last week with great pomp pomp admists all his family members & friends from the industry at a plush banquet in the suburbs.
To wish Harish & Meenu, All his friends from the Indian Idol Family were present. Rahul Vaidya, Prajakta Shukre & Abhijit Sawant were a good company to each other singing.
Mika Singh with his quirkiness entertained audience & wished them a happy married life in his own Style.
Meiyang Chang , Monali Thakur & Naveen Prabhakar were seen bonding & chit chatting.
Manish Goel had wife for his company to wish the couple a married life.
It was a melodious evening when everyone wished Them & sang the ‘We Wish you a happy married life’ in their own andaaz.
Wishing Harish & Meenu many more melodious years ahead!!!

Son of Sardaar to get 300 Plus more screens by this Friday due to Public Demand!!

With a perfectly eclectic mix of action, comedy, drama, romance, catchy music and B-town masala, Son of Sardaar has been established as a true family entertainer. Ajay Devgn’s action-comedy has something for everyone and is wining the hearts of audiences as well as the trade fraternity!!
Now what we hear is that due to the out-standing and overwhelming response which the film Son of Sardaar is getting, the theatre owners have decided to give 300 plus more screens to the movie by this Friday!!
After opening with a mind boggling RS 10.72Cr (Net box office collections) on the very first day and with the total amounting to Rs. 76.35 Crores in 8 days, despite having 500 theaters lesser than competing releases in the same festive period, SOS is reigning the box offices across India post Diwali!!
A source close to the team confirms, “We are really happy with the response that we have got for the film so far and its very humbling to know that people are loving the film. Due to public demand, 300 plus more screens will be allotted to SOS by Friday.”
Says Aditya Chowksey, a leading Film Distributor from Central India,“Just like other parts of India, in my film circuit 'Central India', 'Son of Sardaar' was played in few cinemas who in the recent past have not been able to screen a new Hindi film on Diwali. The film has been a roaring success in all such cinemas, eg. Neelkamal & Kusum, Indore; Ganesh, Pune, Maharashtra. The makers of SOS have not just made money, but also have earned the blessings of all such exhibitors. It is rightly said, prayers go up and blessings come down.”'
Wow!! Well with 300 + more screens, we can only imagine some more amazing collections at the Box Office now!!
This news definitely calls for a party-SOS size!! Son Of Sardaar is a Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Eros International presentation. Son of Sardaar (SOS) produced by Ajay Devgn Ffilms and YRV Infra & Media (P) Ltd Production is directed by Ashwni Dhir.


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बुधवार, 21 नवंबर 2012

सेंसर ने यू/ए से पास किया आमिर खान की तलाश को

आमिर खान की रीमा कागटी निर्देशित थ्रिलर फिल्म तलाश को सेंसर द्वारा पास कर दिया गया है। थ्री इडियट्स  के  तीन साल बाद रीलीज़ होने जा रही आमिर खान की फिल्म तलाश में आमिर खान को थ्री इडियट्स की करीना कपूर के अलावा ग़ुलाम की अपनी नायिका रानी कपूर का भी साथ मिला है। फिल्म में करीना कपूर ने एक कॉल गर्ल और रानी मुखर्जी ने आमिर की पत्नी की भूमिका की है। तलाश में आमिर खान बाज़ी और सरफरोश के बाद तीसरी बार वर्दी में नज़र आएंगे। एक दुर्घटना के पीछे के रहस्य का पर्दाफाश करने में जुटे एक पुलिस अधिकारी की इस कहानी में सिरियल किललिंग है। उम्मीद की जा रही थी कि इसे देखते हुए सेंसर बोर्ड तलाश को ए सर्टिफिकेट देगा। लेकिन सेंसर को ऐसा लगा कि फिल्म में हत्या के दृश्य अनावश्यक हिंसा वाले नहीं है कि कम उम्र के बच्चो के लिए अयोग्य ठहरा दी जाए। इसलिए सेंसर ने तलाश को यू/ए सर्टिफिकेट दे कर पारित कर दिया गया है।
134 मिनट लंबी तलाश 30 नवम्बर को रीलीज़ होगी।

T-Series Ropes In Mithoon For 3-Film Deal

It's usual for one to see solo artists running after Music labels and coaxing them to release their tracks. However, one usually doesn't see a Music giant chasing a composer to rope him in. The latter seems to have happened with music composer Mithoon. It is learnt that the Music baron Bhushan Kumar has roped Mithoon for a three film deal!Althought the details of the films are being tightly guarded, one does learn that this may be Mithoon's first to sign up such a deal. Apparently, the composer doesn't play more than a song or two during music sittings. However, when he sat down to discuss the tunes with Bhushan Kumar he ended up sharing 7 songs in one go and the Bhushan loved them all! Confirming the reports, Bhushan Kumar jubilantly said, " Yes its true that ive signed Mithoon for three of my films.I was thrilled to hear the songs he played me and I didn't want to miss even one of them.I can assure you that each one of them will be immortal."One can only wait to hear the lovely melodies of Mithoon now.


We have seen many Hollywood Zombie films where there’s always a sexy damsel handling the distress of the situation. With director/actor Luke Kenny’s RISE OF THE ZOMBIES, young actress Kirti Kulhari will become the first Indian actress to be a part of the so-called tradition. Kirti plays the role of Luke’s girlfriend, Vinny in the film. “It is a very damsel in distress situation when your boyfriend turns into a zombie. But in the case of this film, I like the way Luke has kept my character. She has her head on her shoulder and tries to understand the situation as opposed to run helter-skelter with skimpy clothes on,” says Kirti.
Known for a power-packed-performance in Bejoy Nambiar’s Shaitan, Kirti chose to do this film out of the sheer exquisiteness of the theme. “While we have seen a lot of Hollywood Zombie films, no one had attempted the same in India. So I really liked the fact that Luke wanted to do something different. And secondly, he is thorough with his knowledge, which is a positive for the film. I don’t become a zombie in the film. I didn’t want to be, but I wanted to be a part of this film and I am glad with how the film has shaped up,” she shares.
Rise Of The Zombies is one of the three Indian zombie films. Others being Go Goa Gone and Rock The Shaadi, ROTZ will be the first to release on February 1st, 2013. “I am the zombie’s girlfriend, sounds cool right!” quips Kirti. It is definitely a first of its kind girl!

Announcement from D23 for Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios' theatrical titles

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2022) — The Walt Disney Studios continued to fuel the fire ignited at yesterday’s showcase with a jam-packed pr...