सोमवार, 31 मई 2021



K-pop’s 4th generation ‘It’ boys TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) have finally released their long-awaited second studio album on May 31.



The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE begin’s the Chaos Chapter, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s second album series, following their previous Dream Chapter series. It tells the tale of a boy who has frozen as a result of the onslaught of the world.



The unequivocal declaration of a boy’s first love takes musical form in TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s new title track: “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori” (read “zero by one lovesong”). The trendy Hybrid pop rock song expresses a boy’s certainty in the love he feels for ‘you,’ who came to him in a world of chaos. The title uses numbers to visually represent that in this world of zero, ‘you’ are my one and only.



The title track is notable for the name of its global contributors. The song is the collaborative effort between producers of HYBE’s labels Slow Rabbit and “hitman” bang, American singer-songwriter and Rock Hip hop artist Mod Sun and No Love For The Middle Child as songwriters, and RM of BTS who helped pen the lyrics.


Other songs within the eight-track studio album include “Anti-Romantic,” “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori,” “Magic,” “Ice Cream,” “What if I had been that PUMA,” “No Rules,” “Dear Sputnik” and “Frost.”


The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE also includes genuine and very personal creative contributions from all five members, drawing empathy from teens all over the world through unique and individualized lyrics. “Ice Cream” was penned in part by SOOBIN, “What if I had been that PUMA” by YEONJUN, TAEHYUN, and BEOMGYU, “No Rules” by YEONJUN, HUENINGKAI, BEOMGYU, and TAEHYUN. TAEHYUN wrote both music and lyrics for “Dear Sputnik,” while HUENINGKAI wrote lyrics and marked his first producing credit for the same track. “Frost” saw lyrical contributions by YEONJUN.


The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE has recorded over 700K pre-orders, marking a new high for the young group. Evidently, TOMORROW X TOGETHER are continuing their track of successive growth with each release.

रविवार, 30 मई 2021

Hema Malini Inaugurates BMC’s Be A Tree Parent MEGA Vriksha Campaign

The recent cyclone Tauktae has battered the green cover of Mumbai, with 2363 trees being uprooted and innumerable others losing their branches. A survey revealed that 70 per cent of the trees lost were non-native species. After studying the local agro-climatic conditions, including soil quality, humid weather, the BMC prepared a list of 41 native trees that can be planted in Mumbai and are part of the trees in the Konkan belt. These are Wad, Pimpal, Umber, Kanchan, Kadamba, Gunj, Palas, Nim, Mahogany, Moh, Bahawa, Sag, Arjun, Ain, Kinjal, Sita Ashok, Undal, Nagkeshar, Champa, Shivan, Shirish, Karanj, Bakul, Bell, Taman, Hirda, Behda, Coconut, Amla, Khair, Tetu, Mango, Putranjiva, Wild Almond, Bibba, Parijatak, Rita, Sandalwood, Phanas and Chafa among others.


On the eve of World Environment Day, the BMC’s K West Ward Asst Commissioner Mr. Vishvas Mote along with Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation started the ‘Be A Tree Parent - Adopt A Fallen Tree Pit’ Campaign to involve societies and residents to adopt one of the 348 fallen tree locations in K West Ward and re-plant the same with an identified fast growing tree species.


Keeping in mind the above and to restore the green cover, Asst Commissioner Vishvas Mote avered, “The aim of this campaign is to involve citizens and societies to adopt and take care of a tree at the location of a fallen tree, that will be planted in consultation with the Garden department. It also aims to create awareness among citizens about different native species of trees, their blooming seasons and growth patterns and to build a sense of ownership among residents for green cover in the city.”


