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Is Shahid Kapoor role's in Rangoon inspired by Leonardo Di Caprio's in The Revenant?

Shahid Kapoor who is all set to deliver another applaud worthy performance , going by the grapevine , is all set to sweep awards for Rangoon.The few who have watched Vishal Bharadwaj's Rangoon, can't help but draw comparisons to Shahid Kapoor in the film and Leonardo Di Caprio in The Revenant, a role that finally went on to win him an Oscar.Ironically, Shahid's look from the period drama in certain scenes also bear an uncanny resemblance to Leonardo Di Caprio's look from the multi-Oscar nominated film.In both the pictures, Shahid and Leo are both seen bruised and covered in mud with the backdrop of the heavy forest.Says a source, "The few who have watched Rangoon claim this to be Shahid Kapoor's finest . While Vishal has kept most of Shahid's character in the film under wraps , he is a surprise package in the film and will completely floor audiences with his performance. A lot of people have also been drawing comparisons to Shahid's scenes and those of Leonardo Di caprio's from The Revenant ,namely the portions that have been shot in the forest and during the battle scenes".

तापसी ने रद्द किया कार्यक्रम क्योंकि इसे एक फेयरनेस क्रीम ने आयोजित किया था

फिल्म अभिनेत्री तापसी पन्नू इन दिनों सातवें आसमान पर हैं। हालिया रिलीज फिल्म पिंकके लिए उन्हें मिली भारी सफलता और सराहना के बाद अब सुनने में आ रहा है कि इस साल वह अपनी झोली में पड़ी 6 फिल्मों की रिलीज के साथ बड़ा धमाका करने जा रही हैं। यह अभिनेत्री न सिर्फ फिल्मों के सही चुनाव को लेकर बेहद सतर्क है बल्कि सही कार्यक्रमों का चुनाव करते वक्त भी वह कोई ढील नहीं बरतती। सूत्रों के मुताबिक तापसी ने जयपुर में मार्च, 2017 के दौरान होने जा रहे एक कार्यक्रम का हिस्सा बनने से इंकार कर दिया है। ख़बर है कि इस कार्यक्रम में शिरकत करना उन्होंने इसलिए गवारा नहीं किया क्यों कि इसे एक फेयरनेस क्रीम ने आयोजित किया था। इस बारे में ख़ुद तापसी का कहना है- मानती हूं कि यह आख़िरी क्षण का निर्णय था लेकिन जब मुझे पता चला कि कार्यक्रम के दौरान मुझे एक फेयरनेस ब्रांड के साथ कुछ पोज देने हैं तो मैंने फैसला कर लिया कि मैं इसका हिस्सा नहीं बनूंगी। दरअसल अपने गोरेपन की वजह से मुझे कई फिल्मों से हाथ धोना पड़ा है इसलिए मैंने तय किया है कि मैं गोरेपन को किसी भी सूरत में  बढ़ावा नहीं दूंगी।” तापसी इन फेयरनेस ब्रांडों के प्रचार-प्रसार को बढ़ावा देने के हमेशा ख़िलाफ रही हैं। उन्हें लगता है कि इन प्रकल्पों का हिस्सा बनना नस्लवाद को बढ़ावा देने के समान है। वह सदा यह मानती आई हैं कि सांवले अथवा गहरे रंग के लोग ख़ूबसूरत होते हैं। दूसरे बॉलीवुड अभिनेताओं की तरह तापसी भी उस जमात में शामिल हो गई हैं, जो फेयरनेस उत्पादों से जुड़े कार्यक्रमों का हिस्सा बनने से साफ इंकार करते आए हैं।

Tabu joins the Golmaal family

Tabu, who is known for her remarkable performances in films like Maqbool, Chandni bar and Haider has played every character with the core essence of the character in mind. She is the newest addition to Rohit Shetty’s upcoming installment of his hit franchise- Golmaal and admits that comedy is one of her favourite genres. Well, we cannot wait to see her in Golmaal Again! Golmaal again is directed by Rohit Shetty and stars Ajay Devgn, Parineeti Chopra, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor, Kunal Khemu and Shreyas Talpade.

