Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bhoot Aaya

Episode – 04, Sunday, November 03, 2013
23 year old Rinku Patel leaves Mumbai and moves to her father’s house in Ahmedabad. Rinku’s mother had expired and her father had gotten married again. For Rinku, it was a new house, and a new environment.  Everyone in the house loved her and they wanted to make her comfortable. But soon, the new house and place turned out to be a nightmare for Rinku and her family. Rinku started behaving strangely.  Rinku fell ill thereafter, and a doctor was called to attend to her. While the doctor was giving her medicines, she even attached him. Soon, Rinku’s father realised that she was being possessed and it was the spirit of his own sister Chiku who was possessing Rinku. Chiku had committed suicide by burning herself. Chiku was in love with a boy but her brother (Rinku’s father) and other family members didn’t approve of her relationship and ridiculed and beat up Chiku’s boyfriend. Unbale to take the humiliation of her lover, Chiku committed suicide by immolating herself. Now it was clear that Rinku was indeed possessed by Chiku, and Rinku even started speaking in Chiku’s voice. Chiku accused her brother (Rinku’s father) of her death and threatened him that she would not spare Rinku and would seek revenge. What will happen to Rinku? Will Chiku take her revenge by killing Rinku? Will Rinku become normal again? Watch the spine chilling story of 23 year old Rinku from Ahemedabad.

To find out tune in to ‘Bhoot Aaya’ on 4th November 2013 at 11 pm

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