Friday, May 12, 2017

Gauahar Khan's short film Peanut Butter screened at Silicon Valley International Film Festival

Gauahar Khan is elated with the response her short film Peanut Butter has received in a short period of two months. And now she has got another reason to celebrate as the short film was shortlisted and screened at the Silicon Valley International film festival and Silicon Beach International film festival. From about 4000 films, Peanut Butter is the only Indian Short film which made has to the top 60. 
The film was directed by Manu Chobe and it was very well received by the audiences. In a very short spam the short film gained 2.9 Million views. 
Gauhar says, " I love exploring every platform that gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent. When Playground digital cinema approached me they came with 2 scripts and asked me to chose. I heard Peanut butter, I didn't even feel the need to hear the second script. I felt like this as the story that needed to be told, this was the story that I wanted to do as an actor and explore that kind of possibilities within me. I took it up as the right thing to do and not that it is going to be challenging. The interesting twist about playing a 28 year old mother to a 18year old son was interesting enough, how that happens and how that plays out is something people discovered when they watched it and they were pleasantly surprised. I'm very excited about the response, I have tried to do just to my character of Priya Mathur and tried to make it as real as possible. I'm also happy about the fact that it has gone to an international film festival and people have loved it. It has also crossed about 3 million views now. I hope that it receives more love and support that it deserves. I'm very happy for Manu sir and also Dheeraj Totlani who plays my son in the film."


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