Film critic-author Bhawana Somaaya honoured with Padma Shri

Renowned film critic-author Bhawana Somaaya was recently conferred with the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award, for her contribution in the field of Literature and Education – Journalism.
For over three decades, Bhawana Somaaya has been a film critic and has contributed columns to various publications like the Pioneer, Sunday Observer, The Hindu and the Hindustan Times.
She is the former editor of Screen and has authored thirteen books, including the biographies of Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan. She served on the advisory panel of the Censor Board of Film Certificate for two terms between 1992 and 2012. Somaaya is currently the Entertainment Editor with radio channel 92.7 BIG FM and her show Once Upon a Time in Bollywood on Sunday morning is very popular. She was the anchor of the TV show Cinema Review on Zee Cinema and over the years has been on several national and international film juries.
Bhawana Somaaya says, “I feel privileged to be chosen for the honour and attribute it to the blessings of my parents. It has been a long journey from a reporter to an editor, columnist to critic and an author.”
“Over the three decades, I have seen cinema blossom, trends change, superstars rise and fall and journalism expand to TV radio and web. It was fascinating then. It is fascinating now,” she adds.
Her book – Once Upon A Time In India – A Century of Indian Cinema was recently launched by megastar Amitabh Bachchan.​​

Making off - A Jolly Good Cast

Anarkali of Arrah' to release on March 24, 2017

Promodome Motion Pictures' Anarkali of Arrah featuring Swara Bhaskar in a never-seen-before role is set to release on 24th March, 2017. 
Produced by Priya and Sandiip Kapur, written and directed by Avinash Das, Anarkali of Arrah revolves around an erotic singer (played by Swara Bhaskar) from Arrah in Bihar, who sings double meaning songs. She is the star performer of her troupe and is ambitious and confident of her success. Until a fateful day when Anaarkali has a confrontation with a very powerful man of the region. What follows is a series of events that escalates the conflict between the two and the world around her turns increasingly vicious and misogynist. And then, she fights back. 
Swara Bhaskar says,"Anaarkali of Aarah is a very special film for me. Not just because its a relevant and topical film on an important issue but because i have never been as closely associated with the pre production and making of any film as i have been with Anaarkali. Even when Avinash ji had simply narrated the idea to me i was sold. I have read every single draft he has written and i feel like i grew into the script with the script. Ive never worked so hard on any film as i have on Anaarkali, i injured myself, fell sick, had a breakdown everything while filming and yet strangely i never lost faith in this project . I think we have made a very courageous film that deserves to be widely seen."
Producer Sandiip Kapur says, "I have always been a firm believer in the power of the story because content is paramount and it sells. Thus, when this
story came to me I was excited and I also realized that this will require extensive ground work and research. Swara traveled to UP, Bihar, Himachal and we did workshops with the entire team starting from Avinash Das to Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Tripathy and others. I am proud of my entire team for the final product that they have put out and we believe that we have created content that people should love."
Director Avinash Das says, "When YouTube was just launched, I heard one sensuous and erotic number sung by Tarabano Faizabadi. She had no expression on her face and that's how the idea of Anarkali of Arrah developed in my mind. We have witnessed several incidents related to street singers in India in the last six to seven years, which made me feel I was on the right track. Anarkali is a strong, independent woman who fights her own battle with grace. I'm thankful to producer Sandiip Kapur and Promodome Motion Pictures for their fifth and trust in me."
Produced by Priya and Sandiip Kapur and written and directed by Avinash Das under the banner Promodome Motion Pictures, Anarkali of Arrah featuring Swara Bhaskar, Sanjai Mishra, Pankaj Tripathy and Ishhtiaq Khan is scheduled to release on 24th March, 2017.


