Monday, September 28, 2015

Popular singer Javed Ali releases the most romantic song ‘Udne Lagaa’

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Udne Lagaa’, the most romantic song of the year from upcoming Hindi film Four Pillars of Basement was launched by popular singer Javed Ali at Big FM Studios in Mumbai. Actors Dillzan Wadia Allya Singh, composer Anurag Mohan and Gautam Bafana were present at the event. ‘Udne Lagaa’ has been composed by Anurag Mohan and has been beautifully pasteurized on lead actors Dillzan Wadia and Allya Singh capturing their amazing chemistry. Udne Lagaa has been shot in exotic locations of Goa, Vadodra & Mumbai for the romantic quotient.
Pratyush Prakash is the lyricist while Kiran Giri has choreographed this romantic track.  The other melodious tracks in the film are – Tu hai Gajab soniye (party song), Rehmo karam (melodious song), Ruh yeh qaid hai (sufi song). Film’s title track – Tu hai Gajab soniye has been enjoying the top 10 position in the various music categories for the past two weeks.
Singer Javed Ali said, “I am very happy to lend my voice for a song like ‘Udne Lagaa’. I loved the feel of it the minute I heard the lyrics. I am sure this song will prove itself to be the most romantic song for everyone who’s in love.”
Four Pillars of Basement is an upcoming Hindi movie starring Dillzan Wadia, Bruna Abdullah, Allya Singh and Shawar Ali. This psycho thriller is written by Rajan Safri (USA), directed by Girish Nayak K and produced by Gautam Bafana & Pravin Chudasama. 
Four pillars of basement is a psycho thriller that shows human frailties and capricious nature. The protagonist Samir is a conniving person. He works as a security officer in a mall and has a big crush on riya working in one of the offices in the mall. He has tracked Riya since last 4 years and knows everything about her, during this years he has kept all the incidents in mind occurred with Riya, and one fine day, that is new year's evening he plans to make his first move which he has been waiting for since last 4 years . Now the story turns when his twin brother a lunatic and a mad person elopes the mental hospital to add more confusion to the plot. The movie unfolds dramatically as the heroine is trapped in the basement and is unable to get out of it... In  climax will the hero of the movie- as the twin lunatic is held responsible ? will the security officer is left Punished? For That you need to Watch FOUR PILLARS OF BASEMENT

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