Friday, January 27, 2017

A Sneak Peek into the Fantasy film Villains

Sci-fi fantasies and thrillers have always ruled the masses fandom with their exciting and out of the world characters. The Magic marvel Harry or the Terminator robot- our love for our heroes have always been supported by our hatred for the villains. Fantasy movies have always maintained the Villain image with their peculiar characters and gimmicks of each antagonist.
Star Wars is one such movie whose extraordinary villain cast has given us a reason to popularise the movie even further.
With Star Wars airing every weekend on Star Movies let’s a sneak peek into some of the famous fantasy villains that we have shared a bitter sweet relationship with. 
1.    Darth Vader

Darth Vader also known as Lord Vader / Anakin Skywalker, is the favourite and most popular villains of fantasy films. In the story of Star Wars he falls to the dark side of the Force and serves the evil Galactic Empire. With attention grabbing sound of his respirator function, Vader appears in the original film trilogy as a pivotal antagonist whose actions drive the plot of the first three films. He initially appears in the original trilogy wearing a black armoured suit, which was based on the armour used by Japanese samurai. It is one of the best creation by George Lucas with a huge fanbase. Hayden Christensen portrayed Anakin Skywalker in the second and third prequel films. 
2.    Lord Voldemort
Formerly known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, Lord Voldemort also known as "The Dark Lord" is a fictional character and the central antagonist in the Harry Potter series. Almost every witch or wizard do not possess the guts to utter his unmentionable name, and refers to him instead with such expressions as "You-Know-Who", "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" or "The Dark Lord".
The famous dialogue by Voldemort  “ Don't you turn your back on me, Harry Potter! I want you to look at me when I kill you! I want to see the light leave your eyes! ” is one that will stay beyond generations. His character in his physical form is played by Ralph Fiennes. 
1.    The Joker
One of the finest villains of cinema history, The Joker created by Christopher Nolan in his The Dark Knight Rises is an embodiment of evil. Played by iconic actor Heath Ledger, the character epitomizes anarchy, chaos and obsession with his brilliance and class performance. The Joker with his scary cut face and the maniacal wicked smile has swayed the Dark Knight fans into the imaginative world of Gotham city to save the mankind. 

Do not miss the force of Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode V and VI this Saturday and Sunday on Star Movies @12noon.


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