Friday, December 16, 2016


Being one of the most successful marathi actress, Smita Gondkar, says that she has a busy but a fruitful year. After enjoying a splendid 2016, the actress is working really hard to make 2017 the same.
Her play, Saujanyachi Aaishi Taishi has completed over 25 shows in Maharashtra, elated about the response she says "Boundless energy, live moments, live interaction made Saujanyachi Aaishi Taishi a hit amongst the audience . Besides that, the play is not just entertainment like Bollywood, it has much more to it; the show makes you laugh even hours after you’ve watched a show"
Yes, this talent we see today was chiseled and sharpened in the fires of theater and drama when this damsel was striving to make it big in  marathi industry. Ask her now, Smita's love for theatre has grown over the years that she never stops raving about the allure of theatre " There’s so much about theatre that is different from films – there is no colour to capture the mood, there are no special effects, indeed, at times, it seems like it’s standing still. But then there are certain things that make theatre special and prime among them is plot. The performances, there is no hiding on the stage, can also raise the level of the play"
Calling it a busy year, Smita says she enjoyed juggling between plays, events, shows, films, adds that it gave it job satisfaction "2016 was full of professional commitments. Juggling from theater, films, events to plays I had my plate full. This year gave me a chance to prove myself as an actress. Like I said, my play did well which was one of the highlights not just of this year but also my career. I am looking forward to a busy 2017, which will help to flourish more as an artist"
This amount of work and commitments seem to make Smita Gondkar one of  the busiest actress of Marathi currently. However, the actress undoubtedly has all the talent to meet the level of expectations from her performances in her every task.

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