~As The film premieres on 5th February on Star Movies, here is a look at how the wondrous sets of Star Wars: The Force Awakens~ 
Ask anyone to name their favorite Star Wars set and chances are they will say the Millennium Falcon. 
“The Millennium Falcon is as much a returning character in the film as the people,” states J.J. Abrams. “There’s a very weird feeling about going back to something you know so well. It’s like saying, ‘I’m going to open this magic door and behind it is your bedroom at nine years old.’ You can walk into that bedroom and you can feel it, smell it and open the drawers in your desk and find the things you had. What would be in your desk? What would be under your bed? The feeling is that it’s yours and you know it. It must look like what you remember.”Abrams knew that the set would be scrutinized by every fan across the globe, and so it fell to art director Mark Harris and assistant art director Lydia Fry to examine every last photo and second of film footage in order to get it right. As luck would have it, Mark Harris had worked on The Empire Strikes Back and spent many weeks researching this classic craft and how it had changed and developed from A New Hope through to Jedi.
“What was interesting,” explains Fry, “is that when we studied the Falcon in the three original films, there were anomalies, such as the cockpit expanding in the second film, which clearly meant they had changed things as they went along. Maybe a door was moved or elements lost, and if they found something interesting they put it in. And thus we’ve recreated the Falcon exactly, but aged it 30 years and added different little elements that would reflect its various owners. For instance Rick and J.J. wanted more texture, which we’ve added. In A New Hope you see Artoo putting out a fire on an exposed panel where there are cables, so we added dirt and smoke going up the wall there as if it were still damaged. We’ve also added the training remote that Luke used for his Force training and his helmet. These are nice quirks for the fans.”As actor Adam Driver so perfectly puts it, “It’s pretty hard not to geek out when you walk onto the set of the Millennium Falcon.” 
Following in the footsteps of the iconic Death Star is no mean feat, but director Abrams had big ideas for Starkiller Base, home of the First Order. 
“J.J. described the Starkiller Base as a hacked planet,” explains co-production designer Darren Gilford. “The Death Star was such a simplistic and beautiful design. If you just drew a circle with a dish on it and the equator line you’d know it was the Death Star. And the simplicity of design is the beauty of Star Wars. If you look at an X-wing you can see it has an X-wing. The TIE fighter is an H shape. That was the challenge of Starkiller Base; we wanted it to be as simple a design as the Death Star, so it was a quick read.” In addition to Starkiller Base, much of the action involving the First Order takes place on one of several Star Destroyers that were born out of the designs of the original Empire. The Star Destroyer hangar, an enormous set standing at 126-feet high, involved 50 drawings and took 10 months to design and build. This set includes a vast docking station for the TIE fighters that mimics a candy dispenser in that the fighters would literally pop out one by one ready to attack their enemies.Several elements from both the Starkiller Base and Star Destroyer were built at Pinewood, including corridors, the Starkiller Base Control Room and the Torture Chamber, featuring a fully operational chair made by props and 3D-printing expert James Enright and his team.
Maz’s castle is an ancient building nestled deep within a forest. It is home not only to the ancient, pint-sized alien Maz but the myriad of smugglers, small-time crooks, gamblers and societal rejects whom she takes under her wing.Both the interior and the exterior of the set were built at Pinewood. The exterior was built and then redressed as if destroyed when the castle comes under attack. This alone took two and a half months and 200 poly blocks, which were sculpted, painted, covered in dust and arranged like debris.
The interior of Maz’s castle might be familiar to many die-hard fans. As Darren Gilford explains, “The full interior was a blast as we gave it a traditional castle vibe, quite brutal, and then came back in with our Star Wars vernacular. We studied a lot of Ralph McQuarrie’s work, and you can see it in our design with the arches and the pit in the middle of the room. I’m proud that it is a Ralph McQuarrie–inspired set.”Because the castle is so old, real furniture needed to look like it was passed through time and suggest that people brought things to the castle from wherever they had been over the years. To complete the look, the set decorators used many different and unique pieces, like pilot and jump seats from ships, screens that are reproductions of 15th-century Spanish screens and spice jars from India. The long table on the set was made at the studio as was an enormous chair that the bouncer sits on. 
The Resistance base is in stark contrast to the angular, manmade and cold world inhabited by the First Order. The Resistance underground base is organic, born out of necessity and inhabited by the underdog.“The Resistance base was one of the first sets on which we all agreed on the design,” says director J.J. Abrams. “The idea of the roots was something I loved so much; it reminded me of The Empire Strikes Back and the base on Hoth, which was like an encampment, a bunker in the snow. And so the idea was to try to keep this bunker alive, but instead of snow we had vines and roots intertwined with cables. This is a makeshift base—scrappier, organic, and more relatable than the architectural, linear, very cold way of the First Order.”Co-production designer Gilford says that the base “was always going to be subterranean, but we wanted a ruined temple, reclaimed by the Resistance. We didn’t want them to feel that they had too much room, like they were living too comfortably; they’re meant to be underdogs. But we were able to build a long hallway, a 260-foot linear run to shoot through the set, which gave a great sense of depth. Then the greens team hung these incredible vines. We wanted a crazy root system that we intertwined with cables as if it’s coming out through the walls.”
For many Star Wars fans, the village of Jakku will have a sense of familiarity, taking them back to the planet of Tatooine where we first met Luke Skywalker all those years ago. But whereas all other desert filming in The Force Awakens took place on location in Abu Dhabi and the dunes located south in the Empty Quarter, the filmmakers chose to build the village of Jakku back on the lot at Pinewood Studios. Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould explains why. “The village set was very different to Abu Dhabi because it is night and it involves stormtroopers with flame throwers literally going through the village and setting everything alight. So there were very practical and also safety reasons why we chose to build the set back at Pinewood. We literally ran pipes throughout the village and set everything alight using two liquid propane tankers.” 

