Friday, June 10, 2016

Ellen was wanting Finding Dory since 13 years

“I was campaigning for a sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ for 13 years!”
-Ellen DeGeneres reveals on her voiceover for Finding Dory
“Finding Dory” features an all-star voice cast, welcoming DeGeneres (“The Ellen DeGeneres Show”)and Albert Brooks (“This is 40”)back to the sea as favorite fish Dory and Marlin. Ed O’Neill (“Modern Family”)lends his voice to “septopus” Hank, Kaitlin Olson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”)voices whale shark Destiny, and Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”)gives voice to beluga whale Bailey. Portraying Dory’s parents Charlie and Jenny are Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”)and Diane Keaton (“Love the Coopers”). And 12-year-old Hayden Rolence (“Beta Persei”) steps in to help bring Nemo to life
While the conclusion of the 2003 Oscar®-winning film “Finding Nemo” left filmmakers and fans perfectly satisfied, director Andrew Stanton had the realization there may be some unfinished business worth exploring. “Dory had wandered the ocean most of her life,” says Stanton. “Because of her short-term memory loss, she couldn’t remember anybody she’d met, but she had emotional memories—she always remembered how it felt.And she was repeatedly left with a compounding feeling of separation and loss. 
World famous TV show host and the much loved Ellen DeGeneres was called on to provide her iconic voice to the lauded character for Dory’s return to the big screen—something DeGeneres often imagined on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “I was campaigning for a sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’ for 13 years,” says the comedian and talk show host, “but I never imagined it would be ‘Finding Dory.’ So that was the real surprise when I finally got the call.” 

Well, after such a long wait, we cannot wait to see Finding Dory soon!


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