Monday, January 30, 2017

Shahid Kapoor forges a special bond with a commando while shooting for Rangoon

Shahid Kapoor who shot for portions of Rangoon in Pasighat , bonded with Commando stationed in Arunachal Pradesh while shooting for the film.It so happened that the Commando whose name was Bomi. was assigned as security with Shahid while the cast and crew shot at Pasighat, the two grew so close, that Bomi even requested traveling with him to their schedule in Rohtung.Shahid ,who had forged a bond with the young army man ,spoke to the higher authorities and convinced them to let him travel with them to the next shoot location and even surprised him with gifts before leaving for Mumbai.  

Says a source, " Shahid and Bomi spent several days together while shooting Rangoon. Shahid was very interested in getting to know his life and the challenges soldiers face. He has a lot of admiration for our security force and was happy to see Bomi enjoy the shoot so much. On request he even ensured Bomi traveled with them to the next schedule and gifted him a leather jacket and a pair of boots much to his delight".

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