As we continue to delve into this imaginative world, Star Movies will be celebrating the newest film with the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at 1pm and 9pm on Star Movies, Star Movies HD and Star Movies Select HD on 5th February!


Sonu Sood and Amyra Dastur promoted their upcoming action adventure film 'Kung Fu Yoga' in Spice Cinemas, Noida.
The duo told about their experiences and adventures during the shoot of the film. The film is an Indo-Chinese collaboration, where Jackie Chan is playing a renowned professor of archaeologist.
Sonu Sood when asked about the title of the film said "When you think of Kung Fu the first thing that comes to your mind is China and India is famous for Yoga. So there can't be a better title than Kung Fu Yoga."
Amyra Dastur who made her Bollywood Debut with Issaq in 2013 feels pretty excited for this film where she did a lot of stunts by herself and said 'India and China are so much similar when it come to their culture. Only the fact that there are many vegetarians in India than in China. You have to actually search for the vegetarian food in China and I being a vegetarian had to face a little problem with the food there"
She further said "Jackie Chan is like a 13 year old boy on sets who enjoys while working. He is so calm and patient. He often helped us during the shoots but I am proud that I am able to do all of the stunts by myself"

Directed by Stanley Tong, the film will be released on 3rd February 2017.

Sony MAX 2 Highlights and Listings- 1st- 10th February, 2017

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Coffee with D Team at the Indian Movie Channel Season 2

Coffee with D stars Anjana Sukhani and writer-director Vishal Mishra   recently graced the TIMC Show with an up teem energy. Coming up with the concept of portraying DON in a different style, going on a different tangent to make a film Bollywood has not yet seen, the Coffee with D team reveals the fun, humor, hard work put into making of the film on TIMC show. The show is not short on entertainment as Anjana Sukhanai reveals some secrets of her co actors and how they discovered and researched about the characters and lived them in the film. 
Witness the enthusiasm of Coffee with D team on all new season of TIMC Show; it is definitely worth the watch. Keeping up the silver lining and the ongoing trailer of next of next episode the TIMC is now becoming more fun owning and better with its each episode .
Watch all the interesting conversation of Coffee with D team only on TIMC show - http://www.theindianmoviechannel.com/  
About The Indian Movie Channel:

Hitting the floors in 2015, The Indian Movie Channel is an online podium that brings together all the Bollywood scoops, videos, trailers, latest news, movies and events at one place for the users. Founded by Shiv Relan, a young entrepreneur, the sole goal of The Indian Movie Channel is to keep the viewers updated with their unique TIMC show where the anchors discuss about Bollywood in out of the box fashion. Viewers can even procure most authentic content and high quality images on The Indian Movie Channel.

