Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mira Nair’s Queen Of Katwe generates Oscar buzz with a special screening for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Mira Nair’s ‘Queen of Katwe’ has already generated rave critical reviews at various premieres and festivals. And it looks like Queen Of Katwe is already en route for a presence at the next Oscars!
The stars of the film Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo presented the film at a special screening in New York hosted by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.
Queen of Katwe” is based on the vibrant true story of a young girl ‘Phiona Mutesi’ from the streets of Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and opens in India on 7th October,2016.
Oscar-winner Lupita, who plays Phiona's fiercely protective and indefatigable mother, Harriet, said that while she was not yet a mother, she learned about the selflessness of motherhood.
'It's almost like your heart is dislocated and running around and just feeling the fear, inhabiting the fear of a mother letting her chicks out every day to survive,' she said.

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