Thursday, June 22, 2017

The script of the short film that got me hooked: Ssharad Malhotraa

The star of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, Ssharad Malhotra recently finished shooting for a short film with filmmaker Aneeta Patel. When we asked him about the project, Ssharad says, “Firstly, it is a change from acting on TV.  With a short film, it feels nice to convey a story in limited time. is actually nice that you are conveying or narrating your story in a very stipulated time, which is quite challenging for an actor. But it was the script of the short film that got me hooked when I heard it first. Right from the language, the characters, the screenplay; it was all so interesting. And it doesn’t matter what medium I’m performing on or the length of the role.For me, the character needs to be interesting.”
 In the film, Ssharad is playing Shaurya, a business tycoon who is quite a romantic at heart. Ssharad reveals, “My character Shaurya in the film is a hardcore romantic guy. I am playing a die-hard romantic character on my current show as well, but in the film Shaurya is more matured. He a matured guy who has traveled the world and loves being in the company of women.He is quite charming and women love his company. I can’t say more because there is a huge twist in the story which is a incredible. I have done three shows and al lhave been hits. I did a music video recently and now a short film. Theatre is on my wish list now”
 Interestingly, this is the first time that Ssharad will be working with a female filmmaker. Talking about his director, Shharad says, “This is the first time I am working with a lady director, Aneeta Patel who is just brilliant. Anita is very clear about the shots. She was a faculty at Barry John’s acting academy. And, when I heard the name Barry John, I knew that this woman knows her craft. She was so clear with what she wanted  when she first spoke with me which gave me a lot of confidence.”

Aneeta Patel, on her part says that Ssharad fits the role of Shaurya perfectly. She says, “Something just told me that he's the one. After meeting him and seeing his passion and intensity matching that of Shaurya in the script, I knew I made the best choice. His eyes did the magic. Nobody else could be Shaurya.” Aneeta describes the film as, “A roller-coaster ride of emotions which deals with different facets of romance, love and relationships.”

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