मंगलवार, 22 मार्च 2016

Colour Yellow Productions, Eros International and Jar Pictures launch the trailer of Nil Battey Sannata!

Colour Yellow Productions (Aanand L Rai), Eros International and Jar Pictures’ upcoming family entertainer Nil Battey Sannata featuring Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Ria Shukla and Pankaj Tripathi is a lighthearted and fun-filled entertainer.
The trailer of Nil Battey Sannata was launched amidst a packed house by producer Aanand L Rai (Colour Yellow Productions), director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari and the cast Swara Bhaskar and Ria Shukla (dressed in school uniforms), Pankaj Tripathi (dressed as a school headmaster). The gathered media had a fun-filled classroom session with head teacher Pankaj Tripathi and classmates Swara and Ria.
Says producer Aanand L Rai, “During my growing up years, my father used to tell me – Always listen to your heart and not your mind. I associated with Nil Battey Sannata straight from my heart and I’m feeling very proud of the film.”
Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari says, "For a very long time in my advertising years i have been telling stories in 30 seconds. I realised that if those stories resonate like the KBC girl child film, it was time for me to bigger stories to reach a wider audiece. Nil Battey Sannata is a simple story developed over a year with my team of writers with all the insights i have closely watched in our country." 
Swara Bhaskar says, “When Ashwiny offered me Nil Battey Sannata, I thought it would be career suicide to play a mother of a 15 year old on screen. But when I read the script, I realised the potential of the role and also that no decision based on fear is a good decision. I think accepting this film was among the better decisions of my life. Ashwiny extracted the best performance out of me as an artist. It's a beautiful film which will resonate universally.”  
Produced by Colour Yellow Productions and Jar Pictures and directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Nil Battey Sannata stars Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak Shah, Ria Shukla and Pankaj Tripathi. The film will be presented in India by Eros International and it’s scheduled to release 22nd April 2016.

Vishal Bhardwaj, Gulzar and Disney India unite to bring back memories of the Jungle Book India grew up on!

How do you separate Mowgli and the stories of Jungle Book that we grew up watching every Sunday with the joyous track “Jungle jungle pata chalaa hai..”?
You don’t! And that’s what Disney India is doing next. Bringing this memory back! In a very special collaboration with Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar, the studio is releasing a reversion of the original track composed by the duo 23 years ago!
"Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai…’ was not only my first successful song but, more importantly, it was my first collaboration with Gulzar saab.  We were under a huge time constraint when we first made the song and didn't even have a moment to process what we were doing. We could never have imagined how popular it would be! After 23 years it's been an absolute delight to revisit the song. Gulzaar saabs lyrics are as stunning as ever. He is truly at his best when he writes for kids. One could say that Gulzar Saab is, in fact, the oldest kid in the film industry! He is not jaded by age and so his lyrics rejoice in the innocence of childhood and pure wonder for the world! What greater joy is there for a composer than to have such a masterful lyricist to work with?" says Vishal Bhardwaj.
“Jungle Jungle… is the childhood anthem of everyone in the 90’s generation. For them, they have grown up on this song, it’s a song that every Indian knows, loves and remembers, so we thought it would be great to revive it for our upcoming release The Jungle Book. We also feel that it was time that this legendary song was revitalized for the new generation to carry it forward as fondly as most of us have. We are very glad to have got both Gulzar ji and Vishal ji agree to recreate this for many existing and innumerable new fans in India,” says Amrita Pandey, Vice President-Studios, Disney India.
To make the film unique and special for India, the Studio has already roped in stellar voice talent – Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan, Nana Patekar, Shefali Shah and Om Puri – to lend their voice for the principal characters of the movie. In the Hollywood version, Scarlett Johannson, Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o and Ben Kingsley have dubbed for the respective characters.
Disney’s The Jungle Book is one of the most-anticipated films of recent times and the Indian audience will get to watch it on April 8, a week before US release. 