ब्यूटी एंड द बीस्ट का आखिरी ट्रेलर हुआ लांच

रोमांटिक, म्यूजिकल फंतासी फिल्म ब्यूटी एंड द बीस्ट डिज्नी की १९९१ में रिलीज़ एनिमेटेड फिल्म का लाइव एक्शन रूपांतरण है।  एक राक्षस जैसे चेहरे वाले राजकुमार बीस्ट और खूबसूरत राजकुमारी बेले की रोमांस से भरी फंतासी कहानी है।  बिल कॉन्डोन निर्देशित इस फिल्म में राजकुमारी बेले का किरदार एमा वाटसन और बीस्ट का किरदार डान स्टीवेंस कर रहे हैं।  ल्यूक एवन्स, केविन क्लीन और जोश गॉड अभिनीत इस फिल्म को स्टीफेन चबोस्की और इवान स्पिलिओटोपौलस की पटकथा पर बनी इस फिल्म का संगीत एलन मेंकेन ने दिया है।  एलन मेंकेन को आठ ऑस्कर, ७ गोल्डन ग्लोब और ११ ग्रैमी अवार्ड्स मिल चुके हैं।  ब्यूटी एंड द बीस्ट १७ मार्च को रिलीज़ हो रही है।    

Amazon announces alliance with Cinestaan Film Company

~ Amazon Prime Video will be the exclusive home for Dev Bhoomi, A Death in the Gunj and The Hungry post theatrical release ~
~ Amazon Prime offers unlimited free fast delivery on India’s largest selection of products, early access to top deals and unlimited streaming of latest and exclusive movies and TV shows ~
Amazon today announced a long-term alliance with C International Sales, a subsidiary of CinestaanFilm Company, that will make Amazon Prime Video India the exclusive home for two of Toronto International Film Festival’s official selection of Indian films titled, Dev Bhoomi (selected for TIFF 2016, Hof International Film Festival), A Death in the Gunj (Directed by Konkona Sen Sharma, selected for TIFF 2016 and Busan International Film Festival).  In addition, Amazon Prime Video will exclusively stream The Hungry, an international co-production between Cinestaan Film Company and Film London.
Speaking on the occasion, Rohit Khattar, Chairman Cinestaan Group said, “In our quest to champion Independent Indian films, we have been trying to figure out various ways to effectively distribute films which face the usual conundrum of high P&A and other costs. Amazon Prime Video has presented a much needed option and we are delighted that they have seen such merit in three of the titles that C International Sales represented and we are thrilled that within 6 months, our superb team has made C International the ‘go to’ sales agency for Indian filmmakers”
"At Amazon Prime Video India, our goal is to partner with the top content creators in India and worldwide to build the largest selection of latest and exclusive movies and TV shows for our customers.” said Nitesh Kripalani, Director and Country Head, Amazon Prime Video India. “Our alliance with Cinestaanis to build our selection of features from India’s evolving independent filmmakers.  This realistic style of filmmaking from a new exciting breed of filmmakers, creates room for experimentation in content as well as form. Death in The Gunj, The Hungry and Dev Bhoomiare the firsttitles in our Indian offering in this exciting new genre - independent cinema.”
Devi Bhoomiis directed by international award winning director Goran Paskaljevic and narrates the story of Rahul who returns to his old Himalayan village carrying a heavy secret. His arrival is not welcomed by the locals and again he must face the isolated world of old prejudices in which women have no right to choose their own destiny.
Directorial debut feature, written and directed by Konkona Sen Sharma, Death in the Gunj is set in 1979 starts as an uneventful family holiday which takes a dangerous twist when the guests play with the spirits. 
Revenge thriller, The Hungry, a contemporary retelling of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus brings together filmmaking talent from Cinestaan Film Company and Film London.  The film stars Naseeruddin Shah, Tisca Chopra, Neeraj Kabi, Suraj Sharma and Sayani Gupta.  
To watch these acclaimed films and other new release Bollywood and Hollywood movies, US TV shows, kids’ programming and Amazon Originals, please visit www.PrimeVideo.com or download the Amazon Prime Video app today and sign-up for a 30-day fre e trial of Prime membership. 
Amazon Prime already offers unlimited free One-day and Two-day delivery to over 100 cities on eligible items from India’s largest selection of products, 30 minutes early access for members on top deals and more benefits for an unparalleled shopping experience. Customers who are not already Prime members can learn more about the program at www.amazon.in/prime 
About Amazon.in
The Amazon.in marketplace is operated by Amazon Seller Services Private Ltd, an affiliate of Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN). Amazon.in seeks to build the most customer-centric online destination for customers to find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online by giving them more of what they want – vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience; and provide sellers with a world-class e-commerce platform
About Amazon
Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon. For more information, visit www.amazon.com/about.
About C International Sales
C International Sales is a UK based global company specialising in the sales and distribution of extraordinary films with an Indian connect. Overseen by sales veteran Marina Fuentes, C International Sales champions both Indian and International films seeking global audiences. With offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and London, the sales team have many man years of experience premiering and launching films at all the major festivals and markets, executing successful award campaigns, brokering multi territory theatrical, TV, satellite and digital deals in order to achieve the very best price and profile to enable each film to shine. C International Sales (CIS) have the capacity to board a project in its infancy and ensure the film is monetized at each stage of the film’s life.
About Cinestaan Film Company
Cinestaan Film Company (CFC), is a boutique Film Studio committed to championing stories that resonate with both Indian and global audiences. By building a formidable international brand for Indian filmmakers, CFC strives to nurture and continue India’s rich cinematic legacy, supporting both national and international cinemas. Its next production is the Saif Ali Khan starrer "Kaalakaandi" written and directed by ‘Delhi Belly’ writer Akshat Verma. A 50-50 Co-production with IFC and a 50-50 Co-production with Film London, ‘The Hungry’, shall follow next. 

