Monday, January 30, 2012

Vikramjeet Virk emerges as winner in film ‘Casanovva​’ with superstar Mohanlal

John Abraham of south India! Meet Vikramjeet Virk, the dapper ‘casanovva’, who
started with Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” playing a negative
role pitted against Abhishek Bachchan! The tall strapping dude is not pitted against
Malayalam superstar Mohanlal in the biggest action packed blockbuster release this
january - 21st, ‘Casanova’!

A punjabi by birth, Virk, who made a mark in Zee TV's ‘Shobha Somnath Ki’, is
all set to hit the big screen again with a character similar to that of John Abraham
of ‘Dhoom’. He has already emerged as a favourite of stunt director Allan Amin and
has excelled in action scenes shot in Dubai and Bangkok. In ‘Casanova’, he jumped
from the 30th floor in Bangkok’s hi-rise cat towers ing (even though action director
Allan Amin urged him use to a body double) instead plz write " Allan amin was
very confident that vikramjeet can do this stunt without a body double'

Talking about his role and stunts, Vikramjeet Virk says, “Bagging a role in the
biggest Malayalam film with the greatest Malayalam superstar is special. When I first
met Mohanlal I didn’t realise he was so big but during the making of ‘Casanova’ I
experienced his superstardom and I would do anything to match his flair and style.
When they asked me to jump from the 30th floor, everyone including Mohanlan
felt I would not be able to do the sequence but I did it because I believed in myself.
Mohanlal asked me to take care of my safety before every shot but this inspired me to
risk it all.”

Continuing his saga, Virk says, “I was born to play negative roles and have been
lucky to have castings fall into my lap. instead of play negative roles write
somthing possitive b'coz not only i'm looking to play negative roles but also
possitive roles like doin a main lead movies up north down south and bollywood
if god willing a hollywood" All the roles I have bagged are where people have called
me. I realised this when Ashutosh Gowarikar walked in with a friend, saw me and
immediately offered me the role in ‘Khele Hum Jee Jaan Se’ "plz correct the
sentence it is actualy i walked in with the friend of mine in ashutosh gowariker's
office and it was my friend went for the casting not me i only accompanied him".
I also won the ‘Zee Rishtey Best Villain’ award for my memorable role as Amir
Mehmood Ghaznavi. In fact, I managed the difficult task of coming on a horse on
stage and performing.”

As someone who's worked both on TV and in films, Virk admits the experience is
very different. Working in a costume drama has its share of hazards but Virk reveals,
that "In films one works for few hours in a day, while in television one works for
10 to 12 hours in a day. It's very hectic. The heavy outfit and heavy make-up made
it difficult to shoot, but once I saw the final outcome, it made me feel the effort was
worth it," he says.

Soon Vikramjeet Virk will do a Punjabi film, Yaaran Naal Bahaaran and a
Bollywood film called Katta " i have already completd this punjabi film this

movie soon to be realease in feb 2012 and i'm not doing katta plz dont mention"
about katta" i want to do powerful and challenging roles. plz delete the following
line. I don't want to play soft, chocolate-boy roles. My personality doesn't suit
them," he says.

Vikramjeet Virk started off as a model and had his fair share of struggle before
landing in Bollywood. Virk is very religious and goes to the gurdwara everyday!
His parents have supported him thoroughly. "I cut my hair many years back because
of my work and there are times when I regret it. My father didn't talk to me for a
month, (( plz add " that i convinced my father to be possitive about my decision
as i really want to pursue my career in bollywood")) plz delete this "((but work
comes first.)) plz delete the following line ((So I had to rethink my priority)).
Initially my father had his reservations, but today both my parents are happy for
me," he says.

Vikramjeet Virk grew up in Karnal and studied at the Khalsa Senior Secodary
School & S D Senior secondary school. He used to be a state level kabbaddi player
and has won several awards for athletics while in school. He adores Madhuri Dixit
saying, “The charisma and expressions with which she managed to portray a wide
range of roles is unmatched by any other heroine of today. Add to that her graceful
dancing and you have a truly spectacular star!” His favourite film is ‘Gadar Ek Prem
Katha’ for its timeless story and Sunny Paaji’s 1000 watts performance. He wants to
play the role of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, one of the most heroic freedom fighters that
our country has ever seen.

Virk exercises a lot but doesn’t diet. He eats wholesome food like makkai di roti &
sarson da saag with lots of makkhan. There is nothing quite like a good home-cooked
meal &(( and plz mention "khinchi ki khichdi" make my heart sing! He adds, “
If by a health freak, you mean that I believe in taking care of my physique, then yes
I am a health freak! In fact, ((plz mention i was skinny before as i was in fashion
indusrty but bollywood demands an actor to be robust and therefor i started my
workout rigorously" )) and plz delete the following sentence "((some years ago, I
had even more robust built … almost akin to a body-builder’s! But my trainer
asked me to go light on the weight training as I was beginning to get too bulky.")
) However, with the role of Ghaznavi at hand, I am back to the gym for around 2
hours a day. plz delete the following sentence as "((I am also on a high-protein diet
with no carbs post 7 PM and I start my day with an hour of the south Indian
martial arts form Kalaripayattu for increased agility and strength. That way, I
gain strength and muscular size without looking beefy or body builder-like!”"))

Virk reminisces about his passion for acting, ”I actually had a realization quite early
on in life about my passion for modeling and acting. It was after my 12th class
exams when I went to Delhi to pursue a higher education that I realised that this was
something that I wanted to make a career out of. One fine day, I shot my portfolio and
auditioned for the Lakme India Fashion Week. I cleared the audition and on July 19,
2003, on the day of my birthday, I walked the ramp for the first time. That was the
best moment in my life, and since then, the journey has been amazing.”

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