Friday, June 1, 2018

Chhavi Mittal got emotional while shooting for Sony TV’s Zindagi Ke Crossroads

Zindagi Ke Crossroads that will soon air on Sony Entertainment Television is all set to showcase relatable life-altering stories, inspired from the drama of life. Each episode will show a new story and before a ‘Crossroad’ decision is taken by the protagonist, it will be put forth to the studio audience for deliberation. This audience is the representation of our country and will highlight what most of us would have done in that situation. Popular television actor Ram Kapoor will be seen as the host of the show who will not just encourage the audience to share their views but will also delve into the “Whys” of their decision making so as to bring alive the melting pot of opinions in the audience for the narratives showcased. With an interesting and never seen before format on weekday primetime, one can only expect to experience the best. 

One such intriguing story is on the topic of ‘Special child’ which will see the beautiful Chhavi Mittal step into the shoes of a mother who will be in a dilemma whether to give birth to a special child or abort the baby. It’s a heart-touching tale which will surely captivate the viewers mind forcing them to think about thousands of such special children in the country. 

Talking about the story Chhavi Mittal said, “I read the scripts and the stories multiple times and if I am 99% sure only then I sign for it. When I first heard the story, I found the character very challenging and something which I haven’t done before, I simply agreed to it. Zindagi Ke Crossroads is a concept which is very unheard and progressive and it’s an honor to be a part of the show. The show is very progressive and I am glad I was a part of it. I shot for the show and it was perfection in the presence of Shabina Khan and direction of Mahadev. I am a mother myself and I could completely relate to the episode that was offered to me. I could totally relate to the character, as I know of mothers who have special childen. In every person’s life there are different levels of crossroads but we always have multiple choices unless and until one takes that final decision.Shooting this episode moved me as a person I will request my fans to please watch this amazing show because it will surely change your thinking.” 

Tune in to Zindagi Ke Crossroads starting 6th June, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:30PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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