Cinestaan Film Company has recently announced a joint venture with AA films (India’s leading Distributor) to create an overseas film distribution company Cinestaan AA Distributors, with Rohit Khattar as Chairman and Anil Thadani as MD & CEO. 

शामक दावर ने दी विक्रम फड़नीस को 'नटराज' मूर्ति

अपने तीन दशक के शानदार करीयर में पहली बार कोरियोग्राफर-गायक शामक दावर एक मराठी फिल्म के लिए कोरीओग्राफी करते हुए नजर आनेवाले हैं। फैशन डिजाइनर से निर्देशक बने विक्रम फडनीस की पहली फिल्म हृदयांतर के एक गीत की कोरीओग्राफी शामक डावर ने की हैं। इस बारे में विक्रम फडनीस बताते हैं, “मेरे लिए यह सम्मान की बात हैं कि शामक दावर मेरे फिल्म में एक गाने की कोरीओग्राफी कर रहें हैं। मैं उन्हे पिछले २५ सालों से जानता हूँ। हमारे इतने सालों के मजबूत रिश्ते की वजह से शामक इस फिल्म का हिस्सा होने के लिए तैयार हो गयें। वह फिल्म में खुद की ही भुमिका निभातें हुए नजर आयेंगें। हमने हाल ही में उनके द्वारा कोरीओग्राफ किया हुआ गाना पिक्चराइज किया हैं। यह कॉन्सर्ट गाना बखुबी से उभर कर आया हैं।" शामक दावर और विक्रम फडनीस का आपस में अच्छा तालमेल हैं। विक्रम की डेब्यु फिल्म के लिए कोरीओग्राफी करते वक्त की खुशी महसूस करतें हुए शामक बतातें हैं, “जब विक्रम ने मुझे फिल्म के लिए पूछा तो मैंनें तुरंत फिल्म के लिए हाँ कर दी। मेरे तीस साल के करीयर में मैंने एक भी मराठी फिल्म के लिए कोरीओग्राफ नही की हैं। मैं हमेशा से ही बॉलीवूड के साथ जुडा हुआ हूँ। विक्रम मेरा काफी अच्छा दोस्त हैं। और सिर्फ उसी के लिए मैंने यह चुनौती स्वीकार की। कोरीओग्राफर को विक्रम अपने तरीके से गाने का निर्देशन करने की पूरी छुट देतें हैं। जिसकी वजह से एक कलाकार को अपनी कला दिखाने का अवसर मिलता हैं।“ विक्रम फड़नीस प्रोडक्शन्स और यंग बेरी एन्टरटेन्मेंट द्वारा बनाई जा रहीं फिल्म हृदयांतर एक भावनात्मक फिल्म हैं। जिसमें मुक्ता और सुबोध भावे मुख्य भुमिका निभा रहें हैं। गीत की शूटिंग के लिए सेट पर डावर ने विक्रम को नटराज की मूर्ति भेंट की।  विक्रम कहते हैं, "नटराज की मूर्ति पा कर  मैं काफी खुश हो गया। एक कलाकार के लिए नटराज की मुर्ती काफी अहमियत रखती हैं। उनका यह यादगार तोहफा मेरे लिए प्यार और पवित्रता का प्रतीक हैं।

