Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bombairiya - fabelesque ode to the city of Mumbai

Displaying Bombairiya (2).jpegWith content-based cinema making waves in Bollywood, Producer Michael Ward looks forward with great anticipation as he reveals a glimpse of his film Bombairiya. Already touted as a fabelesque ode to the city of Mumbai, infused with comedy, the film brings together an immensely talented cast including Radhika Apte, Akshay Oberoi, Siddhanth Kapoor, Ravi Kishan and Shilpa Shukla. Jointly produced by Beautiful Bay Entertainment and Kreo Films of Dubai, the project has been helmed by debutant director Pia Sukanya and will release next year.
Radhika plays Meghna, a PR Agent in the film industry, and now really empathises with film PRs ”My character has to keep bad stuff from making news and make ugly truths disappear. It's about the worst day in her career as personal problems pile on top of professional problems. When her phone gets flicked, her tendency to lie draws her into a much bigger story where the lives of others and her own are at stake. I identify with Meghna's ability to cope with chaos, so much of her is coming straight from the heart!"
Adding to this, Akshay Oberoi who plays Abhishek, an IT Professional and Have-A-Go hero said. “It would be unfair to describe Abhishek as a Mummy's boy though he probably is the most positive and family oriented character I have played. His idealism tends to make matters worse for Meghna whom he is trying to help in spite of her rebuffing him and the knocks he has to take which are both physical and mental. He's a character I have loved playing and contrary to what Ms Apte might tell people, not at all like the real me!"
Siddhanth Kapoor who is known as the mysterious Biker in the film has already caught industry eyeballs with his inventive look, pink scooty and helmet:. “I like the fact that my character has no name. His job is to deliver a parcel, A to B, no questions asked. Could be anything. It's not his job to know. When the world suddenly comes after him, trying to catch him, seduce him, con him or kill him…he discovers what story he is really in. He's kind of streetwise and sees Meghna as a challenge." 
Director Pia Sukanya is thrilled with the job that the three lead actors have done and can't believe her luck in getting Ravi Kishan and Shilpa Shukla to do featured roles. Ravi plays fading superstar Karan Kapoor and Shilpa plays a powerful politician facing a moral dilemma. "It's the way their stories interweave with the mystery parcel and it's destination that I am really enjoying. I want Bombairiya to feel like a joyride in a ramshackle fairground where anything can happen given the wonkiness of each character."

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