रविवार, 20 मार्च 2016

TATA MOTORS Ti Racing March 20, Budh International Circuit , Greater Noida

The Third Season of Tata Motors T1 Prima Truck racing championship is all set to kick start on tomorrow  Sunday, March 20, 2016 at India’s globally renowned F1 race track the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) at  Greater Noida.
Main attraction of the vent will be Live performance by eminent Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan and Rap Sensation Badshah during the event .
In keeping with its commitment of making trucking aspirational for Indian drivers and bringing them to truck racing, the third season of T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship will feature an Indian truck driver race for the first time ,which is expected to be major  star attraction at the much awaited event. Selection and training  process is complete and 17 Indian potential drivers have been included for competing in the 2016 edition  Prime Truck racing championship. Out of 17 Indian drivers total of  12 will be shortlisted for the final race. 
Like in the earlier two seasons, the championship will continue to host experienced international drivers representing six teams, featuring 12 Tata Prima race trucks built for the purpose. Tata Motors conceptualized and introduced a new Indian Truck Driver Race selection and training program based on the company’s strategic objective of making the profession of truck driving aspirational and at the same time act as a catalyst to induct drivers into the commercial vehicles profession
In inspiring future generations to take up truck driving as an inspirational profession and looking to deal with scarcity of young skilled truck drivers in India, T1 truck racing is playing an important role. Tata Motors has been jointly working with event marketing company  T.I.C to plan and execute the event for last Three years. Headed by MD Gaurav Dhall, T.I.C executed the Prima truck racing maiden edition in 2014 when an audience of over 20,000 attended. T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship 2015 main race day on March 15, 2015 saw about 50,000 people cheered on race day events and races. And this year,the event having Indian drivers race is expected to be witnessed by more than 50,000 people.
  “Besides the truck drivers of international acclaim and foreign nationals, Indian drivers especially trained for the event will participate. The truck racing is a highly popular international sport worldwide since 1979. Tata Motors wanted to bring it to India and the major challenge for T.I.C. was to persuade the globally famed truck driving champions and designing the trucks of international standards.” Said Mr Gaurav Dhall of TIC Marketing ,the company which has been  conceptualised and organised the Tata motor event .
 “To make these Prima trucks fit for racing, more than 43 key modifications have been made made to meet a mix of safety and performance needs as per guidelines from British Truck Racing Association. These include significant changes in fuel tank, brake cooling system, propeller shaft guards, racing seats and safety belts, exhaust, steering wheel among others. The trucks have gone through multiple quality checks and also tested on the test circuit at Jamshedpur for high speed run and control.” Mr Dhall added. 
“The changes for the 2016 season involve the establishment of new categories of racing – the Pro Class and the Super Class. The Pro Class will feature drivers, such as the winner of the first two seasons of the championship, especially drivers who have experience in British Truck Racing and European Truck Racing events. The Super Class will feature the 12 out of 17 Indian truck drivers who have been be selected by Tata Motors.” Said Mr Gaurav Dhall
“In all, months of hard work is expected to result in a marketing strategy that will guarantee huge turnout for an audience centric experience to enjoy truck racing at its best.Over the last two years, the event showcased the best talent in International truck racing, as well as the latest advancements in trucking technologies by Tata Motors.” Said Mr Dhall 

शनिवार, 19 मार्च 2016

Suhaib Ilyasi demands security for Ustad Ghulam Ali against Shiv Sena threat in Delhi

