Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Star Movies Select HD Press Release- Women's Day special

Women have always been the embodiment of strength, charisma, dedication and perseverance. On International Women’s Day, Star Movies Select HD brings to you a movie marathon showcasing three films featuring the living legend Meryl Streep starting 1PM on the 8th of March.A leading lady who continues to reign in our hearts with her spectacular performances time and again, Meryl Streep is truly a class apart. Her career features a vast expanse of awe-inspiring films and defining roles that have become a beautiful representation of the versatility and excellence in every woman.With the distinction of being the actor with the highest number of Oscar nominations, Meryl Streep is known to have embraced a wide variety of roles, beautifully inhabiting their personalities and portraying their strengths with brilliance. With scintillating performances in films like ‘The Iron Lady’ where she played the strong stateswoman and British Politician Margaret Thatcher to ‘Julie & Julia’ where she played the passionate chef Julia Child; and ‘The Devil wears Prada’ where she was a strong headed editor of a leading fashion magazine, her outstanding talent comes through in every role she plays.This International Women’s Day, Star Movies Select HD will celebrate the versatility and excellence of every woman through characters portrayed by of one of the most iconic artists of our time. 

Beginning 1PM on 8th March, get ready to watch some of the most phenomenal performances by Meryl Streep on Star Movies Select HD.

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