गुरुवार, 6 नवंबर 2014

Cosmic connect and colours of passion

The indelible impression of Gods and Goddesses that Indians have can be largely attributed to the visual cultural heritage of Raja Ravi Varma. His paintings of beautiful sari-clad women drew so much appreciation in the West, that a beautiful woman would often be described as looking ‘as if she had stepped out of a Varma canvas’.
One of Ravi Varma’s greatest contributions was to democratise the production and distribution of art with the creation of the Lithographic Press in 1894. Cosmic Heart Gallery  hosted a very special exhibition with reproductions of the lithographs rendered on limestone by Mumbai-based Rashme Mehta.
Director Ketan Mehta,  actors Nandana Sen, Ajay Gehi and cosmic healer Jalpa Vithalani were part of the event.
 “These historical images on limestone have been recreated from the text of the artist’s works and from documentation of the various subjects which I have researched in the last fifteen years,” says  Mehta.
This is one among the many exclusive exhibitions curated by Cosmic Heart Gallery, which was established with the intention of creating space for nurturing the soul through art. Says cosmic healer Jalpa Vithalani, “Cosmic Heart creations are about beauty, art, creativity and expression of the Absolute. You will melt in the presence of our collection of paintings as you soak in the energy, colour and flow. This particular exhibition is about bringing back our cultural heritage, our ‘Indian Sankskriti’, epic stories, history of a bygone era, alive once again into our homes, to pass onto our next generations.”
The exhibition of Raja Ravi Varma’s works are on at Cosmic Heart Gallery.  Timings: 11am to 7pm - Tuesday to Saturday.

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