The makers of commercial feature film Ghar Wapsi after a brave but failed attempt to hold a music launch in Mumbai with legendary Pakistani music maestro Ghulam Ali Saab will now hold the music launch of the film in New Delhi on Monday, April 4, 2016 at the Royal Plaza Hotel at 3.30 pm.
Also in attendance to lend support to Ghulam Alisaab and Ghar Wapsi will be legendary music maestro Pandit Jasraj, music sensation Daler Mehndi and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.
Producer-Director Suhaib Ilyasi says that the inability of the Mumbai Police and the Maharashtra Government to give any assurance to the cancelled music launch of the film Ghar Wapsi in Mumbai, has prompted him to shift the location, in view of a threat from the right wing political party in Maharashtra - Shiv Sena.
At a press conference held at the Press Club in New Delhi on Thursday, March 17, Ilyasi reiterated the fact that a legend like Ghulam Alisaab should not be dragged into controversies and should not be made a scapegoat to petty politics between Shiv Sena and BJP.
“Sanjay Raut of the Shiv Sena was very categoric when he said that he would not allow Ghulam Alisaab on Indian soil and would oppose it. Shiv Sena has a certain strength in the Capital and we want to ensure that Ghulam Alisaab is safe and secure,” said Ilyasi.
Rajender Singh Raja, a former Delhi chief of Shiv Sena attacked his former party’s dual edged sword. “Ghar Wapsi is a film about a great subject of homecoming of Muslims and Christians. Why the Shiv Sena behaved like this is shocking,” he opined.
Ilyasi also attacked the Congress for making an issue of ‘Ghar Wapsi’ (the homecoming of converted Hindus  organised by Indian Hindu organisations - Vishva Hindu Parishad and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to bring back non-Hindus to Hinduism) because they could not find corruption issues with the Narendra Modi led BJP government.
“Indian Muslims have been very tolerant. My father himself was an Imam of Imams. My forefathers have been Rajputs and I am a proud practicing Muslim today and proudly say Bhara Mata Ki Jai. But today if any Hindu who has converted to Buddhism, Islam or Christianity and wants to go back to his first religion, then Congress is creating an issue because they are unable to find political mileage in other issues,” remarked Ilyasi on the issue of ‘Ghar Wapsi’.

Ghar Wapsi by Ilyasi is about a family that is faced with multifarious issues and the dilemma of a cultural identity. It is about a family that is unable to cope with the cultural dichotomy during their homecoming. The film which is in the final stages of post- production is set for release this summer and stars Farida Jalal,  Zarina Wahab, Alok Nath, Reema Lagoo, Deepak Tijori, Srishti Goutam, Harsh Nagar and marks the debut of Ghazal singing legend from Pakistan, Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan.