Added Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, Founder, Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation, “The trees we are planting in conjunction with the Garden department of BMC include flowering plants Tamhan, Jamun, Badam and such other native species. We have water levels that are high. Hence the roots do not go very deep in search of water, which is why we think it best to grow species that do not grow above 30 feet. We are requesting the locals to become a tree parent and adopt the trees. Any guidance or help they need at any time, we are there to handhold them. Vishvas Mote ji has always been in the fore for causes that protect the environment. We are very glad we can involve the community to protect our greens. Our future depends on the green footprints we leave behind.”


The inauguration of this campaign was done by planting a Tamhan plant at a pit where a 45 foot tree once stood, at the hands of Hon MP Smt Hema Malini ji along with Local Councilor Smt. Renu Hansraj, Asst. Commisioner MCGM K-West Ward Shri Vishvas Mote, Anusha Srinivasan Iyer of Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation and Shaan Lalwani of Vriksha and Nodal Officer of Adopt A Fallen Tree Pit Shri Yogendra Kachhawa and Municipal Staff of K-West Ward. Actor Esha Deol also lent support by gracing the occasion.


"Each of us must strive to preserve our environment. Our lives are intertwined with Mother Earth and it is our duty to save her. Adopting a Tree is one step in that direction," averred Hema Malini as she launched the campaign.

Disney+Hotstar VIP पर सलमान खान का एनीमेशन दबंग


Film maker Ryan Stephen का निधन

फिल्म निर्माता और लेखक रयान स्टीफेन के निधन हो गया है. वह ५० साल के थे. कोरोना पीड़ित हो जाने के कारण गोवा के अस्पताल में उनका ईलाज चल रहा था.

रयान स्टीफेन ने अपने करियर की शुरुआत पत्रकारिता से की थी. उन्होंने मुंबई से प्रकाशित जी मैगज़ीन की लिए पत्रकार जीवन की शुरुआत की. शोटाइम और स्टार डस्ट में भी रहे. वह वेब पोर्टल मज़ा मीडिया के फिल्म सलाहकार थे.

एमटीवीज़ूमजी और ९ एक्सएम चैनलों के साथ भी काम किया. जिस्मपापरोग और एल ओ सी कारगिल के पीआर भी स्टीफेन थे. उन्होंने बतौर निर्माता दो फ़िल्में लघु फिल्म देवी और इस साल रिलीज़ फीचर फिल्म इन्दू की जवानी का निर्माण किया.

स्टीफेन के निधन परइन्दू की जवानी की अभिनेत्री किअरा अडवाणी और अभिनेता आदित्य सियालदेवी की अभिनेत्री और स्टीफेन की अच्छी दोस्त काजोलनिर्देशक अबीर सेनगुप्तामनोज बाजपेईअनुराग कश्यपआदि ने उनके निधन पर शोक जताया है. उन्हें श्रद्धांजलि.

शनिवार, 15 मई 2021

Varun Dhawan is all praises for Asim Riaz's debut 'Back To Start'


Within no time of its release, Asim Riaz's debut rap 'Back To Start' has been garnering tremendous popularity among listeners and celebrities. It was superstar Varun Dhawan who expressed his appreciation for India's heartthrob, Asim. Under Riaz's post about the release of the song, in the comments' thread, the Badlapur actor exclaimed, "Tune 🙌. Your achieving everything you set out to do 🔥🔥🔥". Dhawan also shared the song over his Instagram story.


The actor-turned-rapper's latest song has struck the right chord with music buffs. With this song, the livewire showcased his talent for rapping and penning lyrics and he staged his craft on the special day of Eid. The fiery rap has been released by Sony Music India among the anticipation that emerged from the teaser of the song. 'Back To Start' has been penned and performed by Asim. It has the heartthrob open up about his personal struggles and hustle to the top of his game.


Released by Sony Music India, Back To Start is now available on all streaming platforms.

बुधवार, 12 मई 2021



TOMORROW X TOGETHER (SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, HUENINGKAI) gears up for the upcoming release of their second studio album with a stunning concept trailer. The album is slated for release on May 31.



