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Shivam Sharma is the 1st finalist in 'Lock Upp'

As Kangana Ranaut's fearless reality show 'Lock Upp' is heading towards its finale, the competition between the contestants is becoming more intense but exciting.


'Lock Upp' is one of the most highly viewed shows on OTT since its launch. Contestants are seen planning individually in this race to the finale. Recently, a game was played in the jail for a straight ticket to the finale. Anjali and Shivam were the last two contenders in the race to win a ticket. Two teams were divided in which Anjali had Poonam, Munawar, and Ali in her team, and Shivam had Payal, Azma, and Saisha in his team as soldiers. The game had four rounds, and the soldiers had to protect their Raja and Rani. If Raja or Ranji falls, the round will get over. In the first round, Anjali lost, and Saisha quit the round because of her injury.  In the second round, Payal and Prince played from Shivam’s side, and Munawar and Ali played from Anjali’s side. In the second round, Anjali fell, and Shivam won. For the third round, King, Queen, and one Soldier each. Shivam and Payal played against Anjali and Ali. Shivam single-handedly threw both Anjali and Ali out and won the third round and became the first finalist to enter the finale.


ALTBalaji and MX Player live-stream Lock Upp 24x7 on their respective platforms and allow audiences to interact directly with the contestants. Stay tuned to ALTBalaji & MX Player for more updates on the show.


'Lock Upp' started streaming live on ALTBalaji & MX Player from 27th February 2022.

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