Red, the starring animated character voiced by US star Jason Sudeikis in the upcoming “The Angry Birds Movie,” was named Honorary Ambassador for Green on the International Day of Happiness today at the United Nations.
The appointment of Red is part of the #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet campaign to help the world body promote the International Day of Happiness, which is observed on March 20 each year, and encourage people to take action against climate change and its impacts.
The International Day of Happiness recognizes that Gross Domestic Product alone cannot measure the wealth and well-being of a country’s population and a more inclusive, equitable, balanced and sustainable approach to growth and development is key to being happy. 
After United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon named Red as Honorary Ambassador for Green, the campaign was presented to hundreds of young people in the iconic General Assembly Hall of the United Nations.
The presentation included the movie’s US stars Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Maya Rudolph as well as producers John Cohen and Catherine Winder, who asked the attendees for their support to make the Angry Birds happy by doing their part to take action against climate change.  They presented the “Help Red Go Green” materials including public service announcements created to support the campaign. By participating in the #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet campaign, individuals can make the Angry Birds happy and “Help Red Go Green” by posting photos and messages to show how they are protecting our planet by recycling, taking public transportation and conserving water, for example.
"The Angry Birds have entertained millions of people around the world -- and now they are part of making the world a better place," said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. "We are proud to give Red a reason to go Green. There is no better way to mark the International Day of Happiness than to have our animated ambassador raise awareness about the importance of addressing climate change to create a safer, more sustainable and happier future for all." 
“We are incredibly honored that Red from ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ has been named as the Honorary Ambassador for Green.  While Red may still look angry, we know that he's smiling on the inside.  As we say in our ‘Help Red Go Green’ campaign, nothing makes an angry bird happier than a healthy planet.  In partnership with the UN, we are very excited to help raise awareness of critical global issues such as climate change,” said John Cohen, producer of “The Angry Birds Movie” and “Despicable Me.”
For more information: www.angrybirdshappyplanet.com 
Links to campaign/event materials: 
1. Photography from the event: http://bit.ly/1SVPLJI
2. General Audience – Campaign materials: http://bit.ly/255kTLQ
3. Broadcast Outlets – Campaign materials:
- PSAs in English: http://bit.ly/22lYdYA
- PSAs in different languages/formats: http://bit.ly/1RnEw7y
- Domestic EPK.tv (login required):  http://bit.ly/1Mq9fzo
- International EPK.tv (login required):  http://bit.ly/1MbOEnJ
- PSA YouTube links: http://youtu.be/wqAiRU51-Wc and http://youtu.be/euyyyl4yOK0  
PSA # 1 – Main Campaign PSA
PSA # 2 – Jason Sudeikis and Peter Dinklage
PSA # 3 – United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon
About International Day of Happiness
March 20 has been established as the annual International Day of Happiness. In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which recognized happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and called for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to growth and development that promotes the happiness and well-being of all peoples” and all 193 United Nations member states have adopted a resolution calling for happiness to be given greater priority. 
About the United Nations
The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. Today, 193 countries are Member States of the world body. 
About the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
UNDP partners with people at all levels of society to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. On the ground in more than 170 countries and territories, we offer global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations. www.undp.org. 
About The United Nations Foundation
The United Nations Foundation builds public-private partnerships to address the world’s most pressing problems, and broadens support for the United Nations through advocacy and public outreach. Through innovative campaigns and initiatives, the Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. The Foundation was created in 1998 as a U.S. public charity by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner and now is supported by global corporations, foundations, governments, and individuals. For more information, visitwww.unfoundation.org 
About “The Angry Birds Movie”
“The Angry Birds Movie” will be released in theaters by Columbia Pictures globally in May 2016. 
In the 3D animated comedy, The Angry Birds Movie, we'll finally find out why the birds are so angry. 
The movie takes us to an island populated entirely by happy, flightless birds – or almost entirely.  In this paradise, Red (Jason Sudeikis, We're the Millers, Horrible Bosses), a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck (Josh Gad in his first animated role since Frozen), and the volatile Bomb (Danny McBride, This is the End, Eastbound and Down) have always been outsiders.  But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies, it’s up to these unlikely outcasts to figure out what the pigs are up to.  
Featuring a hilarious, all-star voice cast that includes Maya Rudolph (BridesmaidsSisters), Bill Hader (Trainwreck, Inside Out), and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), as well as Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters), Tony Hale (Veep, Arrested Development), Hannibal Buress (Daddy’s Home, Broad City), Ike Barinholtz (NeighborsSisters),  Tituss Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street), Danielle Brooks (Orange is the New Black), Latin music sensation Romeo Santos, YouTube stars Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla), Billy Eichner (“Billy on the Street”), and country music superstar Blake Shelton, who co-writes and performs the original song “Friends,” the Columbia Pictures/Rovio Entertainment film is directed by Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis and produced by John Cohen and Catherine Winder.  The screenplay is by Jon Vitti, from a story by Mikael Hed & Mikko Pöllä & John Cohen, and executive produced by Mikael Hed and David Maisel. 
About Rovio
Rovio Entertainment Ltd. is a global entertainment media company. Headquartered in Finland and with studios across the world, Rovio is the creator of Angry Birds, the casual mobile game that changed an industry and became an international phenomenon. Today Angry Birds is not only the most downloaded game of all time, it is a renowned entertainment brand that has branched out into animation, books, licensing and more. The Angry Birds Movie is slated for release globally in May 2016. www.rovio.com 
About Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television production, acquisition and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. For additional information, go to http://www.sonypictures.com.