The newly released clip begins with the words: “Fight, flight or FREEZE.” The members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER are gathered in front of an arcade machine when a snowball hits BEOMGYU on the back of his head out of nowhere. SOOBIN attempts to enter another coin into the machine but the coin slot now appears to be frozen.



The members escape out of the frozen space, thwarting attacks of the ice on the way. As they kick and punch their way through, YEONJUN is trapped between large obstructions of ice. TAEHYUN slides down an escalator to join the other members, and YEONJUN jumps down from his entrapment. Together once again, the five members continue on their efforts to destroy and evade the ice.



Despite their relentless efforts to break away, the members eventually become frozen in a thick layer of ice. A silhouette of a girl emerges as light, and the ice that envelopes them begins to melt.



The concept trailer kicks off further album teaser contents to follow—three versions of concept photos, an album tracklist, and album preview. Following the group’s success for minisode1 : Blue Hour, TOMORROW X TOGETHER is expected to reach new heights worldwide with The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.

Aakanksha Singh raises funds for Covid-19 victims by auctioning her wardrobe


As part of Covid-19 relief, actress Aakanksha Singh organised a food distribution drive in her hometown, Jaipur, recently. Now, she auctioned her wardrobe to raise funds for Covid-19 relief in mumbai. “I thought I would give away my wardrobe to help Covid-19 patients. I hope people come together to help me with the cause and buy the clothes I am putting on sale,” says the actress.


Aakanksha feels that these are tough times for everyone and it’s imperative that public figures realise that they have an added responsibility to set a precedent for others. “The pandemic has hit us hard and the current situation is really sad. There are so many people who are struggling with hospital expenses, lack of oxygen cylinders and other healthcare-related issues. Public figures have a greater responsibility to do their bit as they can motivate people to come together and extend a helping hand,” says the Pailwan (2019) actress.


She adds that she is happy with the way the film industry has unified to help the needy meet the requirements due to the pandemic.  Aakanksha says, “It’s great that people from our industry are using social media to provide help. My only request to everybody is to only post the verified leads because it otherwise might delay the help to those who need it urgently.” 

Natalia Dyer’s Comedy YES GOD YES and American Horror Story SPIRAL on Prime Video


These latest Movies released by PictureWorks are streaming direct to OTT on Amazon Prime Video 

PictureWorks has acquired the rights of SPIRAL, a horror/thriller film starring Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman of the hit show ‘UnREAL’ fame, Ari Cohen, Jennifer Laporte, Ty Wood, Chandra West, and Lochlyn Munro; and YES GOD YES, a comedy film starring Natalia Dyer of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ fame, Timothy Simons, Alisha Boe, Francesca Reale, and Wolfgang Novogratz, for their direct to digital release in India.


Spiral, directed by Kurtis David Harder is about a same-sex couple who move to a small town so they can enjoy a better quality of life and raise their 16-year-old daughter with the best social values, but nothing is as it seems in their picturesque neighborhood. Yes God Yes, directed by Karen Maine, is about sixteen-year-old Alice growing up in the ‘00s who has always been a good Catholic. But when an innocent AOL chat turns racy, she discovers masturbation and is overwhelmed with guilt. Seeking redemption, she attends a mysterious religious retreat to try and suppress her urges, but it isn't easy, especially after a cute upperclassman starts flirting with her.

Shortly after their recent digital release of the Horror movie HOST on Amazon Prime Video, PictureWorks has once again acquired these two new Hollywood films to stream in India.

The spokesperson of PictureWorks said, “Spiral and Yes God Yes are both wonderful films belonging to two different genres and now available for viewing to the Indian audiences at the comfort of their homes with Amazon Prime Video. While Spiral will give you goosebumps, Yes God Yes hits the funny bone in an all-new, promising way.” Both movies are rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with outstanding reviews”.

Announcement from D23 for Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios' theatrical titles

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2022) — The Walt Disney Studios continued to fuel the fire ignited at yesterday’s showcase with a jam-packed pr...