Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kamla Bhasin and Eve Ensler's One Billion Rising launch Madhureeta Anand's film trailer - Kajarya!

Kajarya  a feature film written and directed by Madhureeta Anand deals with the pertinent topic of sex selection in India launched its trailer at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi today which received a fantastic response from all. 
The makers organized a candle lighting for the 50 million girls who have gone missing as per the Indian demographics.  Present at the ceremony were the makers of the film along with Kamla Bhasin who is the South EastAsia Representative of One Billion Rising and a one of the most prominent activists in India representing women issues in India. One Billion Rising is endorsing the film globally, an initiative so strong it has been regarded as the largest organised campaign to fight violence agoanst women and has globally found support from the likes of Aamir Khan, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Alba. Present at the launch were dignitaries from several other NGOs including ActionAid, Oxfam and several others.  
Says Madhureeta, "Most film trailers are launched within the confines of rooms in Mumbai.  But Kajarya is a film with a mission and a strong message. And so the decision is to release the film’s trailer where all social movements have been launched – at Jantar Mantar.  The film’s triumph lies in the fact that it is a story that was born from the raw realistic environs of Haryana and Delhi and so it’s only befitting that it’s trailer too should be launched in that way. I made this film for wide audiences and the trailer launch reflects this sentiment perfectly. I want this film to reach as many people as possible because it is saying something that everyone needs to hear.  I’m thrilled that One Billion Rising and several other social organisations are supporting us. In particular I’m so happy to have Kamla Bhasin and Eve Ensler supporting us - these are women I admire and love and it’s so it’s a complete honour to have their endorsement for the film “ 
Says Kamla Bhasin, "As an Indian I feel most ashamed by that fact that over 40 million girls are missing in India, because they were either not allowed to be born or they were killed. Forty million!! This is more than the entire populations of most countries. There is a law against this crime, and yet sex selective abortions continue in Mother India. KAJARYA is a powerful film directed by a passionate woman, Madhureeta Anand, trying to jolt us and make us RISE against this violence. One Billion Rising South Asia is happy to partner with the film makers to RISE against violence against women and girls and our patriarchal mind set." 
Kajarya premièred at the Dubai International Film Festival and earned rave reviews . It also caught the attention of Eve Ensler (one of the biggest women rights activists in the world and the writer of The Vagina Monologues) who came on board to support and endorse the film.  Eve Ensler has been high on praise for the film and feels it is an eye opener dealing with sensitive issue of standing of women in Indian society. The film is now part of Eve Ensler's campaign aswell.
KAJARYA  is a thriller about two women - The first is Kajarya played by Meena Hooda, a woman who lives in the village and has the job of killing baby  and the other is an opportunistic journalist from New Delhi played by Ridhima Sud . The film shot in Haryana, follows the life of two women from different backgrounds who's lives intertwine as the story explores the condition of women both in rural and urban India through a unique perspective.  The film is set to release on 4thDecember 2015.
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