गुरुवार, 10 मार्च 2016

Poster Unveield: A. R. Rahman's Film 99 Songs Hits The Right Notes

After thrilling music lovers, across the globe with his melodious tunes, Academy Award-winning music composer A. R. Rahman is now ready to woo cinegoers with his upcoming film 99 Songs.
The makers of the film have unveiled its first poster and like the title, the poster too is ethereal. It shows a huge piano hanging from the heavens as the male protagonist gracefully holds on to one of its legs with one hand, whilst holding his leading lady with the other.
The actress looks delicate as she dangles from the hero's hand in a suspended dance pose. From her free hand she is seen throwing rose petals, which attain the shape of 99 as they rise up in the sky. The red rose petals not only give it a very romantic feel but also lend a magical touch to the alluring poster.
The musical is being directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, who has also  penned the screenplay. Rahman has not only composed the film's music but its story too is the music maestro's brainchild.
Presented by A. R. Rahman, the film is being produced by Ideal Entertainment and YM Movies and is slated to release in 2017.

सोमवार, 7 मार्च 2016


Displaying Priyanka Chopra Vs Scarlett Johansson.jpg
Never seen before!! Five Top Bollywood actors like Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan, Nana Patekar, Shefali Shah and Om Puri to lend their voice for a Hollywood dubbed version
It’s not short of a casting coup to bring together some of the best and most talented Hindi film actors to a common place. Disney India has managed to rope in not one but five voices: Priyanka Chopra, Irrfan, Nana Patekar, Om Puri and Shefali Shah to lend their voice for the Hindi version of its most-anticipated live-action epic release, The Jungle Book.
Priyanka Chopra has time and again proved that she is an actor to reckon with her powerful portrayals, most recent one being her stirring performance in Bajirao Mastani. The Indian actor, currently creating waves on foreign shores, will match her sexy voice to Scarlett Johannson’s sensual rendition for Kaa, the python. In the recent past Priyanka also lent her voice to the character Ishani in Disney’s Planes and potrayed Alex Parrish IN ABC’S hit show Quantico.
Another Indian International actor, Irrfan, popular for his versatile roles in Piku, Life in a Metro, The Namesake, The Lunch Box and The Amazing Spiderman, will lend his voice to the friendly bear Baloo, which is dubbed by Bill Murray in the international version.
Super talented Shefali Shah, riding high on the appreciation for the modern portrayal of a mother in Dil Dhadakne Do, will dub for Raksha, Lupita Nyong’o lent her voice to the wolf in the international version.
And veteran actor Om Puri, who has been often honored for his performances in India and abroad, will lend his voice to Bagheera, the Black Panther, which is dubbed by legendary actor Ben Kingsley in the international version.
The Studio has also approached powerful performer Nana Patekar, who recently wowed critics and audience with his riveting performance in Natsamrat, to once again lend his voice to Shere Khan, Idris Elba has lent his voice to the Bengal tiger in the international version. Back in the early 90s, Nana had dubbed for the fearsome tiger in the animated series – the Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli – that was aired on Doordarshan.
“The Jungle Book is so very special to India, and we want our audience enjoy Disney’s all-new live-action adaptation. We wanted nothing but the best for the Hindi version of the film. We are so excited to have such veterans and A list actors come together to voice and bring alive these beloved characters making it like a hi scale hindi film.” says Amrita Pandey, Vice-President - Studios, Disney India.
Disney’s The Jungle Book is one of the most-anticipated films of recent times. It is directed by ‘Iron Man’ fame director, Jon Favreau, and inspired by Rudy Kipling’s adventure stories based in India and Disney’s animated version. Jon Favreau’s ‘The Jungle Book’ seamlessly blends live-action with photorealistic CGI animals and environments, using up-to-the-minute technology and storytelling techniques to immerse audiences in an enchanting and lush world.
The Indian audience will get to watch The Jungle Book on April 8, a week before US release, as the adventure stories of Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo and Shere Khan have been significant during the audience’s growing up years.

Announcement from D23 for Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Studios' theatrical titles

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Sept. 10, 2022) — The Walt Disney Studios continued to fuel the fire ignited at yesterday’s showcase with a jam-packed pr...