Star Wars Force Awakens Fun Facts- Behind the scenes

~Here is a look at some of the Behind The Scenes trivia on Star Wars: The Force Awakens~
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a film that has been a long time coming. The Episode VIII of the famous Star Wars series became the highest earning movie of all time and applauded for its visionary storyline and its tribute to the past six film of the saga as well. Making a Star Wars film is no easy task- From the creatures to the stunts to the costumes, the JJ Abrams directed film clearly was a result of hundreds of hours in production that brought it to light. As Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres on Star Movies on 5th February at 1pm and 9pm for the first time, here is a look at some interesting facts about the movie.
The character Finn, played by John Boyega, wears a leather jacket through much of the film. The costume department made 10 copies of the jacket, which had to be aged and distressed as Finn went on his adventurous journey. Red patches of acrylic paint were painted on the jacket and then wiped back so they became ingrained in the leather to give it more depth and character. Then the jacket was sent through several washes and oils were added and wiped off. A solution of permanent “dust” was applied to top it off.
For the Stormtroopers, the filmmakers made 80 stormtrooper, 20 snowtrooper and five flame trooper costumes.
At its peak, the costume department boasted a team of 110 people, all working tirelessly on the creation of everything from the stormtrooper costumes, to the First Order officers, through to the villagers and up to 700 extras.
The filmmakers used some of the 501st Legion for stormtroopers. The 501st Legion is a fan costuming organization that spans the entire United States and 59 other countries. The 501st can often be found at promotional events for almost anything related to Star Wars and frequently put their “fame” to use at numerous charity events throughout the year.
Recreating Chewbacca was a challenge since the creator of the remarkable creature, Stuart Freeborn, passed away just a few short months before production began and much of his knowledge died with him.  Creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan and his team spent hours scouring the Lucasfilm archives and watching footage in order to faithfully recreate every stitch and every hair.
The lightsabers were specifically designed to actually light up in The Force Awakens and not rely on animation. The designers came up with two lightsabers: one is the hero saber and one a stunt saber.  Both are a practical light source. The stunt version has 3000 LEDs and the hero version has about 9000 LEDs
Shooting on location in the Abu Dhabi desert was a challenge. The logistics of physically getting the sets, props, costumes and the crew themselves out to Abu Dhabi was one of the biggest undertakings of the film.  Most of the sets were built in the U.K. and then spent eight weeks being shipped by freight out to Abu Dhabi, with the props and set dressing elements alone filling 17 40-foot
shipping containers. It took a further 12 weeks to erect the sets by the construction crew, comprised of workers from Mumbai and locals from Abu Dhabi. There were 14 specialists from the Star Wars art and construction department in the U.K. sent out to oversee the process.  

Don’t miss the chance to watch ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ on 5th February at 1pm and 9pm only on Star Movies.

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