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Poster & Trailer Unveiling of the film "Game Of Ayodhya" after a turbulence with censor board , emerged winner and got Tribunal Clearance, CBFC directed to issue a u/a certificate to the film.
The Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) has directed the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to grant a U/A certificate to the film "Game of Ayodhya", which was denied a certificate for its plot based on the love story of a press reporter in the backdrop of Babri Masjid demolition in Ayodhya in 1994.
The event saw the presence of Arun Bakshi, Sunil Singh, Bhushan Agarwal, Yogesh Lakhani, Abhay Bhargav, Savita Bajaj. The makers in their appeal had asserted that the theme of the film focuses on the sins he committed as a young reporter; actions that led to riots between Hindus and Muslims. The tribunal also directed CBFC to issue a U/A certificate to the film.
The film, which was denied a certificate by Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) on grounds that the subject of the temple-mosque dispute was provocative, had defamed individuals, and had the potential to stoke communal passions, was set aside by the FCAT bench on grounds that the film dealt with a subject central to many films already.
In its September 26 order, FCAT ruled in favour of a certificate being granted to 'Games of Ayodhya' after it observed that CBFC had rejected the film summarily, and without suggesting any cuts or changes to film's director, Sunil Singh. The director also alleged that CBFC has incorrectly claimed that the content of the film could stoke communal tensions. The CBFC, while it was asked to submit its opinion and appear before the tribunal, chose only to send its written reply to the tribunal. In the film, Singh, who also acts in the film, plays a middle aged journalist who narrates the story of his love affair, when he was 27, with a Muslim girl in Ayodhya, in the backdrop of the Babri Masjid demoliton.  
In its final order, the FCAT said, "The film is an attempt by the producer to present different perspectives. Producer has attempted by resorting to a flashback and a discussion representing clergy, research scholars, librarians and others knowledgeable about the history of Masjid Mandir dispute to represent various facets which may not be fully known based on their research and study."
However, under the able patron ship of Sunil Singh, Director of the film, it can be best described as a wonderful blend of offbeat and mainstream cinema which is full of charm, elegance and vivacity. The makers want to tell an old-fashioned story of love, separation and reunion with flourishes and flashes of great cinema igniting what would in lesser hands, appear to be a trite tale of love gone frightfully cliched & shows the reunion of a Muslim girl & a Hindu boy, which means that the makers are trying to bring unity between Hindu & Muslim to bring communal harmony The film is not manufactured or created or any fiction. It is the true events & facts . 
 Bhushan Agarwal, Executive Producer says “We cannot lose sight that there is a thin line between creative and artistic expression being depicted in a scene. It is not pro-government film, it's a love story. The film is based on the true fact & events & as per the official stock shot officially procured from film division Mumbai. And the film is totally based as per the Report Of The Liberhan Ayodhya Commission Of Inquiry. Game Of Ayodhya  takes a look at the turmoil that our country faced after Babri masjid was demolished and one man’s heroic attempt to stand up to the violence that followed"  

Banner- Saroj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd; Director- Sunil Singh; Producer- Rachna Singh; Executive Producer- Bhushan Agarwal; DOP- Damodar Naidu; Creative Director- Partho Gosh; Editor: Manoj Sankhla; Ass. Director- Mohit Sharma; Background Music- Anand Tripathi; Art Director- Ramesh Surve; Genre-Inspired by True Facts (As per the Report Of The Liberhan Ayodhya Commission Of Inquiry) ; Star Cast- Sunil Singh, Makrand Deshpande, Abhay Bhargav, Arun Bakshi, Ehsan Khan, Savita Bajaj, Sanjay Dadhich,Vishal Singh, Amandeep, Rohan, Pooja, Anup and others; ;  Status: Complete; Media Consultant: Picture N Kraft.

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